Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1698: 1698

Chapter 1698 - Reentering The Starcore

"The progenitor has appeared. The heavens have blessed us!" Tears streaming down his face, the overlord couldn’t contain the excitement and joy welling up inside of him. The primalwingers followed as he knelt before the entrance to the Kunlan Realm. Just then, hundreds of millions of unowned wings flew out from the lake. Compared to the past, where they appeared in stages, wings of all levels surged out. Wings of all colors soared into the sky, forming the most beautiful scene in all of Primary’s history, like a formation of hundreds of millions of butterflies.

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"Kunlan Realm!" the overlord shouted. As he raised his arms and kowtowed, a pair of dark blue wings merged with his flesh. When the shock passed, a touch of icy blue flooded his eyes and he had completely changed. The indifferent man stood up and turned around to see the eyes of all the primalwingers turn blue. But in just a moment, each of their eyes returned to normal.


As soon as Tianming entered the wondersky realm, Violetpeak began stirring with activity. It seemed Yin Chen also had something to say, so Tianming and Feiling left again.

"What's the matter?" Tianming asked Yin Chen. Before departing from Primary, he had left numerous Yin Chens behind. Having witnessed the events that happened, Yin Chen quickly recounted the situation.

"Countless wings? Enough for every primalwinger?" That meant an immense increase of strength for their entire race. "Were there any other changes?"

"No, but… it's kind… of weird!" Yin Chen said.


Yin Chen’s words weren’t clear. Assuming that news from Primary had already arrived, Tianming sent a transmission stone to Gong Xiong, who used to be stationed there. Soon, the tall, bald man turned up with a smile. "What’re your orders, Astralking?"

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"What’s going on in Primary?" Tianming asked.

"The Kunlan Realm is bursting with wings, and apparently, it’s the first time this has ever happened. Every primalwinger has gotten new wings, so their strength will increase. But then again, it’s been a long time since their nova source collapsed. They’ve lost much of their legacy, so even if they grow stronger, they won't be a threat to us," Gong Xiong explained. If it weren't for the lack of resources in Primary, the Primalwingers would have long been conquered.

"The first time this has ever happened? But why?" Tianming frowned, turning to look at an equally confused Feiling. The Flashsoul Skywings, Sapphire Skywings, Prime Tower, and now a surge of wings in the Kunlan Realm.... He couldn't be certain if this had something to do with the Prime Tower or the Lord of Perpetia.

"Who knows? That’s some crazy good luck. I heard that the overlord is ecstatic. They better stay out of the Violetglory Star or they’ll face destruction. Can the Kunlan Realm save a crumbling world?" Gong Xiong sneered.

"Were there any other changes?" Tianming asked.

"No, but we’re monitoring them. They’re staying low after getting their wings," Gong Xiong said.

"Let me know if you hear anything else."

"No problem!"

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After saying goodbye to Gong Xiong, Tianming turned around to see Feiling frowning. "Big Brother, I feel like I’ve forgotten something really important. It’s there, but no matter how much I try to recall, I just can't remember anything. Why is this happening?"

"Maybe you don’t want me to know," Tianming said.

"But I do," she anxiously said.

Shaking his head, Tianming grabbed her shoulders with a smile. "It's alright. Take it easy and maybe it’ll come to you. This’ll take a while, so don't worry about it."

The conscious and subconscious mind were different. Although she was aware, her subconscious rejected it. In fact, it didn't mean that she had a split personality. The awakening of another consciousness in her body led to a conflict with regard to Tianming, so both consciousnesses were isolated from each other.

"I don't want to be like this," Feiling bitterly said.

"It's alright, don't worry." Tianming patted her shoulder to calm her down.

"Thanks for being so understanding. Others must think I'm crazy." Feiling's eyes were red.

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"Don’t worry." Squeezing her shoulder, he softly continued, "Don't think about it for now. Focus on your fight in the Astraldome and keep yourself occupied, and maybe you’ll figure it out.”

She firmly nodded. When confused, working in a team and moving toward a goal would keep a person so busy they wouldn’t have time to think. That way, one might recall certain things their subconscious mind was trying to forget.

"I'll go right now." She held Tianming's hand with a determined look in her eyes.


Taking her hand, Tianming stared into her eyes and said, "Remember, I’ll be protecting you at all times. You can forge ahead bravely, I’ve got your back."

Her sorrow turned into joy.


With Feiling, there was now a total of six Violetglory Star cultivators in the Tranquil Battlefield, five of them from the Violetcloud Imperium. All Violetglorians knew that the four geniuses, who possessed completely different styles and talents, were related to Tianming. He was at the heart of this quintet. A man unlike the specters, Lingfeng was like a sworn brother to Tianming. The nonabane beastmaster, Qingyu, was Tianming's sister. As a beastmaster whose lifebound beast was comparable to Ye Chen's Desolate Chaos Progenibeasts, Xiaoxiao was rather low key and no one knew how she was related to Tianming.

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Having recently entered the Astraldome, Feiling had altered the Violetglory Star’s views on the primalwingers. Her gorgeous looks, dazzling wings, and incredible abilities.... Ever since she entered the Tranquil Battlefield, the atmosphere reached a boiling point, but the most interesting part was her relationship with Tianming. When news about them spread, most people thought they were a match made in heaven.

To Tianming’s utter shock, there was a decrease in Omnisentient Threads. When they learned that he was taken, Tianming had lost millions of female believers. Thus, he was extremely eager to enter the Astraldome and show off his abilities again, but before that, Tianming focused all of his effort on cultivating. After familiarizing himself with the Godsin, the first thing he did was head to Kilostar Capital so that Sovereign Starfeather could take him back to the starcore.

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