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Each member of the pirate crew must have a distinct role, and Shayna fulfills the positions of both a religious personnel and a part-time disciplinary committee member. Without Arceus’s permission, Kaido cannot command her.

Although Arceus and Kaido have a cooperative relationship, at this point, his cooperation is no different from joining them. Essentially, what he does can be regarded as being a member of the Beasts Pirates.

After all, almost all of the Beasts Pirates’ development plans have Arceus’s participation. He and Acier are among the few “normal people” in this regard. They have developed a special “order,” and now the residents in the Beasts Pirates’ territory even accept their rule from the heart.

There is no life-threatening danger as long as they complete the assigned amount of work in the designated area and hand over a certain amount of income as protection fee.

This is not much different from the environment of some kingdoms. In terms of major policies, Arceus has to some extent copied Noxus’ development plan. As long as one is capable and can demonstrate their value, regardless of the field, they can obtain a sufficient status.

This is a more suitable plan for the current situation, but this is still the regime of the pirates. Charity work is impossible.

Beasts Pirates can take care of those who are injured in battle and those who work for them and their family members, but they will never take care of unrelated people.

As the captain, Kaido, the governor-general of the Beasts Pirates, often does not do anything, but it is not a strange thing for the captain to be absent from daily affairs.

Under Kaido and Arceus, Shayna’s current strength is undoubtedly the first, and she has proved this in battles. Therefore, she and King are considered to be of equal rank.

In addition, she doesn’t show any mercy when dealing with those pirate crew members who violate the rules. When she loses her temper, these pirates will try their best to keep their distance, so as to not get caught in the crossfire.

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But this time, she has gone a bit too far.

“Big Sister, calm down, calm down. This thing is an uncontrollable factor.” However, these words had no effect, and they were afraid to intervene and stop Shayna’s outburst..

“What should we do?”

“How about you go?”

“Are you kidding? Can any of us stop the big sister when she goes into a rage? What about Boss Kaido and Boss Arceus?”

“They went out just two days ago, don’t you know?”

Then they looked at their team leader. When the sky falls, the tall one has to hold it up. He enjoys higher treatment as the captain of a small team on a daily basis, and when something goes wrong, he has to step up.

“No, but why is big sister angry? Someone tell me!”

He was originally collecting taxes from ships that were replenishing resources at the port, which was a common practice. When stopping at other pirates’ territories, regardless of what they want to do, they have to pay money, or else it means war. Unexpectedly, something happened later on.

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“Just now, the News Coo sent the latest bounties, and after the big sis read it, she became like this.”

Then he brought over some new bounties. After the battle between the World Pirates and the Beasts Pirates, bounty was put on most of the Beasts Pirates’ officers, and Kaido’s bounty was raised to 1.8 billion, adding World’s bounty onto him.

As he flipped through the bounties, Arceus’s bounty appeared in front of him, and he also learned the reason for Shayna’s rage.

Unknown creature, Beasts Pirates’ pet, bounty 5000 Berries.

Shayna is generally an impulsive person, but sometimes she exhibits two extreme reactions. When dealing with tasks assigned by Arceus, she becomes extremely cautious and meticulous, ensuring she doesn’t make any mistakes, and she can even appear in front of Arceus precisely on schedule, as if she’s timing it with a stopwatch.


But once there were insulting words, she would enter an extreme state of rage.

Insulting Arceus in front of her was no different from insulting Sister Carmel in front of Big Mom.

By referring to Arceus as a mere pet or an unnamed creature and offering a “massive” bounty of 5000 Berries on top of that, it can be said to have hit all of her nerves.

Marines and World Government have the qualifications to set bounties. Usually, they judge who should set it based on the degree of harm caused by the pirates. Some small fries in the Four Seas are usually directly set by the branches of the Four Seas, and then reported above.

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But the big pirates are set by the World Government, and then conveyed to the Marines below.

At times, the way in which they determine the amount of the bounty is rather perplexing, with both whole and fractional values that make it unclear how they arrived at the final figure.

In some cases, when setting a bounty, they only focus on the present situation, such as the reindeer that was initially offered a bounty of 50 Berries, but after experiencing many great events, the bounty was doubled to 100 Berries.

For non-human creatures, they often come up with strange bounties, including but not limited to Chopper’s 50 Berries bounty, Bepo’s 500 Berries bounty, and now Arceus’s 5000 Berries bounty.

The photo shows what appears to be Arceus standing at the bow of the ship. It seems that the photo was taken by the agents on the World’s ship when Arceus arrived at the battlefield with the supply ship.

For some unknown reason, they put a bounty on Arceus as well, but they didn’t collect any relevant information. Instead, they simply attached this strange nickname to it

In a sense, the 5,000 Berries bounty was already a significant gesture, considering it was equivalent to the 100 times the initial bounty of Chopper.

However, when the bounty of 5000 Berries, which isn’t even enough to cover the cost of a hearty meal, is coupled with the labels of ‘pet’ and ‘unknown creature,’ it’s no surprise that Shayna is angry.

The root of the problem was found, but it couldn’t practically be resolved.

“Let’s call Boss sacred beast. We probably won’t be able to persuade the big sis. Big sis, what are you doing?”

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Watching Shayna, who was planning to leave after venting, he suddenly had a bad feeling.

“What am I doing? I’m going to slaughter the guy who issued the bounty!”

“No, big sis, calm down! We don’t even know who issued it. By the way, Lord sacred beast is against slaughter, and your current task is to stay here and take care of things.”

Shayna’s strong point was that even in a state of rage, she wouldn’t attack indiscriminately like Big Mom. Having spent a lot of time living frugally while on the run, even when she throws things, she throws the cheaper ones.

This time, she couldn’t control her anger and ended up damaging the house. She was now venting her frustration on the stones and other things outside, and someone was trying to put out the fire.

After being persuaded by her subordinates and considering Arceus’ mission requirements, the two extremes balanced each other out, and she temporarily calmed down.

“Send out a new bounty in the underground world and find out who named this bounty. This matter is not over yet. Also, who wants to spar with me?”

As soon as she said that, the pirates all took a step back. They usually get beaten up badly when they spar with Shayna, let alone now. However, at this moment, a lucky person appeared.

“Muhahaha, what happened? Why did you set the house on fire?” Queen happened to be here because of the incident. After pushing aside the minions, he saw the dangerous look behind Shayna’s mask.

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