Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1687: 1687

Chapter 1687 - Chain Blade

"It remembers me! I can't let it go back or it won’t follow me out again the next time I challenge it." He only had one chance, but Tianming knew that he couldn’t leave the Soul Tower. Even if the yellowspring fish only had a tenth of its strength left, Tianming was still too weak to defeat it.

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As soon as the fish made its way out of Tianmign’s sea of consciousness, it immediately encountered the power of Sovereign Starfeather and Mu Ziyan's fourth imperial souls. The two could clearly sense its weakness at this moment.

"What happened?" They were shocked. When the yellowspring fish had escaped into Tianming's sea of consciousness, they thought they’d lost him.

"It’s become so weak." How could a second general soul weaken the fish to this extent?

"As I recall, when it first rushed in, it still had a third of its full strength." Although the two were frightened and failed to figure out the cause of its weakness, they still quickly responded.

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"This is an opportunity!" Their eyes lit up. Ramping up to their full power, they formed a pair of shackles and cuffed the yellowspring fish. Like a fishing net, the feathers and armor stuck to the fish whenever it tried to slam its way out, the impacts leaving bleeding wounds on its head.

"Stop it!" Tianming roared.

When Sovereign Starfeather and Mu Ziyan looked at each other, they could almost see the shock in each other's eyes, as well as excitement. At that moment, Tianming held the Godsin, blood from his hand streaming into the transparent blade to eventually be absorbed by the divine patterns. The beast roared and broke free, almost escaping back into the Godsin. However, Sovereign Starfeather's soul power chased after it, dragging it back in time for Mu Ziyan to catch up. It continued its mad struggle. By that point, Sovereign Starfeather and Mu Ziyan were a little pale, their souls feeble from the fight.

"Hold on! We can beat it while it's down!" Aside from Tianming, no one else could exhaust the yellowspring fish outside the sword. If the challenger had a fourth imperial soul, it wouldn’t leave its “cave.” But if the challenger was weak, it would come out of hiding and feast on their soul. However, Tianming was a hard rock that broke all its teeth. Sovereign Starfeather and Mu Ziyan finally had a chance. Such an opportunity was truly rare, so the two owners of fourth imperial souls fought hard to stop the fish. In the process, the beast’s strength continued fading.

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"It’s not going to make it!" Mu Ziyan shouted in excitement.

In fact, the absorption of Tianming's blood was already a sign of the yellowspring fish's submission. Sovereign Starfeather and Mu Ziyan found it easier as the fish grew weaker and smaller. Tianming had survived the initial wave and prevented the fish from slipping back into the sword. It was finished!

Forcefully placed back into Tianming's body, the angry fish struggled and screamed, rolling and twisting. However, fighting would only accelerate the consumption of its strength. From a gigantic fish millions of meters long, it grew smaller and smaller, until it resembled a little yellow loach. Even its voice had changed. At that moment, Tianming's blood was infused into the Godsin and completely absorbed by the Galactic Godsin divine hazard within, which emitted a crimson light, signifying that he had gained control over the sword. Tianming had conquered it without relying on exalted blood. The process was filled with danger but the results were sensational. Without the use of exalted blood, the connection between him and the Godsin would only be stronger. And because the yellowspring fish was more familiar with him, it would have greater power.

Sovereign Starfeather and Mu Ziyan were exhausted. Taking a deep breath, they left Tianming's body. With tears in its eyes, the little earthworm fled back to the sword. However, it was aware that Tianming had conquered it and the sword. Although it was uncomfortable, it couldn't change the sword’s decision. It no longer possessed the majesty of a wildbeast that roamed the cosmos; instead, its weak, teary-eyed look of grievance made it seem as if it had just been violated by a group of strong men. Once it returned to the sword, it would swim like a fish in the sea, absorb power from the divine patterns, strengthen itself once more, and turn into an enormous beast that guarded the sword.

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Tianming opened his eyes, still clear-headed; his vita hadn’t suffered any injuries. The transparent blade in his right hand emitted warmth.

"The Godsin, the Formless Minor!" It was known by both names. "A grade-nine divine artifact!" The moment Tianming held the sword, the divine patterns on the sword erupted in a bright light. Although the terrifying divine patterns were the cause of the frozen disease, Tianming couldn’t sense the slightest malice from them, which proved that supreme evil was intangible. When he gently flicked the blade, a silvery tinkling sounded. With a wave of his hand, the paper-thin blade cut through the clouds, splitting through the air in an ear-piercing hum.

More importantly, Tianming discovered that it had a second form, called a chain blade. What was a chain blade? It was a blade that could be broken apart and extended to form a sharp, transparent, sword-shaped chain that was ten thousand meters long. With just a swing of the sword, it transformed into a chain. In that form, the sword actually resembled the yellowspring fish because the beast itself was a fish-shaped centipede that consisted of thousands of segments with fins as sharp as blades. Thus, the Godsin could be considered to be two different weapons. In the form of a chain, it was more powerful than the Lifesteal Silverdragon.

"It’s terrifying." Tianming knew that the advantage of the Grand-Orient Sword was the Grand-Orient Vortex, the Imperealm Sword Formation, and the flexibility of using two swords. However, the lethality of a grade-nine divine artifact definitely exceeded that of the Grand-Orient Vortex unless more parts of the Grand-Orient Sword could be found. Tianming was confident there were no limits to the weapon’s power, since it had once belonged to the Primordial God-Emperor. The grade-nine Galactic Godsin was a type of divine hazard, and when combined with the grade-nine Formless Glacier, its power greatly surpassed the Frozen Glasstree.

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"At least I won’t have to deal with a broken sword every time I fight an opponent in the Astraldome." This was a happy event. Conquering the sword had been thrilling, and using it felt good. He couldn't wait to go out and play with it. After all, this was a starcore, which wasn’t very suitable for showing off.

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