Chapter 8

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“Aunt, I know where the child is,” Song Yao said. “I’ve asked around. Yu Yong’s comrade is called Mei Zhao. He’s the captain of Sang Qiu City’s production team.”

Song Yao told her aunt what she knew in her dream, but she didn’t tell her about her dream of the future.

Aunt was stunned for a moment and said, “Sangqiu City. It takes a week to get there and back by train. Are you sure the child is there?”

Moreover, she had heard of the name of the production team leader. He was the leader who had come to her food factory to visit previously. He did not look like someone who could steal someone’s child.

However, Song Yao insisted that the child was sent to him.

Aunt’s thoughts were heavy. In the end, she said to Song Yao, “I’ll apply for leave from the factory and accompany you. Coincidentally, I might know the person you mentioned. I’ll show you the way so that you won’t be lost.”

Would the factory director approve a week’s leave? Hearing this, Song Yao became worried again.

It wasn’t easy for her aunt to find a job in the county. She couldn’t just mess it up for her. “Aunt, I’d better go by myself. You’re still busy at the factory. I’m old enough to take care of myself.”

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“But how long have you had the baby?” her aunt demanded.

Although she had never given birth, she had heard from her sisters in the factory that it was common for women to have tight chests and shortness of breath for a few months after giving birth.

How uncomfortable it would be to be alone without someone to take care of her.

Song Yao didn’t think that this was something worth caring about. She had started working in the fields within a week of her confinement.

Her mother-in-law also told her that this was something every woman had to experience. If she continued to rest, she would be unreasonable.

Her aunt’s worried words stunned her, but she was indeed touched.

“Auntie, I know you dote on me the most, but I’ll be fine alone. I’m already a six-month-old’s mother. I can take care of myself.” Song Yao sat beside her aunt and the two of them hugged each other.

“It’s been hard on you, child.” Aunt sobbed and patted Song Yao’s back.

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She was still worried about Song Yao. In the end, she applied for half a day’s leave from the factory manager and bought some food and supplies for Song Yao on the way to the train station.

Stepping into the train station, there were more people coming and going than Song Yao had expected. Some were huddled in front of the counter, dozing off in the waiting area, some were chatting with their families, and some were even sitting at the entrance to eat…

In front of the train station, there were many motorcycles and triangular wheels that pulled people or goods. When they started, dust filled the sky, and people seemed to be in the fog.


The sound of the train’s horn came at this moment, scaring Song Yao so much that she thought it was an earthquake.

Seeing Song Yao’s flustered expression, Aunt couldn’t help but smile. “Do you want Aunt to accompany you now?”

Song Yao shook her head. She was already very grateful that her aunt had sent her to the train station.

In fact, she had already seen such a scene in her dream, but she did not expect reality to be far more shocking than in her dream.

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This made Song Yao’s heart jump to her throat again.

Not only did the unknown make her nervous, but the fear of her dream coming true was also tormenting her at this moment.

She wondered if Baby Xuan’s experience in her dream would be a hundred times more painful than she had imagined.

Song Yao clenched her fists and let go of her aunt’s hand.

At the same time, in Sangqiu City.

Snow sprinkled down from the sky, covering the busy streets.

A woman wrapped in a Western-style coat with a red scarf around her neck was carrying a sleeping child off the train and hurriedly transmigrating through the crowd.

The middle-aged man who was walking towards her was slightly shocked when he saw this. “This child is…”

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“Cute, right?” A smile appeared on Pang Jiao’s exquisite face.

She said to the man, “Mei Zhao, listen carefully. He’s our son from now on. You can’t mention the divorce anymore!”

“Where did this child come from?” Mei Zhao knew that he was infertile and was afraid of delaying his wife, so he took the initiative to ask for a divorce.

Unexpectedly, his wife had specially brought a child back these few days.

He looked at the child whose face was purple from the cold in the snow. He immediately took off his big cotton-padded jacket and wrapped it around him.

Pang Jiao was secretly happy. She suddenly felt that the child she asked Yu Yong for was worth it.

“I saw this child at the welfare institute. The director said that he was abandoned by his parents at the entrance of the institute. I found his face likable, so I brought him back,” Pang Jiao said.

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