Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1689: 1689

Chapter 1689: Genesis Bolt

Above Violetpeak, trillions of lightning bolts surged up, forming a thick cloud of lightning in the air. A thunderous boom sounded as the lightning cloud rotated, drawing the attention of many. Such a spectacular scene was similar to Ying Huo’s evolution.

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"It’s the birth of another sovereign beast!"

For those on the Violetglory Star, sovereign beasts were extremely rare. It was the symbol of the finest bloodlines and signified a greater possibility of Tianming becoming a sovereign. Lightning snaked around many buildings in Myriadmile City as Meow Meow turned the city of stars into a city of lightning. From the dense sea of lightning in the sky came the roar of a ferocious beast. Dignified and domineering, its roar could shock the soul. There was a faint shadow of a giant beast galloping through the clouds, followed by thousands of lightning bolts. It was none other than Meow Meow.

Like a lightning demon, its breath was several times more powerful than before. Even if it was still young and at a lower cultivation level, the fusion of the sovereign beast and Primordial Chaos Beast’s bloodline suppressed other lifebound beasts, which caused many lifebound beasts in Myriadmile City to surrender to Meow Meow’s majesty. However, what shocked Tianming were the dense thunderclouds in the sky and the lightning bolts that enveloped the city. In addition to the destructive black chaos lightning, there were white thunderbolts. Meow Meow had only had black lightning before, but now the amount of white lightning was almost equal to its black chaos lightning. Both the lightning vortex in the sky and billions of lightning bolts that surrounded the city were composed of black and white.

"What?" Tianming grabbed a white lightning bolt. Its properties resembled the Eight Trigrams Genesis Blitzcore, completely different from that of chaos lightning. It possessed unending vitality and a heavy presence. Although it had a less destructive element, the combination of white and black lightning could achieve synergy.

At that moment, hundreds of millions of black and white lightning retreated into the lightning vortex above Violetpeak. The lightning vortex began shrinking, converging toward the center, where Meow Meow was. It then swallowed the lightning bolts that had gathered around its body. The number of lightning bolts in the heavens and the earth sharply decreased until the very last one was devoured by the gigantic beast. Black and white lightning enveloped it as it started shrinking.

As soon as Tianming entered Violetpeak, the miniaturized beast fell toward him, its terrifying aura disappearing in the process of its shrinking. When the explosive lightning disappeared, the aura of a Primordial Chaos Beast faded as well.

"Meow~" It sounded comfortable. Tianming just stretched out his palm and caught a white figure. Landing on its back, the beast stretched its limbs. Due to a sustained sense of security, it had forgotten how dangerous Tianming was, so two tender little balls were displayed in front of Tianming's eyes.

Upon seeing its new appearance, Tianming was stunned. It was a snow-white kitten with big aqua blue eyes and pink paw pads. If it weren’t for its unsightly posture, its cuteness could kill. The black cat had become a white cat; it was undoubtedly more beautiful. Any girl who saw it would light up. This was a skill that his other lifebound beasts couldn’t acquire.

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"Holy crap!" Having gotten used to its black fur, Tianming was a little uncomfortable with the new change. Filled with sadness, he stretched out his sinful hand. While Meow Meow was sleeping comfortably, Tianming flicked the target.

“Meow!!” Tianming's arm was covered in bloody scratches. He looked up and saw Meow Meow hanging from the roof with its fur standing on end, staring miserably at him. Then it began jumping up and down as it cursed. When it was irritated, its white fur turned black and Meow Meow returned to its original appearance.

"Can you switch between black and white?" His curiosity kindled, Tianming grabbed Meow Meow from the roof.

"Of course! This is how I originally looked!" Meow Meow was sometimes black and other times white. It could freely switch between both. When it was white, it appeared lazy but full of vitality and seemed harmless. When it was black, Meow Meow looked exactly like it did in battle.

"I can even do this." When it transformed into the Regal Chaosfiend, Meow Meow’s body expanded amidst the crash of lightning. In just a short time, it turned into a more ferocious beast. This was its battle form. Most importantly, it was half black and half white. In fact, there wasn’t a single strand of hair. What appeared to be fur was actually just densely packed lightning bolts, which was the cause of the black and white pattern. After removing the blood fetters for white lightning, Meow Meow’s life had been extended once more. As it said, this was its original state. Part lion, tiger, and leopard, the beast possessed the body and strength of a tiger, the speed and agility of a leopard, and the mane and arrogance of a lion. Meow Meow was undoubtedly more powerful than before.

However, Tianming still burst into laughter. "Do you look like a zebra or a dairy cow?"

Ying Huo and Lan Huang lay on the ground, rolling with laughter. Balancing itself on its highest kui mountain, Lan Huang turned itself into a spinning top. "A dairy cow!" Not only did Lan Huang have a loud voice, it had two heads, one of which was repeating the words ‘dairy cow’ over and over again while the other roared with laughter. Its coordination was ingenious.

"Immature kids." Xian Xian covered its forehead. Upon noticing Meow Meow’s aggrieved expression, Xian Xian went to comfort it.

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Thank goodness Yin Chen won't laugh at Cat Bro! Xian Xian thought to itself. As soon as the thought emerged, the little cockroaches in Tianming’s lifebound space lay on their backs, legs kicking their bellies in a mechanical laughter.

"Ha ha… ha ha!"

Xian Xian was depressed. "Fifth, never mind that your laughter is delayed, but why’re you laughing so stiffly?!" Poor Meow Meow’s mighty evolution had been forgotten because of the words ‘dairy cow.’

However, the kitten had a strong heart. In the face of its brothers’ laughter, it didn't care at all. It transformed back into a kitten, strutting as it said, "I can’t take it anymore. Evolving is so tiring. It’s getting late, I have to go to sleep now."

"Wait a minute." Tianming grabbed Meow Meow just as it was about to run off to sleep. "What’s that white lightning?"

"Genesis Bolt. Together with the chaos lightning, they’re my basic moves. With the addition of Genesis Bolt, all my other abilities have taken shape. Their lethality has also tripled, and my speed is a lot faster as well. No one will be able to catch up with this cat, not even that dude Long! He won’t even have a chance to smell my farts!" Meow Meow said arrogantly.

"I see."

This was the true Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend. Genesis was life and chaos was death. The combination of life and death lightning was its true ability. Together with its Blizbane, Worldbolt Blast, Meow Meow’s transformation this time round was no worse than Ying Huo’s. Although it didn’t possess an ability that could build up power, like Ying Huo, Meow Meow’s abilities had improved in all aspects and its transformation was more balanced.

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"I don’t care if I’m black or white, as long as I can sleep!" Meow Meow already appeared sleepy. "Can I have half a month off...."

"You wish! I need your bloodline now." Tianming smiled wickedly.

"Next time!"


"Damn it! Don’t cats have rights?" Meow Meow said.


"I’m his little sister, but what does taking half a month off have to do with me?" Xian Xian asked.

Anyway, Meow Meow seemed stronger.

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"I can return to the fifth level of the Tranquil Battlefield in a month’s time, but until then, I’ll keep pushing!”

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