Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1703: 1703

Chapter 1703 - I Grant You Godsin

Long could no longer endure Tianming’s naked provocation. It was the same as last time, when he had ended up losing. The fire in Long’s heart had never burned so bright before.

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Skyway Bloodpiercer! Bloodhell sacrosun!

Over a thousand spikes of blood shot out of his body and revolved around him. His bloodhell sacrosuns expanded as well, immediately turning the area into a hell of blood that belonged to him.

After using his face reveal, ability, and sacrosun, Long was much stronger than before. His body didn’t look very strong, but it was on par with a cosmic wildbeast. The Bloodbath Arena wasn’t very large, and he arrived at Tianming in an instant. The air was violently torn apart by his fist.

The audience couldn’t breathe. How would Tianming respond?

In the face of the threat, Tianming remained calm. A transparent sword appeared in his hand and stabbed out to meet Long’s fist.

After a loud clash, he was sent flying. He crashed into the arena’s wall, but he still managed to land with grace.

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“Eh?’ Although Long stayed at the same spot, he frowned. He raised his hand and was surprised to see there was a bloody hole in his fist. Previously, his fist had shattered the Grand-Orient Sword! This time, however, he had been made to bleed. He would have been injured if he hadn’t used his face reveal. Although it healed, the pain remained. He grit his teeth and glared at Tianming. “Grade-nine divine artifact?”

“Yep. I actually have a very rich family. If I’d brought this last time, what could you have done?” Tianming flicked the Godsin, scattering drops of dark green blood from it. Long finally realized that, although his fist was healing, the blood vessels had turned dark green. He felt a chilly pain spreading through his body that couldn’t be stopped.

“Grade-nine!” Long was jealous. Not even he had one, so how did Li Tianming qualify? However, he didn’t realize that the really shocked party was every spectator from the Violetglory Star!


The uproar was especially great among the cultivators of Violetcloud Imperium. There had been no update after Tianming had gone to challenge Godsin, so they had all assumed he had failed. This pleasant surprise now was very unexpected.

“That's Godsin, which generations of Violetcloud Imperium Sovereigns failed to subdue!”

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“Only a true natural sovereign could subdue it!”

“I already said long ago that he’s the greatest miracle of our star....”

As expected, the uproar increased Tianming’s Omnisentient Threads. This current response was exactly what he wanted. Of course, the icing on the cake would be elegantly taking down Long!

“Playtime’s over now!” Tianming didn’t summon Ying Huo and the rest in this fight; instead, he summoned nine of his decapath era godswords and used his first totemic calamity. Myriadsword Providence was naturally far more majestic than Long’s Skyway Bloodpiecer!

Ten thousand swords whistled in the air.

The Frozen Glasstree, Bloodweep Swordheart, and Ireflare Silkworm…. Three grade-eight divine hazard sword ki surged toward Godsin as the Galactic Godsin came alive. With ice, blood, and fire combined with the Galactic Godsin, the sword was several tiers above the previous combination of the Grand-Orient Sword and Frozen Glasstree.

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“Faceless specters are mighty?” Tianming struck out with a sword stance he had honed to mastery. Sixth-fusion strike! The most terrifying thing in this line-up was the Galactic Godsin; his sword body was just a supplement. The ten thousand swords around him crashed down on Long like a tidal wave.

Long roared and his sacrosun shone in response. The spikes around him turned into spears that flew at Tianming. His speed was terrifying as he charged toward Tianming again.

Tianming’s eyes were cold. Godsin joined together all the different powers before exploding together with Myriadsword Providence!

Long never expected this attack would be even more powerful than Tianming’s second totemic calamity from before. And since then, he hadn’t improved.

Godsin turned into the sharpest blade and pierced through the spears while the Myriadsword Providence tore through the sacrosun before raining down on Long. Multiple swords ran through his body.

Long was flustered as he saw a figure appear in front of him. Expression disdainful, Tianming stabbed Godsin into Long’s head. Long directly exploded on the spot, his death even smoother than before.

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The Skyway Bloodpiecer and bloodhell sacrosun all collapsed, leaving only Tianming in the Bloodbath Arena. He casually blew away the blood on Godsin, as if the battle he had just gone through was insignificant.

“Is this all Team Celestial Beings amounts to? Honestly, I was kind of expecting a challenge.” Tianming’s muttering stabbed into the hearts of the watching faceless specters. And of course, it reinforced the faith from the Violetglorians.

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