Chapter 534: Black Tortoise

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The central hall.

Cang Qingfeng's brazen declaration that he was going to kill everyone resounded through the air, leaving everyone stunned.

Even though they had suffered grievous losses, with many of their number dying, there was still He Changan, the old steward, Nan Ningjiang, Zhou Fanghua, Xu Mingyue, Ao Chihu, and "Qian Yingchen". Besides that, there were still two generals of the Bloodbath Hall, and He Changan had brought with him two decently strong servants. Finally, there was Jin Yutang, for a total of twelve people.

This group of twelve consisted of two Soul Transformation True Persons and one Heart Demon True Person, and the rest were all Spirit Ring True Persons. It was a formidable strength, enough to sweep through a medium sect, and that wasn't even considering that He Changan was a chief-level existence. He alone was able to go against three regular Soul Transformation True Persons.

But Cang Qingfeng had boldly declared that he was going to kill this entire group.

Even the callous and composed He Changan was angered. "I'd like to see how you do that!"

He immediately made several signs with his right hand, and then he thrust out his palm, sending out a torrent of energy. This palm blast was dense and solid, sharp and restrained. It seemed ordinary, but it had a regal aura about it.

Even Cang Qingfeng wasn't willing to take this attack. He jumped into the air with a shout and threw out the Immeasurable Sword. The sword flew into the air, where it continued to release blood energy and expand the blood fissure.

With a flip of his hand, Cang Qingfeng produced a coiling dragon spear and thrust it at He Changan.

The surging spear energy stabbed into He Changan's palm blast, and there was an explosion of light. The spear not only managed to hold off He Changan's palm, it was even able to push back. It had to be a top-class art relic at the minimum.

Cang Qingfeng stood in the air and sneered. It seemed like he had an extremely easy time taking that attack.

At the same time, the old steward, Zhu Yun, rushed out at an angle, his hands wreathed in black energy as he clawed at Cang Qingfeng. Since Cang Qingfeng wanted to kill them all, there was no need for them to hold back. As Zhu Yun attacked, Ao Chihu, Xu Mingyue, Nan Ningjiang, and Zhou Fanghua also attacked, instantly lighting up the hall.

In the face of this mass attack, Cang Qingfeng simply laughed.

He smoothly turned his body, evading Zhu Yun's strike, at the same time tossing his spear at He Changan's two servants. He lightly raised his left hand, producing a small silver sword, which he thrust forward. Xu Mingyue, Nan Ningjiang, Zhou Fanghua, and the two Bloodbath Hall generals were instantly greeted by a dazzling dance of swords, and they had no choice but to retreat. At the same time, Cang Qingfeng had taken out a violet saber with his right hand, which he used to send an arc of rending light at Ao Chihu.

"A spatial slash?" Ao Chihu cried out in alarm as he backed away. That arc of light slammed into the wall behind him, leaving a terrifying scar on those seemingly invincible walls.

Sure enough, it was a space-type slash spell art.

In this offensive, not only had Cang Qingfeng taken on their combined might, he had even managed to push them back. Other than Tang Jie and Jin Yutang, who hadn't participated, everyone had been pushed back by Cang Qingfeng. Everyone was alarmed at this man's power.

The three weapons he had taken out were all ultimate-grade art relics.

Cang Qingfeng chuckled.

He then dropped his saber and sword, but rather than falling to the ground, these weapons flew on their own toward the group, joining the spear in battling against them. He then used some other spell art to create a chilling fog that billowed through the hall.

This icy fog caused everyone to slow down. He suddenly blinked next to Zhou Fanghua and chuckled, "I'll start by killing the weakest!"

He stabbed his hand into Zhou Fanghua's abdomen.

Zhou Fanghua wanted to evade, but Cang Qingfeng's eyes eerily flashed, and as their eyes met, her soul trembled. She momentarily forgot to dodge, and a moment later, Cang Qingfeng's hand stabbed into her.

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"Fanghua!" Nan Ningjiang cried out.

That blood-drenched hand emerged from Zhou Fanghua's body, and with a casual shake from Cang Qingfeng, blood gushed into the air as Zhou Fanghua crumpled to the ground.

Cang Qingfeng laughed. "I will use your blood to hasten the opening of the Blood River Domain!"

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Countless palm and finger blasts shot toward Cang Qingfeng.

Cang Qingfeng was about to blink away when he discovered that the space around him had been sealed. He commented in surprise, "Eh? Someone has sealed off space."

But he reacted quickly, taking out a talisman with his left hand.

As that talisman lit up, a golden barrier appeared. All the attacks struck the barrier, and none of them was able to harm even a hair on Cang Qingfeng's head.

The talisman turned to dust, and Cang Qingfeng chuckled as he evaded again. At the same time, he flicked his fingers, sending several needles flying at one of the servants.

This man had sharp eyes and was able to tell at once that only one of He Changan's men could have sealed space.

But as the needles struck the servant, there was a clang. This servant was wearing flashing golden Godhead Armor, and since it had been able to block this attack, it had to be at least an upper-grade art relic.

Cang Qingfeng sighed. "The people of Godhead Palace really are annoying, so difficult to kill."

