Chapter 9

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“Mei Zhao, can we raise him as a son in the future?” Pang Jiao looked up and blinked her bright black eyes as she looked at Mei Zhao expectantly.

Mei Zhao sighed helplessly. “Alright.”

“Then how about you give our son a name?” Pang Jiao happily held Mei Zhao’s arm.

Mei Zhao held the child in his arms and narrowed his eyes for a while. Then, he revealed a kind smile. “What do you think of Mei Luo? I hope that he can take root here.”

“Okay, I think it sounds nice too.” Pang Jiao smiled and poked the child’s face with her red nails.

This poke woke the child up.

His big eyes were watery as he looked around. He looked very likable.

“This child isn’t afraid of strangers?” Mei Zhao was a little surprised.

However, the moment he finished speaking, the child in his arms narrowed his eyes and suddenly clenched his small hands. He wailed.

He arched his back left and right, as if trying to break free from Mei Zhao’s embrace.

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Pang Jiao tightened her grip on Mei Zhao’s arm.

This child had been making a fuss ever since he was carried over from Yu Yong’s place. He had never been quiet even when she was making milk powder for him.

Pang Jiao was afraid that Mei Zhao would notice something amiss, so she smiled and said, “Maybe he’s not used to this environment. It doesn’t snow where he used to live.”

Mei Zhao frowned slightly. “Then let’s go home quickly before the child gets cold.”

“Yes.” Pang Jiao nodded.

The two of them grabbed a tricycle outside the station and left.

Perhaps it was because of the blood connection between mother and son that Song Yao panicked when she got on the train.

It was her first time taking a train.

She was tongue-tied when she asked about the price of the train ticket.

A standing train ticket that didn’t provide a toilet cost 25 yuan. Sitting and sleeping were even more expensive. It cost 45 yuan.

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Yu Yong had given her a month’s worth of living expenses, but it was gone in an instant.

When Song Yao thought of the child, she made up her mind and wanted to buy a can of food. However, her aunt stopped her and said that it was too dangerous to buy a can of food. If Song Yao felt that buying a seating ticket was too expensive, she would pay for her.

Song Yao immediately stopped thinking about buying the cheapest train ticket and bought a seat.

One had to know that her aunt’s monthly salary was 200 yuan. Song Yao really felt bad that she was missing a portion.

Moreover, Yu Yong had taken Xuanbao away without any discussion. This money was spent to find the child. She shouldn’t feel heartache.

Song Yao tried her best to calm the uneasiness in her heart. She found her seat and sat down. She hugged her luggage and looked at the people coming and going on the train.

She did not know why the train tickets were so expensive, but there were still so many people coming and going.

“Hey, what are you doing there?”

Just as Song Yao was hesitating and uneasy, a furious roar frightened her so much that she dodged.

A young man in a blue and white striped shirt appeared behind her with a large bag on his back. He suddenly grabbed a burly man with a face full of hawthorn.

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At this moment, the burly man’s hand stopped above the spot where Song Yao had just sat.

“If you want a ticket, buy it yourself. What kind of hero are you to steal someone else’s ticket?” The young man was dressed very cleanly, which happened to be a stark contrast to the burly man’s ragged clothes.

The people in the car turned around when they heard the commotion. Soon, the flight attendant arrived.

“What happened?” the flight attendant asked when she saw the two people standing stiffly on the road.

“He tried to steal the lady’s ticket,” the young man said bluntly.

Song Yao was shocked when she saw the other party pointing at her. She only felt relieved when she realized that there nothing was taken from her.

As for the tickets, she had long listened to her aunt’s suggestion and did not put them directly into her luggage. Instead, she hid them under her socks and did not let the burly man succeed.

At this moment, the burly man saw that the situation was not good. He shook off the youth and ran. The flight attendant saw this and chased after him.

Song Yao saw the young man fall to the ground and helped him up without telling him. She said calmly, “Thank you.”

The young man was in pain, but when he saw Song Yao, his face immediately turned red.

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He had never seen such a good-looking girl since he was young.

“Are you alright?” Song Yao was at a loss. The young man quickly got up and dusted himself off, shaking his head vigorously.

“Sister, do you want to buy instant noodles?” The young man touched the back of his head and said embarrassedly.

Song Yao was stunned.

The young man looked at Song Yao and realized that his words were inappropriate. “I’m sorry, I’m guilty of this again.”

“Guilty?” Song Yao was confused.

The young man blushed and waved his hand in denial. “No, no.”

He hurriedly explained, “I sell instant noodles on the train. It costs 50 cents a packet.”

As he spoke, he took out a packet of instant noodles from his large bag.

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