Chapter 71: Introduced

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“Yes!” The soldier replied and followed Song Yao from afar.

Zuo Huo held his watch and thought about what had just happened. He was still worried about Song Yao being alone in Sang Qiu City.

After getting off the train, Zuo Huo was worried that his excessive concern would scare Song Yao. He did not look for Song Yao immediately. Instead, he went to the production team to look for Mei Zhao.

It had been a while since they last met. When Mei Zhao saw Zuo Huo, he pulled him in for a drink anxiously. Zuo Huo did not refuse.

“Captain Zuo, why do you have time to come and see me?”

Zuo Huo curled his lips. “I happened to bump into an acquaintance, so I came to see you.”

Speaking of acquaintances, Mei Zhao didn’t need to think to know that it was the girl Zuo Huo had liked for many years.

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“Are you talking about the gentle and attentive girl?” He poured a bowl of tea for Zuo Huo and chased after her.

Zuo Huo did not refute. “Yes, she’s divorced now.”

Mei Zhao was about to say that this was actually an opportunity when he heard

Zuo Huo ask, “How are you? I heard… you can’t reproduce?”

Mei Zhao almost spat out the tea he had drunk when his former captain asked him such a question. “What… what’s wrong?”

Zuo Huo stared at him and said after a while, “It’s nothing. You and your wife are quite close, right?”

Mei Zhao was dumbfounded. Why did he ask such a question?

“We;re pretty good. She even specially went to the temple to help me ask for a safety talisman. ”

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At the mention of Pang Jiao, Mei Zhao’s lips curled into a smug smile. Back then, when he was diagnosed with infertility in the hospital, not only did Pang Jiao not complain about divorcing him, but she had also been treating him better and better all these years.

Zuo Huo frowned when he heard this. “You’re going with Yu Yong, right?” Mei Zhao was surprised. “How did you know?”

Zuo Huo said calmly, “Yu Yong and Pang Jiao were in the same army back then. At that time, there were many rumors about them. You didn’t suspect any of this?”

Mei Zhao thought about it for a long time and felt that it was true. “These are all rumors spread by those people! Do you think I don’t know what kind of person my wife is?”

“Is that so?” Zuo Huo sneered when he heard this. “On account of the fact that we’re brothers, I’d still advise you to go home and take a look. Besides, you don’t really think you’re infertile by birth, do you?” Mei Zhao was dumbfounded. “What do you mean?”

Zuo Huo looked at Mei Zhao. “Literally!”

Song Yao got off the train and headed straight for the school.

Sun Hao was getting more and more tired as he carried his bag. Thinking of what had just happened, he asked Song Yao, “Why didn’t you let that officer send us off?”

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Song Yao stopped in her tracks. “Because he’s Yu Yong’s superior.”

Upon hearing this, Sun Hao did not dare to mention this matter again. He only muttered, “No wonder I feel that the two of you know each other.”

Song Yao’s lips twitched. “We can be considered acquaintances.”

After all, she had taken care of Zuo Huo for a few days. Back then, because Zuo Huo had been calling her name in his sleep, Yu Yong had been jealous. In a fit of anger, he had even stayed at Mei Zhao’s house for a few days.

Thinking of the relationship between Pang Jiao and Yu Yong in her dream, Song Yao couldn’t help but feel a little afraid.

Perhaps Yu Yong had gotten together with Pang Jiao before the wedding. It was really disgusting to think about it!

After taking a detour, Song Yao finally arrived at Sang Qiu University!

The place where Song Yao was going to take the exam was the affiliated high school beside Sang Qiu University.

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Looking at the group of students playing around on the university campus, Song Yao stood on the spot and watched for a long time.

The students in school were about the same age as her, but their faces were filled with confidence and a carefree smile. That confidence was something she could not compare to now.

For a moment, Song Yao really felt that she was old.

It was not her literal age, but her mental age!

If she hadn’t fainted on the eve of the college entrance examination back then, she would probably have studied on campus like them. Thinking of this, Song Yao suddenly regretted getting married. If she could be reborn, she would choose to take the college entrance examination again even if she had to repeat a year!

Thinking of this, Song Yao walked in even more firmly and went straight to the prmupars 0111ce.

After reading the recommendation letter, the principal gestured for Song Yao to sit down. He asked the teacher beside her to give her a few papers and pointed to a corner beside the sofa. “Go over there and do the questions.”

Perhaps it was because he felt that Song Yao was a countryside woman who had not graduated from high school and was so old, even if she took the exam, her results would not be good. Teacher Zhang, who was handing out the papers, did not even look at Song Yao. After handing out the papers, he followed the principal out of the office.. Before he left, he whispered, “Can’t a person who is almost 30 years old accept her fate? What is she doing here?”


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