Chapter 1692 - Nonabane Siblings

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There wasn’t a solution to Qingyu's problems for the time being. Thus, she could only focus on cultivation and fighting her way through the Astraldome with her totems and lifebound beast. By her side were Lingfeng and Xiaoxiao. The number of contestants from the helical-class Violetglory Star shot up to five, which surpassed the average skypiercer-class world. The three of them had just begun a ten-way battle in the Tranquil Battlefield, and Tianming had entered the wondersky realm to watch them. Victory came easily for Lingfeng, a second-level solarian, and Xiaoxiao, a third-level solarian. The two of them had long been on the Violetglory ranking. Their current performance caused another sensation on the Violetglory Star. The fact that they were all from the Violetcloud Imperium caused an imbalance in the fight between the two great factions of the Violetglory Star. Ever since Ye Chen had been defeated by Tianming, the Divineglory Dynasty was suppressed by the Violetcloud Imperium’s momentum. After the ten-way battle, Tianming and the Violetcloud Imperium were celebrating, while the Divineglory Dynasty was enveloped in silence. Half of the Violetglory Star turned dim.

"Tianming was so eye-catching that we’ve all ignored the geniuses behind him."

"It looks like those two are on par with Ye Chen."

"If that’s the case, why should the Divineglory Dynasty even bother competing with the Violetcloud Imperium?"

"The scales have tipped too far to one side. If the Divineglory Dynasty fails to make a move, the Violetglory Star will soon enter an era of Violetcloud Imperium supremacy when these people grow up!"

"You’re overthinking things. I don't think the Violetglory Star can keep a genius of this level. Tianming previously defeated the number one genius of Skyway Tristar, so the mysterians’ astralships must be on their way. When the time comes, they take Li Tianming, Ye Chen, Ye Lingfeng, and Lin Xiaoxiao away, and peace will return to us."

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"You must be from the Divineglory Dynasty. Do you really think it’ll work out that perfectly? The reason Tianming and his friends were able to come so far is thanks to our resources and manna imperius. Even if they leave for the Mysterium Cluster, they’ll return and take over! Wouldn’t it be great if he could become the emperor of a nova source world?”

Because of Lingfeng and Xiaoxiao's performance, the Violetglory Star was filled with admiration and praise. Discussions and debates seemed to flow on without end. As they entered the Tranquil Battlefield, the craze entered hyperdrive. The month of Tianming's dormancy was destined to be their time. Things reached a peak when Qingyu participated in the ten-way battle. As an eleventh-level constellier, Qingyu's cultivation level wasn’t considered high. In this battlefield, her talents were ordinary. As a nonabane, she was still incomparable to the sixteen-year-old Shenwu Yin, who was a second-level solarian. That was influenced by cultivation time. But with the halo of Tianming's sister, she stepped into the battlefield, first fighting as a beastmaster in an understated manner and persisting till the critical moment when she revealed her nine totems. The Violetglory Star’s wondersky realm was almost frozen in shock. More than eighty percent of the spectators were speechless. Because Qingyu had never appeared before, few were watching her. However, nonabanes were capable of causing a sensation wherever they were.

"Tianming's younger sister is also a nonabane!"

As the crowd watched in excitement, Qingyu emerged victorious in the ten-way battle without having to use much of her combat power, successfully entering the first level of the Tranquil Battlefield. Nine totems shone in the light. Her lifebound beast and totems were synonymous with beauty. In that moment, she took on a new role: the goddess of Violetglory Star. 

Their performance would be transformed into faith and be received by Tianming, thus acquiring countless Omnisentient Threads without him actually doing anything. Although he stayed low profile and had yet to reveal the Godsin, the number of Omnisentient Threads reached a hundred and twenty million and was steadily increasing. "It turns out that faith constantly fluctuates, so the Omnisentient Threads will sometimes increase or decrease. If I make the mistake of disappointing the entire Violetglory Star, the Omnisentient Threads might disappear in an instant." That would be caused by the collapse of their faith. He constantly reminded himself to remain steady and behave with caution.

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"Right now, we’ll be stronger than a team of five Ye Chens if the five of us form a team. Ye Chen can’t fight us, so he’s no longer a threat to the Violetcloud Imperium! But the most important thing now is to determine the distance between the Mysterium Cluster and Violetglory Star." The plan was to develop in the Violetglory Star for some time to maintain a balance with Ye Chen, but now the situation had changed. "The Violetglory Star has given me so much. Apart from bringing them glory, there’s nothing I can give them now." Some things couldn’t be rushed. As long as the Violetcloud Imperium didn’t have any sinister intentions, Tianming would treat them as he had treated the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect and Azuresoul Palace. The only problem was the violet fog that Mu Ziyan poured into his vita during their soul-nourishing sessions.

"I’ll deal with it later. I can’t just lay out all my cards on the table. But then again, I’ve shown her that my vita isn’t so simple in the process of conquering the Godsin. If she has wicked intentions, I hope she can forget them." He started nourishing his soul before participating in the Astralium Seeking, but now he had a higher status in the astralscape of order and had gained the attention of the deific-class worlds. Whatever it was that Mu Ziyan had originally been planning, Tianming believed that it would be different now. Of course, he would still remain cautious. "I won’t harbor any ill intent against others, but I’ll never relax my vigilance against evildoers." That was the only way to survive.


The three of them entered the Astraldome, while Tianming and Feiling remained in Violetpeak. The time Feiling and Tianming spent alone was quiet and peaceful. On this day, the sky was filled with bright stars, the cool breeze gently caressed their skin. In the courtyard pavilion, Feiling sat on the bench with Tianming’s head in her lap. He brushed his face against her tummy, enjoying the tranquility of the moment.

"Let me have a look," Tianming said, glancing at her eyes. The cold blue had completely dissipated, which meant that her other personality had disappeared for the time being. At this moment, Feiling was gentle, sweet, and playful. In his eyes, this was the most beautiful version of her.

"Are you alright?" He lay back on her lap, looking up at her face.

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"I’m fine, but don't look at me from this angle. I must be hideous." Feiling pouted.

"Don’t worry. Your nostrils are beautiful, even those nose hairs of yours are sweet and attractive." He smiled.

"Go away!" Squeezing the bridge of his nose, she threatened, "If you keep up this nonsense, I’ll flatten your nose!"

Tianming sat up, took her into his arms, and whispered into her ear, "I want to know. How do you feel? You must tell me if you’re uncomfortable."

"I’m alright now. The other me won't appear for the time being," she softly said.

"That’s good." 

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Feiling felt delighted that he was happy. Ears red, she bit her cherry lips and said, "Big Brother, I’m finally all better. You’re not thinking of going to the wondersky realm to do something naughty, are you?"

Tianming quickly shook his head. "Of course not. What kind of man do you think I am. Your safety is the most important thing to me."

"But…." Pinching his arm, Feiling stared into his eyes, her gaze turning misty.

"But what?" Tianming was confused.

"It felt so good… I want more."

Tianming choked.

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