Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1711: 1711

Chapter 1711 - Unparalleled Godflame

"Huh?!" A set of flaming armor appeared on his body. It was so domineering that he looked like a raging general. Based on the material of the armor, it was a grade-eight divine artifact. While that meant that Shenwu Fen didn't have a grade-nine divine artifact, it was already quite impressive.

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The frostfire sword ki of the Frozen Glasstree, blooddrop sword ki of the Bloodweep Swordheart, flame silkworm sword ki of the Ireflare Silkworm, and the silversoul sword ki of the Silversoul Swordmount blended together with the Galactic Godsin's deathly powers as they ate into the armor with attacks of differing elements. Quite a few strands of sword ki pierced it and hurt Shenwu Fen.

"Face reveal!" Countless seniors from Skyway Bistar were already reminding him to use it. Grade-eight divine hazard sword ki was by no means rare on deific-class worlds, and Shenwu Fen could no doubt access them, but being able to absorb them into his body was a different matter entirely. Tianming was young and didn't have the enhanced physical bodies of faceless specters, but he had the Greenspark Tower and Godsin, which had allowed him to assimilate so many of them.

Shenwu Fen felt the pressure from the combined sword ki attacks. Tianming had never seen mysterian totemancers use face reveal before. When Shenwu Fen was forced back, the 'Shen' bane-rings on his face began morphing. The brushstrokes turned into flaming facial features that mimicked Tianming's. Even the shape of his face slightly changed. No doubt, many were laughing at the sight. Tianming had seen too many mysterians copy his appearance, and each time was as unnerving as the last. What was worse was that the totems with animal heads now also bore Tianming's face! After the face reveal, they were semi-unkillable. Even the totems would have enhanced regeneration and could easily reform after they were blasted apart, something that made mysterians really hard to deal with.

"Come again!" Shenwu Fen seemed much more confident after using face reveal. He tore the sword-chain aside and counterattacked with his totemic calamity, Unparalleled Godflame! The zhurong firegods' stomachs expanded like they were pregnant and they spat fire at Tianming. The flames turned into dragons, and each totem spat out a hundred plus of them. Altogether, there were close to a thousand flaming dragons in total, all of them around a hundred meters long.

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Explosions filled the entire area; the dragons could even take on armies. If Ying Huo were around, it would easily be able to deal with this, but Tianming didn't plan on using his lifebound beasts. Shenwu Fen's eyes burned even brighter, making the copied face seem even more passionate. Unlike the cruel Long, his face reveal made him look like an enraged Tianming.

Raising his Trispike Flare, he charged into the flames, the light of which was reflected in his armor. He used an eighth-realm divine art, Heavenly Cosmic Order. Now, he seemed completely like a zhurong firegod himself. All the totems above him raised their weapons and executed the same movements, able to recreate the profound divine art adequately to boost his overall combat strength.

To some degree, Tianming was being suppressed. The mysterians finally saw some hope and wildly cheered. Yet the next instant, ten thousand swords opened a path through the flames and slammed into some of the zhurong firegods, forcing them to scatter to avoid being pierced through. The sea of swords rampaged in the flames, revealing a white-haired youth with a cold glare filled with killing intent.

"Die!" Shenwu Fen changed his move to accommodate. He rose up with his totems, causing the sea of flames to follow him. While Tianming appeared calm, he was exuding an aura of divine dread. As the Godsin came piercing from a thousand meters away, the totem swords around him centered in and attacked, clashing with the sea of flames. When the pandemonium sacrosun came smashing down, Shenwu Fen's nineday sacrosun formed into a circle and clashed back.

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The Galactic Godsin, the four stands of grade-eight sword ki, pandemonium sacrosun, and the Myriadsword Providence all held tremendous damage potential, especially the swords of many different attributes. With Eastdivinity Acme in the lead to take on most of the flames, the rest of the swords followed unabated from behind. The Godsin tore open an opening among the nine zhurong firegods, allowing the totem swords to seep in between them.

Shenwu Fen's expression changed as his totems fell to a disadvantage. It was almost unbelievable! What was worse was that Tianming's sword body and Godsin, coupled with the Galactic Godsin's corrosion, weren’t only effective on his totems, but also his flaming armor. Some parts of his flesh were infested with traces of the Galactic Godsin, a grade-nine divine pattern that was similar to a toxin. Even within the wondersky realm, it stained Shenwu Fen's blood green before starting to suck away his body heat, causing him to feel a chill. Back during the Astralium Seeking, Tianming hadn’t been properly equipped. But now, his power had risen by leaps and bounds.

As the zhurong firegods weren't able to defend against that many swords, a lot of holes appeared on their bodies. Even in their semi-unkillable state, they found it difficult to recover from the Galactic Godsin's corrosion. Their flames were robbed of their heat, making it a fatal counter for them. Even Shenwu Fen knew that he was in deep trouble.

"Long already lost, so I can't afford to! I can't let people laugh at Skyway Bistar!" If the dignity of a deific-class world was lost thanks to him, he wouldn't be able to recover from the blow for a long time. For a scion like him, that would be a stain that would mark him for the rest of his life. "I'll use my second totemic calamity, Skyscorch Wrath!"

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Being forced back by the swords, the zhurong firegods were in a berserk state. They slammed into each other and formed a gigantic fireball, which turned into a gigantic bestial head that had Tianming's face on it. Then it crashed into Tianming like a meteor.

"I'll tear you to pieces!"

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