Chapter 73: Meeting Zuo Huo Again

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When they arrived at the police station, the police said to the two of them after understanding the general situation, “Don’t worry, we’ll definitely try our best to help you find the missing property. However, before that, you have to leave a specific phone number. This way, it’ll be easier for me to inform you at any time!”

“No problem!” Song Yao said. Just as she was about to write down the landline number of the convenience store, she heard a familiar male voice outside the door.

“Song Yao? Why are you here?”

Hearing the commotion, the police immediately stood up. “Captain

Zuo? Long time no see! Why are you free to come to Sang Qiu?”

Zuo Huo glanced at Song Yao. “I bumped into an acquaintance on the way, so I followed her.”

The police officer glanced at Song Yao, who was beside Zuo Huo. “Who are you?

“You know!” Zuo Huo said mysteriously.

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When the police officer heard this, he immediately reacted and took the initiative to hold Song Yao’s hand. “Hello, Miss Song! I’m Captain

Zuo’s friend. You can call me Chen Jun from now on!”

Song Yao did not expect to meet Zuo Huo’s friend at the police station.

The corners of her lips twitched as she smiled. “Hello! Hello!”

“Miss Song, did you come to Sang Qiu this time to deal with something urgent?”

Facing Chen Jun, who was a police officer, Song Yao couldn’t lie. She told him about the exam in Sangqiu City. Zuo Huo listened with relish.

Chen Jun said, “I didn’t expect Miss Song to have the intention to enter university. She’s really a woman with foresight! No wonder Captain zuo…”

“Cough cough—” Zuo Huo coughed anxiously.

Chen Jun quickly changed the topic. “What I mean is, I don’t know which young man will benefit from an independent woman like you in the future.”

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Song Yao’s lips twitched. “I’m sorry, I’m divorced.” “Huh?” Chen Jun was dumbfounded!

“Forget it, let’s not talk about this anymore.”

Song Yao smiled and went straight to the point. “Officer Chen, do you know that the largest wholesale food market in Sangqiu City is in the world? I want to go over and take a look.”

After coming out of the police station, Zuo Huo followed.

“The wholesale market is a distance away. You’re not familiar with the road. I’ll send you there.”

Song Yao wanted to refuse- hilt 7.110 Hno said- “Don’t worrv Althonøh I’m Yu Yong’s commander, I’m not in cahoots with him. Moreover, I’m doing this to thank you for taking care of me back then.”

Since Zuo Huo had said so, Song Yao had nothing to refuse. She opened the car door and got into the car. Sun Hao followed and made small talk with them.

Zuo Huo remembered that Song Yao was going to university and asked,

“Which school are you applying to?”

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Song Yao paused for a moment. “I haven’t thought about it yet, but I’ll apply to a university in the capital first.”

In the capital. His workplace happened to be there.

Zuo Huo said, “That’s good. I’m also in Beijing. If you encounter any difficulties, I can help you.”

Song Yao blushed. “Captain Zuo, you must be joking. I’m a divorcee. If I really get too close to you, people will gossip.”

Moreover, he was Yu Yong’s captain.

Zuo Huo shook his head when he heard this. “I don’t care about any gossip. Besides, so what if you’re divorced? Who said that people who divorced… What I mean is, don’t take those people’s words too seriously.”

While they were talking, the car had already arrived at the entrance of the wholesale market. Song Yao got out of the car and said to Zuo Huo, “Thank you for sending me here, Captain Zuo.”

Zuo Huo smiled. “It’s fine. I’ll wait for you outside.”

“No need,” Song Yao said. Zuo Huo was a captain after all. It was not good for her to trouble him.

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However, Zuo Huo acted as if he did not hear her. “Go in.”

“Okay,” Song Yao replied and led Sun Hao into the main entrance of the wholesale market.

As soon as he entered, the shouts of all kinds of stall owners came from inside.

“All kinds of condiments and snacks! Maltesers, potato chips, beverages, biscuits, hawthorn rolls, you can have anything you want-”

Song Yao looked over. The wholesale market in Sangqiu City was much larger than the wholesale market in her hometown. There were all kinds of things. The price was also half as cheap as in the county.

Song Yao walked to a stall and casually pointed at a bottle of cola. “Auntie, how much is this?”

“Hey, young lady, you have good taste! Don’t think that this thing is black like medicine. It’s actually delicious. This is an imported drink! It costs two yuan a bottle!”

Two yuan per bottle! Song Yao didn’t expect the beverage Baby Xuan loved to be so expensive in her dream. She thought for a moment and decided to put it down. She pointed at the drink beside it. “What about this?”

The aunt smiled and said, “This is also a new beverage in the city.. If it’s wholesale, I’ll charge you ten cents a bottle!”

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