398 Ending the War

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The rat clan was really poor now. Although they were strong, they were just for show and had no background at all. They were all given gifts by Io. Even the treasures collected by the Rat King were not worthy of Lin Xuan’s attention. Most of them were low-level mystic-rank items, and they were only valuable because they were in large quantities.

After all, the strength of the rat clan was one level lower than that of the other four clans. In addition to paying a protection fee to Taixia, they also had to sign an unfair treaty with the other four clans and pay. They had to provide a certain amount of fresh rat meat as tribute every year… How could they get exploited twice?

Lin Xuan looked at the pile of trash in the treasury and shook his head. What a pity!

The power of the earth surged in his body, and in an instant, Lin Xuan gained control of the entire underground area. He then used his bloodline and mental power to leverage the power of heaven and earth for his own use, and a terrifying earthquake occurred.

The Earth Dragon flipped and the earth churned. In an instant, the entire rat’s base became history, a thing of the past. The corpses of the rats scattered everywhere were buried by the earth mercilessly. The statues of Io were also torn apart by the violent force of the earth.

After a long time, everything finally returned to normal.

Lin Xuan emerged from the ground like a ghost. He looked at the ground and smiled inexplicably. Finally, he stomped his feet and solidified the entire area. After Lin Xuan’s operation, this area had taken on a new look. After a period of time, the soil would be fertile, and it would turn into a luscious green field…

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He took a deep breath and the matter of the rats finally came to an end.

Lin Xuan didn’t stay there for long. He turned around and left, turning into a bolt of lightning as he rushed toward Chaksha City. He wondered how the battle was going.

On a small hill not far from Chaksha City, Qin Fen and a few others could be seen standing on it, looking at the several big bosses on the opposite side. The Snake King, the Feathered-wing King, and the goat demon were looking at them with vigilance. The battle between the two sides ended with Taixia’s ability users having the upper hand.

Right now, the two sides were still going against each other. Firstly, the non-humans were retreating. Secondly, the command center had received a message from the Imperial City that there was no need to exterminate the non-humans.

Of course, when the general was outside, the emperor’s orders could not be given. Once the big bosses on the other side showed a little weakness, Qin Fen and the others would definitely not mind going up and throwing some punches.

The four kingdoms and four clans had paid a price for this defeat. They were the ones who started this war, so they had to pay for it. Lin Xuan and the rest were not too sure about this, and there would be professionals to contact them on what to do next. Of course, Lin Xuan and the rest, who had made outstanding contributions to this war, would naturally be rewarded.

A bolt of lightning flashed by, and Lin Xuan’s figure appeared on the small hill. Qin Fen and the others seemed to have noticed it and immediately got into battle stances. They were relieved when they saw that it was Lin Xuan.

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“You brat, where have you been? If you had helped me deal with that bloody snake, we could have easily killed it!”

Qin Fen had some complaints. Lin Xuan had killed his opponent, the Tyrant Fire Dragon, but then immediately disappeared. He deeply suspected that Lin Xuan had been slacking off.

“Kill it? The rats set up a mysterious ritual in the city. I sensed danger, so I had to destroy them and kill the rats who were doing bad things to save you all!”

Lin Xuan rolled his eyes. That old Snake King was not easy to deal with. As a snake mutant, the bloodthirsty snake used its blood to heal its own injuries as a basic skill. Furthermore, it was old and experienced, and if it wanted to escape, it would have been possible.

This was also one of the reasons why Lin Xuan did not intend to slaughter the entire snake clan. The damage that a barefooted earth-rank blood-sucking snake could cause was extremely great. Once it sneaked into the interior of Taixia, the damage caused was not something that Taixia could not bear but did not want to bear.

This was also one of the reasons why Taixia Country was willing to come to a compromise!

With Lin Xuan’s sudden appearance, the three bosses on the other side were obviously more cautious. They were already at a disadvantage in a one-on-one battle, and now that there was Lin Xuan, the possibility of death was now on the table.

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When Julia saw Lin Xuan, she immediately ran over and hugged Lin Xuan’s arm. She looked at Lin Xuan with joy and said, “Thank you, you saved me again!”

Lin Xuan looked at Julia, who he had not seen for more than a year. Seeing her happy and excited caused him to smile bitterly. “Youtoo. You set up a maze with the Tree World, and in the end, you trapped both of us inside and saved us. If I had not improved my strength, I would not have been able to bring you back.”

Hearing that, Julia stuck out her pink tongue playfully. She smiled and leaned against Lin Xuan, feeling his warmth.

Lin Xuan raised his head to look at the Lin sisters standing at the side. After not seeing them for more than a year, the two sisters had obviously undergone a complete transformation, and their strength welcomed a surge of power.

“Long time no see. Your strength has improved quite a bit. I guess it was me that held you both back!”

Lin Xuan greeted them with a smile. Lin Zhenyue smiled slightly, a little friendly, a little distant, and a little at a loss. In the end, she didn’t say anything and only nodded.

Lin Zhenxing seemed to have grown as well. The little crybaby from the past was gone and she now had more responsibilities on her shoulder. She completely gave up on her offensive abilities and strengthened her healing and support abilities. When Lin Xuan had been watching from the side, he realized that her healing abilities could be closely compared to an earth-rank!

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Lin Zhenxing had the bearing of a Saint!

After greeting them, Lin Xuan looked at the three bosses in front of him and shook his head. “There’s no need to confront them here. If they still want to fight, then let’s go straight to their nest. I’ve already wiped out an entire clan of rats, I don’t mind wiping out another clan!”

The first sentence was said to Qin Fen and the others, and the second sentence was said to the other race. Sure enough, the three Kings who heard Lin Xuan’s words were stunned and looked at each other in worry. When they used their senses, they realized that the rat clan’s base had truly disappeared. The earth had been flipped and compressed, and there was no breath of life underground… were they really exterminated?

All by a common mystic-rank ability user?

After exchanging a few glances with each other, the three kings couldn’t hide the shock in their eyes. They were not only afraid of Taixia Country’s plan to deal with the rat clan but also of how fast it was completed.

They were sure that no earth-rank powerhouse had taken action. It was precisely because there was no earth-rank powerhouse that the entire rat clan was slaughtered that quickly.

How many more trump cards did Taixia Country have?


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