Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1690: 1690

Chapter 1690 - Changes In The Bane-Rings

Because of Tianming's outstanding performance in the fourth level of the Tranquil Battlefield, the application submitted by Shengui was easily approved. Everyone had a unique heavenly locus formation that allowed entry into the battlefield. Among the four of them, Lingfeng was definitely the strongest in terms of combat power. With the divine pills from Violetcloud’s pill pile, Lingfeng had broken through to the second level of the Solar stage in a few days. With his soul power, he could certainly hold up against a totemancer at fourth- or fifth-level Solar stage. Of course, that was based on the assumption that his opponent was an ordinary solarian. The Astralium Seeking was filled with geniuses who had boosted their combat power. Even so, Lingfeng entered the fourth level in a short period of time, so he would be fine.

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On the other hand, Xiaoxiao was very strange. She was the type who didn’t grow much in other aspects besides cultivation level. After reaching the Solar stage, she didn't slow down at all. With the hundreds of millions of caeli that Tianming fed her, her current cultivation level was still the highest of the five, that is, a third-level solarian. She was still the same. Without the Archaionfiend, she might not even be able to defeat a second-level solarian. Feiling's cultivation style was special; she followed in the trajectory of Perpetia City. Whenever she was enlightened, she could break through to the next level without caeli imperius as if she was recovering her strength and restoring her divine will. At the moment, she was a second-level solarian, and might progress to the third level any day.

Out of all of them, Tianming and Qingyu were the most balanced. With his imperial will, Tianming could progress by leaps and bounds, but Qingyu had no such ability. She could only follow the prescribed order and maintain a growth rate that surpassed ordinary nonabanes. With the resources from the Violetcloud Imperium, she had become an eleventh-level constellier. Her slower growth wasn’t an issue; as long as Tianming supported her and gave her room to grow, she would become a sovereign sooner or later. Given their talents, none of them would fall behind.

But more importantly, Tianming had a headache trying to deal with the blood in Qingyu’s bane-rings. That was the reason Li Wushuang's totems had turned into ghosts and her combat power and talent soared. This period of safety had given Qingyu time to fight against this transformation, but the situation was worrying because her resistance had gradually become ineffective. There was a trace of red in her white moonsbane, and the image of evil ghosts was faintly visible as well. Her totems had begun taking on a sinister air.

"Big Brother, I'm a little scared." Biting her lips, Qingyu stared at the faces on her bane-rings, her face pale. She had seen Li Wushuang's appearance, which was a nightmare for every girl. But because she was very tough, she didn’t usually show it. Only when she was alone would she look at her bane-rings over and over again, filled with despair.

"Sovereign Starfeather’s a totemancer. Why don't you ask him if he knows what it is?" Lingfeng anxiously said.

Tianming nodded. Although he had been wary of Sovereign Starfeather before, things were different after the shared experience while he was conquering the Godsin. Coupled with his performance in the Astralium Seeking, as well as the fact that he had been contacted by someone from the Mysterium Cluster, Tianming believed that he could still control the situation even if the Violetcloud Imperium were to learn that Qingyu was a nonabane.

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"Is that alright, Big Brother? If it affects you, then let’s forget about it. I’ll bear with it. Maybe it’ll be gone one day," Qingyu said.

"Are you kidding? You’re my sister. Your safety is the most important thing. In the hurry to prove myself and open up new prospects, I’ve delayed dealing with your issue. Now that things are better, we must get rid of this problem," Tianming gravely said.

There was hope in Lingfeng and Qingyu’s eyes. It was clear that the issue had tortured them for a long time. When they had first arrived on the Violetglory Star, the situation was precarious so they hadn’t wanted to place another burden on Tianming.

"Let’s go."

Xiaoxiao had been cultivating in the Imperius Ruins for most of the time. Meanwhile, Tianming's lifebound beasts had remained in Violetpeak, especially because Xian Xian was accompanying Feiling. With them around, Feiling smiled more often. It had been a while since she’d met Tianming, and the blue in her eyes had almost completely disappeared. That was good news. Everything was moving in the right direction and it would soon be time for him to return to Orderia.


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After saying goodbye to Feiling, Tianming went to meet Sovereign Starfeather with Lingfeng and Qingyu. Even if Sovereign Starfeather was unavailable, he would return. Thus, they waited for about two hours before the sovereign rushed back to Kilostar City.

"What's wrong, Tianming? Have you already mastered the Godsin? Do you want to return to the starcore and subdue the divine hazard sword ki?" Sovereign Starfeather walked in with a smile.

"Greeting, Sovereign." The three of them were juniors; they couldn’t forget proper etiquette.

"I have yet to fully grasp the Godsin. I’ll take my time with the grade-eight divine hazard sword ki. I’m here to speak to you about my sister." Tianming got straight to the point.

"Qingyu? She’s an octabane?" He smiled.

"No." Tianming replied.

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"She’s not called Li Qingyu?" Sovereign Starfeather seemed confused.

"No, her name is Li Qingyu." Tianming shook his head and added, "I mean, she’s not an octabane. She’s my younger sister, but she’s not far behind."

"What do you mean?" Freezing for an instant, the sovereign stared at Tianming in shock. He floated toward them, filled with disbelief.

"Sovereign, please take a look."

Tianming nodded to Qingyu, who pulled up her long sleeves and revealed her arms. There were five full moons on one arm and four on the other, shining with a fluorescent glow. Amidst the silvery white was a sliver of red malevolence hiding in the holiness.

"A nonabane!" Sovereign Starfeather stumbled back in shock. He was an octabane. Possessing eight bane-rings was the minimum requirement for those who wanted to become sovereigns. For many years, his cultivation level had stagnated, so becoming a nonabane was his greatest desire and the reason he was so shocked by them. He stared at the siblings in disbelief, holding his breath for a long time. In the end, he heavily exhaled, shaking his head as he smiled. "It makes sense. You were both born to the same parents, so you’re both nonabanes! I should’ve thought of that before. I heard that Qingyu also has a lifebound beast from a blood pact, is that right? Your family's bloodline is truly remarkable! For millions of years, no one on the Violetglory Star has ever been able to achieve such successful dual cultivation with lifebound beasts from blood pacts."

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