Chapter 74: Dream

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Song Yao thought for a moment and pointed at a bottle of orange soda not far away. “Give me two boxes of the same.”

She then saw the Spicy Strips and Happy Peaches snacks on the stall. She guessed that children would like this kind of thing, so she bought three boxes wholesale.

Song Yao also bought a lot of fried crabs, snails, and various sweets. As for high-end things like chocolate, Song Yao did not consider them. Instead, she chose to buy cheaper gold coins, chocolate, and peanut crisps.

Song Yao had also bought a lot of instant noodles, Maltesers, and other random things. The scattered things could not fit in the car. Sun Hao was dumbfounded. How could he take so many things back?

However, before he could think of a way to tell Song Yao, he saw Song Yao go to another stall to buy a lot of strange seasonings.

If she wanted to open a restaurant, these strange seasonings were indispensable. There was also the low-fat flour and butter needed to make cakes.

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When she was about to reach the door, Song Yao saw a few necessary recipes on the stall at the side. They covered the cooking methods and tips of various cuisines and special desserts. This was really good stuff!

Song Yao put the books in and bought a lot of notebooks and pens that were necessary for Grade 12 students. She also bought various pencils and rubber school bags and stationery that elementary school students needed.

It could be said that she had everything.

Even Sun Hao was dumbfounded. He anxiously pulled Song Yao and asked, “Aren’t you going to open a restaurant? Why did you buy so many snacks?”

Song Yao smiled. “It won’t take too long. I can open a restaurant while opening a convenience store.”

In any case, the warehouse of the new house was not small! There was also a primary school nearby. She should not have to worry about selling snacks!

When the two of them came out of the wholesale market, it was already dark outside.

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Because they had bought too many things, Song Yao and Sun Hao took a long time to bring out all the things they had bought.

Sun Hao looked around with the box on his back. “Where’s Captain

Zuo? Didn’t he say that he would pick us up?”

Song Yao frowned. For a moment, she was actually a little disappointed. She called Sun Hao back. “Forget it. How can we really trouble him? We’ll call a car ourselves.’

As soon as she finished speaking, she dragged a few suitcases and wanted to hail a taxi.

However, just as she raised her hand, an extended van appeared in front of her. A man got out of the front passenger seat and slowly walked to Song Yao. “I’m sorry I’m late.”

“You’re finally here!” When he saw Zuo Huo, Sun Hao looked as if he had seen his savior. “My cousin bought a lot of things. I’m so tired!”

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Zuo Huo smiled helplessly and followed Sun Hao to carry the things to the trunk. Fortunately, he was prepared and called the van over in advance. Otherwise, his Faw would not be able to carry so many things!

“Why did you buy so many things?” Zuo Huo said as he placed the cardboard box in the trunk.

Perhaps because he grew up in the army, Zuo Huo was very strong. Even Sun Hao, who had started farming since he was young, could not compare to him.

“If you want to do business, you have to buy more things!”

After saying that, Song Yao also went to carry the box, but she was pulled away by Zuo Huo. “This is not a woman’s job! Get in the car first. I’ll send you to the guest house.”

Song Yao smiled and said, “How is it not a woman’s job? I used to sell goods in town with my brother. The things I took were much heavier than this!”

Hearing Song Yao’s words, Zuo Huo smiled. As expected of the woman he had taken a fancy to. She was indeed different from other women!

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After carrying the last box, Zuo Huo got someone to send Song Yao to the guest house and said, “I have a brother who drives the truck. If you don’t mind, I can ask him to bring all your things back.”

“Are you serious?” Hearing Zuo Huo’s words, Song Yao was extremely excited.

She was still worried about how to move the things back. He had really sent her help at the right time!

“Thank you so much, Captain Zuo.”

“It’s fine.” The man glanced at Song Yao. “Just let me know when you leave tomorrow. I’ll send you off.”

Song Yao did not refuse this time. “Alright, go back and rest early.”

At night, Zuo Huo tossed and turned in bed, unable to fall asleep. In a daze, he seemed to have dreamed of the month when he was unconscious. A gentle voice kept whispering in his ear, “You have to wake up quickly. I made some porridge for you today. Try it and see if it’s delicious.”

At that time, although he was conscious, he could not open his eyes no matter what. He could only let the girl feed him porridge and talk to him.

Occasionally, the girl would hold her stomach and whisper in the room.. For example, how to coax her husband when he ignored her, or how to deal with her mother-in-law when she made things difficult for her..

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