Chapter 1693 - The Stirring Of The Kunlan Realm

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Feiling kept her head lowered as she spoke, her cheeks turning red in an instant as if she was drunk. Tianming sat up straight and looked at her in disbelief. "Holy crap! Feiling, I didn’t think you were that kind of girl. How can an innocent little boy like me bear it?" Feiling glared at him. Not even a second passed before Tianming broke out in laughter and carried her in his embrace. More anxious than a monkey, he rushed into the room, breaking through the door despite the formation.

"Heavenly locus formation! Hurry up!" He appeared to be clearing the field for an important matter. Although it wasn’t an actual fusion of the flesh, the sensations one experienced in the wondersky realm were just as strong. They soon entered the wondersky realm and arrived at Soulburn Hall, where snowflakes drifted down from the sky, transforming the world into a beautiful white paradise. The world seemed completely still and empty except for the young couple.

"Ling'er, aren't you afraid?" Tianming still had his senses. His gaze met with hers.

"There's nothing to be afraid of. I’ve thought about things... my fear that I’ll never solve the problem, fear that I can’t conceal the existence of another me. I came to the conclusion that it’s better to face the problem head on than give in to 'her'. I’ll do anything she refuses to do and we’ll just see who's braver. If I don't fight and determine a winner, I’ll forever be trapped in this scary whirlpool. I won’t be able to be free in front of you." She spoke passionately, her eyes red with emotion. Tianming could sense strength within her. This was Feiling! She had never looked weak to him. Her Perpetual Nirvana, a hundred rebirths, had proved she wasn’t weak. She had immense faith in herself. Maybe she had been frightened by her other self at first, but at this moment, she chose to fight. And how would she fight? She would do everything her other self hated, in both the wondersky realm and the real world. The victor had yet to be decided.

Her domineering words infected Tianming. Eyes red, he stared at the lovely woman in front of him and took a deep breath. "You’re right. With everything that’s happened, from Xuanyuan Xi to this, we’ll be defeated if we retreat in fear. There’s only hope if we fight it head on.” Tianming wasn’t always the dominant one in their relationship. Feiling's occasional outbursts of courage and tenacity surpassed his, because she truly loved life and longed to live. She didn’t want her other self to live on.

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"Big Brother, let's take it easy. Forget everything else. Life’s too short, let’s live in the present. I don’t want to limit myself. I want to live freely like before. I’ll hug if I want to, kiss if I want to. I don’t care what she thinks." She was trying to prove that her body belonged only to her. In the cold snowstorm, her faith made her shine. Her firm gaze and unyielding courage were what made her unique. Tianming realized that looks were merely a small part of a woman’s allure, but her soul and beliefs elevated her beauty to new heights.

"Forget everything, follow your instincts, and enjoy life." Such pure and honest love belonged to the young. There might be many rules in the secular world, but in this place, where only two of them existed, the dry flames and boiling passion were enough to make them forget everything and retain nothing but the undying courage to break the shackles between the two of them.

"I'm not afraid."

"I'm not afraid either."

Feiling had no way of predicting the consequences of provoking her other self. But if she didn’t do so, she would never have the slightest hope of winning. Their fiery gazes met in the world of ice and snow where only pure love remained. After their first experience, the union of their souls was naturally more intense. In the frantic indulgence of their senses, they only had eyes for each other.

Snow fell on the glazed tiles of Soulburn Hall.

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"Don't stop. Keep going. Don't ever leave." Sheer ecstasy eroded their souls and their lovemaking lasted for several days, until they were exhausted and fell into a deep sleep in each other’s embrace.

This time, they were no longer afraid. There might be another battle once they awakened.


Early in the morning, they woke up and began dual cultivation once more. After indulging, they had to face whatever was headed their way. This time, their intimate union had brought their souls closer to each other. The fighting spirit kindled by the nourishing of their spirit had made them completely fearless.

"Let’s go!" Hand in hand, they stared into each other’s eyes as they left the wondersky realm.

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Their lovemaking had been so wild that they left traces all over Soulburn Hall. How could her other self, the Lord of Perpetia, be anything but furious? As soon as he left the wondersky realm, Tianming sensed a lethal threat. 'Feiling' wanted to kill him! The moment he opened his eyes, two dazzling blue lights descended from the sky.

"Bring it on."

It was as he had expected.


Meanwhile, three days prior at the lake-like entrance to the Kunlan Realm, light and shadow flickered. Countless shimmering wings were faintly discernible—it was another surge of wings. It hadn't been long since the last one, but there were changes to the Kunlan Realm once more, which attracted the attention of all the primalwingers. Numerous primalwingers had already gathered there, such as Lady Floral and Ji Lingxian, the overlord’s granddaughter.

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"Will there be celestialwings this time?" They waited with bated breath. Countless wings flew out, each of them choosing a lucky primalwinger.

"There are many wings this time."

"How many are there in the Kunlan Realm? An infinite amount?"

The shimmering light illuminated the dim space at the bottom of Primary. Hundreds of millions dreamed of those dazzling wings that fluttered everywhere like butterflies, lighting up the world.

"There’s so many of them." Ji Lingxian flew among the crowd, her pupils tinted with bright colors. One by one, primalwingers received wings and celebrated.

"Celestialwings...." As if she were obsessed, Ji Lingxian approached the Kunlan Realm. Her mother quickly caught up to her and said, "Xian'er, don't go any further. Be careful. You might fall into the Kunlan Realm!" There would be no coming back once she entered the Kunlan Realm.

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