This time, he shot over toward Xu Mingyue, but everyone was ready now. As he got close, He Changan let out a punch, sending out a shockwave that sent Cang Qingfeng flying.

While this punch had seemed simple, Cang Qingfeng's face turned red for a moment, but he quickly went back to normal.

Cang Qingfeng's eyes savagely glinted as he snarled, "Fine, I'll admit that you have some skill."

While he was angry, He Changan was stunned.

While his punch hadn't been some ultimate technique, he had held nothing back. Just how formidable were Cang Qingfeng's defenses, that he was unharmed after taking such a powerful blow?

But Tang Jie wasn't surprised.

The moment he knew that this person was Cang Qingfeng, he knew that this man's real expertise was in defense.

That He Changan's punch had failed to injure him was a clear manifestation of his strength.

But what truly shocked Tang Jie was his fighting style.

That flitting and unpredictable style, and the way he seemed to be throwing out art relics like they were on sale, all seemed to be implying something, but Tang Jie didn't quite understand. Since he didn't understand, he decided to just watch. In any case, none of them were really his allies, so Tang Jie was happy to watch. He simply stood at a distance with Jin Yutang, not intervening with that beautiful excuse that he was protecting Young Master Jin.

He Changan was furious after his failed punch.

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He bellowed, and a golden light erupted from under his feet.

The Grand Virtue Guardian Halo.

At the same time, his bones began to groan, and his body began to grow.

The Formless Heavenly Demon Art!

The Formless Heavenly Demon Art was not an art of Godhead Palace, but an art He Changan had obtained in his early years when traveling the world. Using it would make one's power and lethality soar.

He Changan had spent most of his life easily handling opponents with casual punches and kicks. Rarely was he forced to use the Formless Heavenly Demon Art.

But now, He Changan was finally starting to get serious.

He Changan roared as he punched again.

This time, the blast created by his punch was a dark torrent of energy that thundered toward Cang Qingfeng.

In the face of this dark surge, Cang Qingfeng turned solemn. "Now you're getting somewhere!"

Cang Qingfeng thrust out his palm.

As palm clashed with fist, there was a tremendous boom. Cang Qingfeng was sent flying into a wall, the impact making the entire hall sway.

He Changan's punch was so powerful!

But despite having the upper hand, He Changan shuddered and suddenly fell back several steps, roaring, "Despicable!"

He looked at his right hand, which was turning black and swollen.


Cang Qingfeng laughed as he got to his feet. His arm was covered in blood after taking the divine punch of He Changan's Formless Heavenly Demon Art, a bone poking out from his elbow.

But he didn't care. With a slap of his left hand, he produced a white jade bottle, and with a flick, he sent a pill out of the bottle and into his mouth.

Once the pill was consumed, Cang Qingfeng's arm began to rapidly heal. He laughed and said, "'Despicable'? This Omni-Poison Hand requires processing countless poisonous substances to cultivate. It's a proper technique, not someone pretending to be your friend while convincing you to drink poison. What's despicable about it? And if I didn't use the Omni-Poison Hand, do you really think you would have injured me that easily?"

Cang Qingfeng let out a thunderous punch: "Five Supreme Lightning Punch!"

Amid flashing lightning, Zhu Yun's Jade Shattering Claw clashed with Cang Qingfeng's steely fist, and while Zhu Yun was pushed back, Cang Qingfeng also took half a step back.

"The Five Supreme Lightning Punch? The Omni-Poison Hand?" He Changan grimaced. "What relationship do you have with the Hidden Lightning Sect and the Scarlet Refiner Gate?"

Cang Qingfeng laughed. "Does knowing their spell arts mean I have a relationship with them? Haha, naive! Take a look at this!"

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Cang Qingfeng flicked his fingers, sending a blast of energy at Ao Chihu's incoming sword.

"The Jade Shattering Finger!" Tang Jie and Zhu Yun shouted in unison.

Cang Qingfeng turned his body, just in time to meet Xu Mingyue's sword. Cang Qingfeng didn't try to evade, allowing the sword to stab him. Upon impact, the blade of the sword bent, unable to pierce through. Meanwhile, Cang Qingfeng waved his hand, unleashing a flame that struck Xu Mingyue and blasted her away.

There was a golden gleam from beneath his tattered clothes.

"Godhead Armor!" everyone gasped in surprise.

Cang Qingfeng laughed as he chopped his palm three times, each time unleashing a famous spell art. This old man even knew the spell arts of Horizon Ocean Pavilion and the Thousand Passions Sect.

He was completely fearless in the face of his numerous enemies, unleashing various famous Immortal arts, and each one with astounding power, sometimes even more powerful than the original versions.

Everyone was confused, and only Tang Jie understood that Cang Qingfeng, as the Lord of Reincarnation, while having a body that was only several hundred years old, had a soul that was ten thousand years old. While Cang Qingfeng had never been able to reach the apex of strength over his many incarnations, this long span of time had made him more experienced than anyone. All the Immortal arts of the past remained in his memory, some of them even passed down from High Antiquity.

One could say that this person, through his knowledge and memories of Immortal arts, was a walking library.

