Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1697: 1697

Chapter 1697 - A Surge Of Wings

Tianming used to think that the solution was to destroy the Lord of Perpetia so that Feiling, who was in her twenties, remained, much like they had dealt with Xuanyuan Xi. But now it seemed inappropriate, because the Lord of Perpetia was her past self. They weren’t two different souls. In fact, Xuanyuan Xi had never really disappeared. She was also part of the Lord of Perpetia’s soul. After her soul dissipated, it merged with Feiling's vita, which was actually the integration of her innate and acquired godchild. In the beginning, Feiling’s soul had split from Xuanyuan Xi’s. However, because the latter’s short life was filled with cultivation and little else, it had no effect on Feiling. The Lord of Perpetia, Xuanyuan Xi, and Feiling were one and the same. They were her, parts of her that would always be there. If Tianming wanted to convince her, he would have to overcome those challenges.

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Taking a deep breath, he said, "I understand. I was wrong, I’m sorry."

"It's too late," she coldly said.

"It's never too late." Tianming smiled.

Although she didn’t think so, Tianming felt he had a chance. He couldn't convince her, but she failed to discourage him. With that realization, his conviction grew stronger. He was fortunate to have found an opportunity to return to the right path through conversation.

"Ladies, come in and untie her." Without hesitation, Tianming walked out and called the Starchasers.

"That quick? Astralking Tianming, you can do a lot better in this area. Sure enough, no one’s perfect. You’re better in certain areas and lacking in others,” shouted one of the Starchasers.

"Oh, fuck off." Tianming grinned.

But when the women entered, they immediately knew what had happened. It was obvious they hadn’t done it!

"Astralking, are you sure you want to untie her?"

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"Alright." Untying her was a simple matter of withdrawing their divine artifacts.

"That’s really thoughtful of you, Astralking. It’s not as fun when you’re tied up with a divine artifact.” They left laughing.

The two of them were alone once more, the only difference being that Feiling was no longer angry or trying to kill Tianming. Instead, she calmly looked at him. It seemed like her feelings of rejection had grown stronger. The air in the room was heavy; under her gaze, Tianming felt his entire body go cold.

"How about we find a way that works for both of us?" Tianming asked.

"Go on," she said.

"I’ll keep a distance from you in the real world. I won’t try to touch you, but you have to ignore everything I do in the wondersky realm. That way you won’t be angry, and if you aren’t angry, you won’t appear. It’s better that way," Tianming said.

She laughed coldly. Sure enough, it wasn’t that simple.

To his surprise, she nodded. "Fine, keep your hands to yourself and I’ll mind my own business. But if you break your promise, I’ll never forgive you." Though she was reluctant, she could accept their intimacy in the wondersky realm. What she feared was intimacy in the real world.

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"Thanks," Tianming said.

"Thanks for acting before it was too late," she said with her eyes closed.

Despite her words, Tianming felt as if he had profited. Judging by her actions, Feiling didn’t want the situation to develop into a life and death struggle. Wasn't she the one with the upper hand? Why give in? It seemed like she was frightened of Tianming’s advances.

"You can leave now and return Ling'er to me," he said.

"I don't want to see you, either!" Turning her back to Tianming, she closed her eyes and the chill in her demeanor gradually faded. The Feiling he was familiar with slowly came back. However, he failed to catch her resolute smile in that last moment. When she opened her eyes again, the blue had dissipated and her temperament had drastically changed. She was now the same carefree and bright young woman she had been in Soulburn Hall.

"Big Brother." Despite the tears trailing down her cheeks, she laughed with her hands covering her mouth.

"Ling’er." Tianming rushed to pull her into his embrace. But upon physical contact, Feiling’s body immediately turned cold, like a warning from her other self reminding him of his promise, and he was forced to release her.

"Damn it!" he helplessly said. "Let's go back to the wondersky realm and make love until dawn!"


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Three days after the Sapphire Skywings had left Primary, the stillness of the Kunlan Realm was once again interrupted. This time, the movement was even more violent. The lake expanded, reaching ten times its original size. Countless wings flew from its surface as if they were escaping a catastrophe.

"My God!"

"Something’s happening to the Kunlan Realm. We must inform the overlord at once!" Not even the birth of the Sapphire Skywings could compare to such intense activity. Almost all living creatures in Primary were startled.

"This is the first time in history we’ve seen such a great surge of wings!"

"We’ll rise again! Primary is saved. When we’re powerful enough, we’ll occupy a nova source world. Our race will live on forever!” Races that existed in astral holes had no future, only death and extinction. Every generation lived in despair, and their desire for nova source worlds was no different from the specters of the Ninefold Hell.

"The Kunlan Realm is bursting with wings!"

Countless primalwingers excitedly shouted as transmission stones whizzed through the air. They gathered at the entrance of the Kunlan Realm, their numbers reaching more than a hundred times what they were before, and the number was steadily increasing. This was the first time in hundreds of thousands of years that the Kunlan Realm was so lively.

"The overlord is here!"

"The primalwinger royals are here."

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"What happened to the Kunlan Realm? Who’s behind all of this?"

A cacophony of voices swept across the area like a wave. Alarmed by the commotion, the cultivators of the Violetglory Star quickly sent personnel to deliver the news. A dense crowd had gathered at the entrance of the Kunlan Realm, so packed that the primalwingers were pressed against one another; no one would miss such a momentous event. Those closest to the entrance stared with wide eyes, not wanting to miss a moment. At the forefront was the overlord, as well as Lady Floral and Ji Lingxian, with whom Tianming was familiar. All of the primalwinger royals were present, even children as young as three years old.

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