Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1721: 1721

Chapter 1721 - Let Them Party Up

There were so many people dreaming in the wondersky realm that the whole Violetglory Star seemed to quiet down. People of all ages were asleep, their caeli waiting to watch that battle. The wondersky realm itself was filled to the brim.

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Before the fight, the sovereign, the patriarchs of the Pentarchy, the forty-eight astralkings, and the tens of millions of troops in the imperium's army held a send-off for Tianming and the gang. "We pray for your victorious return, Astralking Tianming!"

Tianming had regained quite a number of lost Omnisentient Threads without even having to do anything. "Thank you, everyone."

"Alright, now go!" Sovereign Starfeather said. It was a miracle for a heliacal-class world to have a team capable of rivaling the Celestial Beings. Everyone was pumped with anticipation for this age of heroes. Ye Chen's participation also showed a united front across the whole world. Even those from the Divineglory Alliance cheered for the event and no longer felt awkwardly left out.

"Let's go!" Tianming, Feiling, Lingfeng, Qingyu, and Xiaoxiao all entered the wondersky realm together. While it was quieter inside Soulburn Hall, they could still hear booming cheers outside.

"Big Brother, Ling'er, Feng, Xiaoxiao, I'll cheer for all of you here!" Even though Qingyu couldn't join the fight, she kept an open mind about it. She knew she didn't have enough combat experience yet.

"Go to the Violetcloud Battlefield. Don't stay here alone," Tianming said, worried that her bane-rings would change while she was alone. It would be easier for her to forget herself with other people around.

"Okay, Big Brother." She smiled, sensing his attentiveness. While Lingfeng was a little stiffer in that regard, Qingyu was well aware of the nervous and worried looks he shot her. "Feng, make sure you do well."

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"Wait for me to come back."


Qingyu went to the Violetcloud Battlefield to watch the battles from there. Tianming then called for Ye Chen and the five of them entered the Bloodbath Arena together.

"We're coming!"


This was the first time all five of them had come to the Bloodbath Arena together. It had been close to half a year since the rowdiness, so the place was much quieter. Though there were still some that cheered, it wasn't as populated as the time Tianming challenged the mysterians.

The resources on the sixth level were the goal of many non-mysterians, but they were stopped here, unable to progress. Even so, they still fought hard, hoping that they would eventually come through. It was said that there were tens of thousands of caeli imperius on the sixth level alone, let alone beyond. All those caeli were donations from other wondersky realms, including the two main factions of the Violetglory Star. That was why people were so excited to see the results.

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Tianming finally arrived. They initially missed him, but eventually started mocking him. However, those who said the worst things usually didn't dare to back it up. Now, Tianming was faced with odd stares rather than cheers.

"He's still alive?"

"I thought he’d been killed in reality or something."

"Even though he challenged our Yanwu Dao, he didn't show up. What a coward."

"I thought he was scared of coming back."

"Ha, like you're one to talk. He was able to defeat Long and Shenwu Fen, so it's proof he's strong."

Many others remained on the sidelines, not daring to cheer them on as they were unaware of what the mysterians currently thought of Tianming. Naturally, Tianming didn't just stay there.

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"Let's go to the group area." They had spirited looks in their eyes.

"Brother Tianming!" a clear voice called from behind. It was Shenwu Yin. She scurried over and complained, "You're finally here! I've waited for you for a long time, you know! I kept explaining to them on your behalf but they ignored me! They're envious of your abilities and even accused me of siding with an outsider! What ignorant fools! Once you come to Skyway Bistar, you'll be one of us, yet all they care about is their own bottom line. How shortsighted, don't you think?" She seemed rather anxious and said everything she had kept pent up.

"That's right. I get it. United, we stand strong."

After that, Shenwu Yin spotted the other four behind him. All of them were labeled with the Violetglory tag. "Whoa! So you're all Violetglorian cultivators! I heard you were special too!" Shenwu Yin and the others' grasp on their powers were already outdated. Even though they were amazing, they were still far from the Celestial Beings' level.

"They're my friends and teammates," Tianming said. "Yin, I intend to fight in the group battles with them."

"Huh?" Shenwu Yin seemed stunned. "But Brother Tianming, didn't you say you wanted to challenge Yanwu Dao here?"

"Did I ever say that?"

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"You did! Yanwu Dao kept coming here often to wait for you, only for you to be absent for half a year! Skyway Monostar is pissed! And now that you're back, you're going to fight in the group battles? What about your challenge?"

The reason Tianming had said so much to her was there were many mysterians who kept their eye on her, thanks to her status. Her words were basically announcements to the entire Mysterium Cluster.

"Well, they can just party up again to fight me in the group battles. We're in no rush to fight. I can leave the first fight for them," Tianming casually said, as if he were joking.

"Huh?" Even Shenwu Yin was dumbfounded.

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