Chapter 75: The Truth Is Out

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It could be said that when he was at his most helpless, the girl was like an angel accompanying him.

Finally, a week later, he woke up. The first person he saw when he opened his eyes was the girl who had taken care of him for a few days!

However, he never expected that the girl was actually his subordinate’s wife!

He began to suppress his emotions. Sometimes, he would even scold himself for being a good-for-nothing. He actually dared to think about his subordinate’s wife. He had once asked Yu Yong out alone and told him that a man should treat his wife better. Yu Yong had agreed.

However, he never expected Yu Yong to do such a thing!

Song Yao naturally couldn’t sleep the entire night. Her mind was filled with what Zuo Huo had said to her during the day.

As a woman, she could naturally tell that Zuo Huo had feelings for her.

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But so what? She was a divorced single woman. Could she bring her son, who was only a few months old, to marry an older eligible man?

Moreover, this high-quality man was her ex-husband’s superior…

Even if Zuo Huo was really willing to marry her, she was too ashamed to marry him!

She had to start the small restaurant as soon as possible!

The next morning, Song Yao opened the door with a yawn and saw Zuo Huo guarding the door. He seemed to be asleep.

“Wake up?” She shook Zuo Huo’s body and realized that he seemed to be holding a photo in his arms.

She wanted to see who was in the photo, so the man opened his eyes and woke up. “What’s wrong?”

Song Yao felt a little awkward and changed the topic. “Um, you didn’t sleep at the door the entire night, did you?”

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“How is that possible?” Zuo Huo stood up. “I couldn’t sleep at night and wanted to come over to take a look. I don’t know why I fell asleep.”

As he spoke, he happened to notice the dark circles under Song Yao’s eyes. “You didn’t sleep either?”

Song Yao smiled. “Aren’t we going back this morning? I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep the entire night.”

“I see.” Zuo Huo sounded a little disappointed. “By the way, are you and your child doing well?”

“All good!” Song Yao smiled and said, “Thank you for taking care of me these few days. When you have time, remember to come to my house as a guest. I’ll treat you to a meal!”

“Yeah, okay.”

The two of them did not speak until Zuo Huo sent Song Yao to the train station. After buying the tickets, Song Yao and Zuo Huo hurriedly bade farewell and got into the car.

Sun Hao followed behind her from the beginning to the end. “Cousin, don’t you think that Zuo Huo seems to be very concerned about you? I think he looks good and his official position is forever high. If you could marry him, you wouldn’t have to work so hard like now!”

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However, Song Yao’s lips twitched. “Cousin, stop joking. Would Captain Zuo like someone like me?”

Sun Hao disagreed. “But, I think Captain Zuo is…”

“Alright! I just want to start the restaurant now. As for the rest, we’ll talk about it when Baby Xuan becomes an adult.” This was also the reason why she was unwilling to remarry. What if her remarried husband did not treat Baby Xuan well?

Thinking of that terrifying dream, Song Yao was still trembling in fear.

When Song Yao fell asleep on the train, Mei Zhao had just received his medical report.

Ever since he married Pang Jiao, he had always believed that he could not give birth. He did not even take it to heart when Zuo Huo reminded him yesterday.

However, when he saw the hospital’s medical report, he was completely dumbfounded!

This was because it showed that there was nothing wrong with his body. He did not have any congenital fertility disorder!

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He thought that the military hospital had misdiagnosed him and specially went to a few more hospitals. The results were the same.

Could it be that his fertility had been alleviated? Mei Zhao was smug. He had bought a table full of good wine and dishes to celebrate last night.

However, when he called Pang Jiao to inform her to go home for dinner, he heard a man’s low panting. The delicate panting from the phone made Mei Zhao feel extremely disgusted!

How could a married man like him not know what they were doing? Therefore, when Pang Jiao told him that she was on a business trip tonight and could not go home for dinner, Mei Zhao was so angry that he roared into the phone, “If you don’t come back tonight, we’ll get a divorce immediately!”

In less than ten minutes, Pang Jiao appeared in front of Mei Zhao.

Perhaps it was because she came back in a hurry, Pang Jiao’s clothes were messy, her face was flushed, and there were faint red marks on her neck.

Mei Zhao clenched his fists and held back from cursing. “Where did you go just now?”

Mei Zhao’s cold tone surprised Pang Jiao. They had been married for many years, but he had never said anything harsh to her. Could it be that he had guessed something?

Pang Jiao fiddled with her hair and felt guilty. “Didn’t I tell you that our logistics department has to work overtime today? You know that I’m at least…’


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