399 Qin Fen’s Martial Dao

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Lin Xuan and his group turned around and headed back to Chaksha City, not even sparing the three bosses a second glance. At this point in time, the three of them could still fight with Lin Xuan and the others, but after a while, Lin Xuan might be able to kill all three of them by himself.

These three kings will not cause great waves!

Qin Fen and the others naturally didn’t care as well. They called the yellow-rank ability users who were still chasing the smaller beasts to return. The war was over!

That’s right, this war had come to an end with the victory in Taixia Country palm. Furthermore, this was the first time that they had won a complete victory without the protection of Weiguo.

Weiguo had been in the territory of Taixia Country for hundreds of years. Given his reputation, his battles with foreign clans in the past were indeed smooth sailing. However, the game changed when he left. In the previous wars, the fighters always had a safety net to fall on to, Weiguo. This was the first-ever battle without him. Although it was bumpy, the final result was satisfactory.

The moment Lin Xuan and the rest returned to the city, many of heaven’s favorites and geniuses cheered. Their strength was obvious to all, and they were the best of the best. It could be said that they were almost certain to reach the earth-rank, so they had to make some connections and get familiar with each other.

“I’d like to congratulate Taixia Country on claiming the victory tonight!”

In the command room, a few young commanders walked out. The commanders of the older generation had all been taken away by Weiguo. The people left in Chaksha City were mostly the young heaven’s pride talents. They had talent, but they had never led the direction of a war. They were at a disadvantage at the beginning, but fortunately, they managed to stabilize the situation later on, turning the tables and obtaining the final victory.

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Lin Xuan looked around and was shocked to find that the leaders of this war were all from the younger generation. The oldest was only in their thirties, and there was no leader above the age of forty. A thought appeared in his mind.

‘Does Taixia Country intend to train the younger generation like this?’

That’s right, it had been thirty or forty years since the last pillar of the nation, Ten Thousand Laws Heavenly Man, appeared. It was time to nurture the next generation of masters, and this time’s regional battlefield was one of the tests.

He nodded and then shook his head. This part of the plan had little to do with Lin Xuan. What he needed to do was to cultivate and protect Taixia for now!

As for the rest, there was no need to think about it right now.

While Lin Xuan and the others went to rest, the logistics department of Chaksha City started to get to work. The corpses of foreign tribes and the repair of the roads outside the city were all huge projects that needed to be quickly completed. Besides, they had to send people to negotiate with the four major clans to obtain the most resources for Taixia Country as compensation. These were all urgent matters. There were also some minor matters such as the ritual sites of the rat clans.

There were a lot of things to do, and Lin Xuan did not need to worry about them.

At night, bonfires lit up the entire square in Chaksha City. Numerous people were singing and dancing. Fresh flowers were transported from all over Taixia Country and filled the square.

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Lin Xuan sat on the ground, with Julia and Lin Zhenyue sitting beside him. As a medical logistics professional, Lin Zhenxing did not have time to rest at all. She was busy healing the injured ability users.

Lin Xuan was fiddling with a piece of Giant Sea King meat in his hand. That’s right, an entire piece of earth-rank Giant Sea King was lying quietly behind Lin Xuan and the others, allowing them to use it as they pleased. It was said that this was something that Weiguo personally hunted, especially to thank Lin Xuan and the others for their contribution to the war of territories.

Lin Xuan wasn’t stingy and said bluntly, “Everyone, let’s eat as much as we want!”

Ordinary flames naturally could not cook the meat of an earth-rank Sea King, but Lin Xuan’s Grand Sun Primordial Fire could. The bonfire they were currently using was relying on it. Lin Xuan held the meat in one hand and flipped it around the flames.

“Qin Fen, why haven’t you entered the earth-rank yet?”

They were no longer in a state of war, so Lin Xuan spoke more casually with a smile.

“There’s no need to rush. I have my own path to walk.”

Qin Fen smiled and shook his head. He didn’t say much. He had obviously matured a lot after two years.

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“You still haven’t fused with your bloodline?”

Back then, Qin Fen had lost in the National High School League. In addition to encountering Zhang Ningtian’s resurrection talent, he also lacked a powerful bloodline. Back then, he joined the Sky-patrolling Alliance because they promised him a top-notch bloodline card. However, Lin XUan could tell that Qin Fen had not fused with a bloodline yet. Could it be that the bloodline given was not suitable for him?

“It’s not like that,” Qin Fen laughed even more wantonly and put his arm on Lin Xuan’s shoulder.

“Lin Xuan, did you know that before you came to Di Yi, I was known as the legend of Di Yi? To be honest, although I practiced non-stop every day, I was also a little complacent. When you came to Di Yi, I saw your growth with my own eyes, and I lost to Zhang Ningtian in the National High School League. I didn’t lose to strength, I lost to talent!

“I was unwilling, depressed, and uncomfortable. The pain bit into my heart like a venomous snake. The excuse I found for my failure was that I didn’t have a bloodline. So it wasn’t a surprise when I got that top-tier bloodline card, I hesitated.

“I’m a legend to Di Yi, an invincible existence. Even without the bloodline, I suppressed Di Yi for a whole year. So I asked myself, did I really need the bloodline?”

Lin Xuan listened in silence. He didn’t know what his good friend was thinking, but Lin Xuan acknowledged his words. If someone’s talent could surpass the SSS grade, it should be Qin Fen. Was there something Lin Xuan didn’t know about? Could Qin Fen upgrade his talent?

“I let go of everything, including my friends, family, grudges, and obsessions. I went to Kunlun alone to confront other beasts. After two years, I finally found a trace of my own Dao. I call it Martial.”

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Lin Xuan’s brows twitched. This was a term that was both unfamiliar and familiar at the same time. It was only then that he came to a sudden realization that this world did not seem to have any martial arts!

“That’s right, it’s martial arts. Martial artists should strengthen their bodies for themselves, win all battles for themselves, and protect the country. They should link their will with their beliefs. When the Three Treasures are combined into one, martial artists can become invincible!”

Qin Fen said in an impassioned manner.

In this world, he was probably the first martial artist to reach this level, a true martial artist who had found his own path.

Lin Xuan was a little confused, but then he smiled in relief. “Then I’ll congratulate you on finding your own path. I hope you can continue on with this journey to success!

The two of them picked up a cup of wine, clinked their glasses, and downed it.

This year, Lin Xuan was 18 and Qin Fen was 19. They were both adults and could drink!

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