Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1710: 1710

Chapter 1710 - Trispike Flare

The zhurong firegods hovered in the air, raging flames reaching the top of the formation. Their bestial heads growled and revealed their gnarly fangs. Their gigantic weapons clashed, creating a booming sound that sounded like a dragon's roar. Even though many had seen them before, they were just as shocked as the first time they’d seen them. The owner of these totems was destined to stand at the peak of the astralscape.

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Like his totems, Shenwu Fen also wielded a polearm. It burned bright and had three blades that were covered in three different flaming patterns, each of them generating a different flame. They were all grade-eight divine hazards. While this Trispike Flare was a grade-eight divine artifact, it was a tier-four one, making it not too far off from the Godsin. Forged from godflarium, it contained three divine hazards, namely the Azure Sanctiflare, Crimson Lotusflare, and the Blackheart Arcaneflare. Black flames burned between the azure and crimson fire.

The only reason Tianming had a weapon like the Godsin was because he was a historical exception. No Violetglorian had been able to tame the legacy of the Skywolf Star, so it ended up in his hands. Not even the three deific-class worlds had that many grade-nine divine artifacts, so juniors seldom got their own.

I heard the grade-nine Grand-Orient Sword ended up with the mysterious girl. Looks like even the mysterians missed out. Tianming squinted as he looked at the flaming devil before him. The flames reminded him of the sun emperor, but the flames of celestial orderians had a gold tint. Shenwu Fen's were crimson.

The three divine hazards on his weapon burned in tandem with the totems sticking out of his head, fueling each other. The flaming character made his expression seem intense, reflecting his fighting spirit. He also had a sacrosun. One after another, blazing suns emerged from his albi, making up nine in total that burned bright above the heads of his totems. It was the nineday sacrosun. It allowed him to blend his astralforce together with his totem ki, converting them between one another, and could also be used for domain suppression. While Shenwu Fen didn't have a tough body like specters, nor did he have a powerful sword body, his abilities were quite well-rounded overall.

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However, Tianming didn't pale any bit in comparison. His sword totems, while not looking as impressive, seemed sharper than before. They each had unique shapes and abilities. Godsin also drew a lot of eyes with its insect-wing-thin blade that caused those who looked at the edge to feel a chill at their necks. It was a magnificent display of the essence of sharpness.

The Frozen Glasstree, Ireflare Silkworm, Bloodweep Swordheart, and Silversoul Swordmount came bursting out, covering his body and sword. Sword ki was a kind of sharp divine hazard. While the Galactic Godsin didn't spread quickly, its power increased when it seeped into the sword ki instead. Tianming had turned into an ultimate sword god that could kill with a single gaze. The terrifying power of the Galactic Godsin spread across the sword, allowing it to formlessly suppress the enemy's sacrosun and weapons. The sword ki and flaming aura violently clashed.

"Li Tianming, I don't buy that you're from the Violetglory Star. You must have only claimed it to be your home. Perhaps your real body isn't even there," Shenwu Fen said.

That was a new theory that Tianming hadn't heard of. "Oh? Why do you think that?"

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"It's one thing if one person like you appears in a heliacal-class world, but it's extremely unlikely that two or more could arise from one."

"Hehe." Tianming neither confirmed nor denied. Even though the Mysterium Cluster claimed to be the center of the universe, they were just as ignorant about the uncharted parts of the astralscape.

That aside, the main focus now was the fight. Since becoming a solarian, he had grown much stronger. The fifth-level Shenwu Fen was only four levels above him, and geniuses on his level could fight a level or two above the average. Tianming didn't know how much of an edge he would have until he fought.

He summoned his sacrosun for the first time. A gigantic black and gold imperial star formed a constellation, then turned into a sacrosun. It looked so solid that it seemed like a corporeal presence. Tianming noticed that during the registration of his sacrosun, its ability to suppress other sacrosuns didn't manifest. But fortunately, the corporeal imperial star still boosted his offensive capabilities, giving more support to his astralforce reserves. While he was a few levels inferior in terms of cultivation, his other boosts made up for the difference. The imperial star also made the imperial aura around Tianming even more defined.

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"Come!" The two of them attacked at the same instant. Shenwu Fen came charging with his Trispike Flare in one hand, still bathing in flames. His totems gave him a boost as he shot three pillars of flame out of his halberd.

Tianming expressionlessly looked at the Godsin and flicked his wrist, looking like he had thrown the sword away. The transparent sword seemed to soften before splitting into segments, making a long white chain that was ten thousand meters long. The sword ki from his body, along with the Ninedragon Tribulation's dragon manifestations, traveled along the chain blade, then was further pushed along by his astralforce and sacrosun as he used Goddess Flowerfall.

Shenwu Fen didn't expect Tianming's sword to be able to turn into a whip. The Godsin wrapped itself around the Trispike Flare multiple times as the blade segments crept closer to the hand that wielded it. It formlessly moved, and seemingly without pattern!

Shenwu Fen was forced to change forms, pulling back and grabbing the chain. Given his superior astralforce and sacrosun, he should win against Tianming in a tug of war. But while Tianming's strength from his sword body couldn't compare, the four grade-eight divine hazard sword ki strands channeled the Galactic Godsin along the chain, tearing through the Trispike Flare's divine hazards and piercing toward Shenwu Fen himself.

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