Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1702: 1702

Chapter 1702 - Someone is Copying My Face

Tianming didn’t recognize any names, since these were mostly cultivators above thirty years old. He quickly scanned the list and he found a name that stood out from the sea of foreign names: Long. He looked at it a few more times to confirm he had seen it correctly.

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Skyway Tristar, Crimsonjade Long!

The number after his name was four. Four consecutive victories wasn’t too impressive, so his name wasn’t too far in front.

Tianming couldn’t help but grin. “I haven’t been here for two months. In that time, Long joined another normal Astralium Seeking after his one month ban before successfully making it here.

Previously, Long should have been able to comfortably enter the top five and directly enter the fifth level. However, Tianming had ended up making him the butt of a joke.

“I hope that, this time, I don’t need to sacrifice my totems and can just use my personal power to kill you.” Both were victories, but each was different in essence. The Violetglorians knew that he hadn’t been Long’s opponent the previous time.

The ranking marked out the Bloodbath Arena that Long was at. Long had more or less taken over a Bloodbath Arena, which was his turf for as long as he remained undefeated.

“Let’s go!” Tianming passed by many people. When he reached his destination, he found the Bloodbath Arena quiet with no sounds of combat. That could mean two things. Long had either returned to the real world, or there were no challengers.

Tianming looked through the dark green formation and saw that crimson figure present. It was the latter then; no one dared to challenge him. If Tianming dared, he would be Long’s fifth opponent.

“How coincidental.” Tianming chuckled and placed his hand on the formation without hesitation. He was initiating a challenge.

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His expression was relaxed, but his actions caused a storm among Violetglorians and everyone in the Mysterium Cluster.

“It’s him!”

“Violetglory Star’s Li Tianming is here.”

“He went straight for Long!”

The last time, Tianming had shaken the Mysterium Cluster when he had killed Crimsonjade Long while in desperate straits. He had been the talk of the town there for the last two months.

The uproar was especially great at the Violetglory Star; they all felt their blood pumping.

“He previously eliminated Long, but he wasn’t actually as strong as him. But he’s diving straight in this time! How domineering!”

“So fierce.”

Tianming’s actions drew the exclamation and anticipation of all non-Mysterians.

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Of course, he wouldn’t have attracted so much attention if he didn’t go for Long.


Tianming casually entered a vortex and passed through the formation.

It was very quiet inside. Long wasn’t surprised to have a new challenger after waiting for so long. However, when he looked up and saw Tianming, who had brought so much humiliation to him, his murderous intent soared up.

“Very good. I’ve been waiting here for you for a month.” Long stood up. He stretched, making all the bones in his body let off cracking sounds.

When he clenched his fist, Long’s body transformed into blood-colored steel and his body became so strong that it emanated a suffocating pressure throughout the arena. Long had become a fierce beast that was glaring at Tianming. It was clear how much he wanted to take Tianming down and restore his honor. His exit from the battlefield had become a thorn in his heart that tormented him day and night. He couldn’t even go out and meet people, lest he be cursed at. So how could he not hate Tianming?

He had bottled up so much anger that he didn’t even want to say a word and go straight to tearing Tianming into pieces.

Skyway Tristar, which was behind him, similarly also burst into an uproar.

“Kill him!” Despite all their cursing toward Long, the faceless specters also wished that he would wipe away his past shame.

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The furious Long provided a stark contrast to Tianming, who looked calm.

“This is the wondersky realm, Li Tianming. When we meet in the real world, you’ll have to look up to me,” Long said. Currently, even his fingers were as tough as a grade-eight divine artifact.

“Is that so? Let me give you some advice then,” Tianming lazily said.

“Speak!” Long began crossing the distance, the pressure he let off making him seem like a titan bearing down on Tianming.

“Surrender early before you get embarrassed again.”

Those simple words incited Long’s fury again, as well as made the spectating faceless specters feel the sting of humiliation. No one had ever embarrassed them before!

“Haha.…” Long was so furious he started laughing instead. His hand covered his face and he hoarsely said, “As you wish.”

When he moved his hand away, Tianming’s face appeared, except it was tinted with the color of blood. Its features and lines were also too hard, making the face rather ugly.

“Copying my face and yet still looking ugly. What a tragedy,” Tianming said.

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“Done talking?” After the face reveal, Long’s attack, defense, and speed had all greatly risen. Furthermore, he had also been granted an undying body that would even survive decapitation and regenerate lost limbs.

“Yes,” Tianming said.

“Heh, it’s time for you to die!”

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