From this perspective, one could also understand how Cang Qingfeng could have so many art relics, medicines, and talismans.

Just as he had said before, while he wasn't able to reach the peak over ten thousand years of reincarnation, he had a vast treasury of experience and was proficient in all the auxiliary fields.

Since he knew all about pills, talismans, formations, and tools, he could craft his own treasures. If he weren't limited by resources, he could have even created divine treasures and Dao armaments. Thus, as well as a library, he was also a treasury.

In terms of cultivation, he could not be much stronger than He Changan. This was because He Changan had already reached the limits of the Soul Transformation Tier. In these circumstances, no matter how much of a genius Cang Qingfeng was, he couldn't surpass He Changan by too much. But while he might not have been able to exceed him significantly in altitude, he could make up for it in breadth. Cang Qingfeng knew far too much, and his moves were simply endless, the variety leaving everyone dazzled.

He was like an amalgamation of experts, possessing top-class attributes, top-class skills, and numerous medicines. Such an opponent was a terror to fight.

And Cang Qingfeng wasn't even using all his strength. What would it be like when he was serious?

Tang Jie couldn't help but shiver at the thought.

He Changan was clearly realizing that his opponent wasn't ordinary.

This wasn't an opponent that could be judged with common sense, and now that he was poisoned, the tables were rapidly turning.

Everyone was fighting with Cang Qingfeng, but Cang Qingfeng was laughing as he thrust out a palm, punched, and occasionally swung a saber or sword. It was like he was playing a game, and his laughter was brimming with confidence.

Behind his brashness, Cang Qingfeng was actually being cautious. He was actually waiting for the poison to circulate throughout He Changan's entire body, waiting for He Changan to become extremely weak, upon which he would go all-out and take down his foes.

This was because he knew just how strong a chief of one of the six major sects was. When an opponent like this got serious, even he needed to be careful.

But he didn't expect what He Changan did next.

He looked at Tang Jie.

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There was a profound look in his eyes. "You still aren't joining?"

Tang Jie was startled.

It wasn't just him. Even Cang Qingfeng looked at Tang Jie in surprise.

He naturally recognized that face: the genius of the Beast Refining Gate, Qian Yingchen, that kid that Tang Jie had beaten half to death.

He had never even considered this person as a factor.

But when He Changan spoke, his heart leaped, and he sensed that something was wrong.

His eyes flashed as he instinctively activated his Insight.

He had lived for ten thousand years, and while he hadn't reached the highest of heights, he had grasped a truly frightening number of abilities. The Dao of Insight was vital for getting the initiative over one's enemies, and he was naturally extremely skilled at it. As he looked, he trembled and cried out, "Tang Jie!"

As he cried out, everyone froze, and the battle paused as everyone looked at Tang Jie.

Tang Jie shrugged and chuckled.

As he laughed, his face finally went back to its original appearance.

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw Qian Yingchen turning into Tang Jie. Nan Ningjiang almost didn't dare to believe his eyes. The person he had been looking for had been right there this whole time!

Jin Yutang jumped in fright and tried to run, but Tang Jie immediately grabbed him and took him hostage. He then looked at He Changan. "You knew the whole time?"

"Not that early. I was originally going to find the right time to reveal the secret, but this old man messed up everything. Tang Jie, if I'm right, you're not together with this man! This man has clearly planned out today's events. He wants to kill us, but he also has no intention of letting you go!"

Cang Qingfeng let out an eerie laugh. "He Changan, it seems like you're out of options. Asking Tang Jie for help? How could he possibly help you?"

"Wrong," Tang Jie unexpectedly said. "If I had to make a choice, I would choose to help Godhead Palace. In truth, I was even thinking about intervening just now."

"What?" Cang Qingfeng roared, "Tang Jie, are you crazy? If not for this old man, how would you have been able to meet with your precious Xu Miaoran? She would probably be dead at the hands of Godhead Palace by now!"

Tang Jie sneered, "It was all for your own sake. You saved Miaoran because you feared that I would be captured by Godhead Palace because of her. You needed the people of Godhead Palace to be here to open the way for you and to be offerings for the sword. If I were captured, the people of Godhead Palace would leave, which would thwart your plans. That's why you pretended to be crazy and intervened, using me to draw in the people of Godhead Palace and make them send reinforcements until there were finally enough. Now that the seal on the Immeasurable Sword has been undone, everyone who ought to die must die, and so your next task is naturally to clean up everyone who's in the know. In these circumstances, you naturally don't need my help anymore. On the contrary, you would want to kill me."

There was a hint of fiendishness about Cang Qingfeng's face as he replied, "Brat, I knew I couldn't hide it from you. But even if it's like this, what sort of advantage could helping Godhead Palace give you?"

"It doesn't have any advantages, but at least escaping from them is easier than escaping from you." Tang Jie smiled.

Cang Qingfeng's voice turned shrill. "You think rather highly of me."

But there was no pride in that voice.

"How could I not?" Tang Jie sighed. "Who would dare to not take seriously the reincarnation of the Black Tortoise?"

"What did you say? 'The reincarnation of the Black Tortoise'?" everyone gasped.

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