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Queen managed to obtain a microphone from somewhere, and while he succeeded in creating a pleasant atmosphere, Arceus couldn’t shake this odd feeling that it was some sort of roadside lottery.

Because on the makeshift platform, there was actually a lottery wheel.

This reward is just the beginning, not the end, and as time goes on, such instances will become increasingly frequent. Naturally, significant rewards will be granted to those who make substantial contributions, but there would be also numerous smaller-scale conflicts where rewards can be earned.

Even an obscure pirate among their ranks may qualify for rewards, but it’s important to recognize that power is inherently unequal. They may not be as strong as the officers, and their abilities may not be as impressive, but that is to be expected.

People do not envy someone with a big disparity, but they will envy someone who is similar to themselves. There are always people who feel worse seeing others making more money than themselves losing money.

It’s not about having too few resources, but rather about unequal distribution. To address this potential conflict, they simply introduced a roulette lottery. The abilities one receives are entirely dependent on luck, so no one can complain.

Babanuki, who will become Beasts Pirates’ warden of the prisoner mine in the later stages, is still a young man.

“Come on, what you get is entirely up to you,” Queen said as he handed him a small dart. The large roulette wheel was divided into several sections, and although he recognized the words on them, he wasn’t sure what each one represented.

“Brother Queen, what are all these?”

“They are all very useful abilities. If your luck is good enough, you might get the same ability as an officer.”

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Officer’s abilities have a special meaning in the current Beasts Pirates, as all the officers here are “Mythical Zoan”.

The characters for the mythical zoan on the wheel were also very clear, but it occupied quite a small area.

As for the problem of missing the target, they were pirates. If they miss a dart throw, they might as well quit this job as it is not suitable for them.

The diameter of the wheel was about the same as King’s height, even a child wouldn’t miss it.

If it were in another world, Queen would probably be a good host, well.. a humorous variety show host, after all, a host also needs to have a good appearance.

Now the emotions of the pirates below were completely stirred up by him. Facing the rapidly spinning wheel, Babanuki threw the dart in his hand. Once he hit his target, Queen stopped the wheel.

However, fate can be quite remarkable at times, and it just so happened that the dart he tossed landed directly on a dividing line and the words “Iai” and “Super Strength” were on either side of where it landed.

“Choose one, Babanuki, you won’t have a second chance for this opportunity.”

“Super Strength.” He wasn’t very good at using a sword, and Iai gives him the feeling of performing a slash which he feels is useless. So, he chose something with a simpler literal meaning.

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“Say, are you full?”

“I am, I ate a lot at the banquet earlier.”

Babanuki didn’t understand why Queen would suddenly ask him if he was full or not, but the next moment, Arceus had already approached him and a strange power surged into his body, then Babanuki was pulled into the learning space.

This so-called reward seems to be all talk and no action for now. These ordinary pirates didn’t understand why Babanuki suddenly fell asleep.

“Don’t worry, everyone. Once Babanuki wakes up, you’ll know what happened. Now, the more important thing is this.”

Queen had someone bring up a plate, it was a replica of Arceus’ Plate. To outsiders, an unactivated plate would look like this, indestructible but with no discernible traits.

“Remember this size and appearance. If you can find it, even just news of it, you can make a reasonable request once confirmed. But remember, the news can be wrong, but it cannot be fake. If you dared to deliberately spread false news, the consequences will be severe. Also, all of these materials I just mentioned can be exchanged for rewards!”

Queen then gave examples of already-extinct materials, mixed with some irrelevant things. Except for Acier, no one could understand what these things were for.

Afterwards, they entered a long waiting period. Although the celebration banquet had ended, for pirates, having another party was not a big deal.

Before Babanuki wakes up, Beasts Pirates temporarily stationed themselves here and Queen took the opportunity to hold a personal concert.

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Whether it sounds good or not is not being evaluated, but the members of the Beasts Pirates below seem to like it very much.

Meanwhile, Arceus continued to discuss important matters with Kaido.

“That thing has already been made, but unfortunately, it didn’t work as well as expected. Here, take it, this is yours. Remember to observe its reactions when you’re out causing trouble. It has a locator on it, and even an idiot can operate it.”

Saying that, he used the elemental hand to throw the plate radar to Kaido.

“Don’t lose it. We won’t be able to make a second one anytime soon.”

The leather wristband, with a small instrument on it, was made from the skin of a special sea beast. It has extremely high resistance and stretchability, and even Zoan transformation won’t break it.

The special material would ensure that the Pure Gold inside won’t affect the wearer, and there won’t be a situation where they don’t grow.

“Understand! Anyway, how much longer will Babanuki take?”

“I don’t know. It mainly depends on an individual’s talent.”

Then, Arceus handed another radar to Shayna.

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“Shayna, this one’s yours. The sensing range is a bit smaller than Kaido’s, but it doesn’t matter. You’re not as strong as him, so once you find any information, your first objective is to notify me, don’t act recklessly.”

“Yes, Lord sacred beast.”

It had been two days, and Babanuki hadn’t woken up yet, but someone came looking for Queen.

After the battle, in addition to the casualties, there were also wounded. Queen, although often not very serious, was indeed the crew’s doctor, capable of handling both surgery and viruses.

In the battle with the World Pirates, many casualties emerged, among which one was quite unique. He and Babanuki were the first to rush forward, but Babanuki was luckier and didn’t suffer any fatal injuries, while he was different.

His right arm was severed, and his face was badly burned. Although his life was saved, he is basically a disabled person.

He was originally assigned to a logistical role, but he made a request to undergo Queen’s body modification.

In the world of pirates, being responsible for logistics after becoming disabled often means a life of poverty, which they cannot accept.

He was considered to have rendered “meritorious service” in the battle, so he proposed to exchange them for a modification opportunity.

Of course, Queen agreed to this. He was just worrying that his modification technology didn’t have much chance to be used as many people have reservations about body modification.

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