After Mastering Fate, I Reshaped Life With My Son

Chapter 70: Chapter 70: The Male Lead Appears

Chapter 70: The Male Lead Appears

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Seeing that her eldest sister was about to lean towards her, Song Yao subconsciously thought of the time when she was almost kidnapped on the way to find Baby Xuan. She immediately took a few steps back.

“No! I should go back!”

The big sister hurriedly said, “Hey, big sister, why are you in a hurry? I’m alone too! Anyway, the train hasn’t arrived yet. Why don’t you go to my place and sit for a while?”

“No need! I’m getting out of the car soon!” After Song Yao said that, she couldn’t be bothered to go to the toilet anymore and subconsciously wanted to go back.

In the end, she was still a step too late. The eldest sister took out a bottle of something from her pocket and sprayed it in front of her. She felt dizzy.

The eldest sister grabbed Song Yao’s arm and smiled. “I told you not to go far! Look, you can’t find your way back, right?”

Song Yao shook her off anxiously. “Stay away from me. I don’t even know you! ”

However, the eldest sister smiled and pressed Song Yao down. “What are you talking about? Aren’t you my sister?”

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Song Yao panicked. This woman was clearly a human trafficker!

She subconsciously wanted to dodge, but the woman was strong and she was drugged. She could not break free at all and fainted in the woman’s arms…

“Will you wake up?”

Song Yao opened her eyes again and saw a handsome face.

The man was 1.88 meters tall and stood in front of Song Yao, making her look like a child. He had handsome facial features, a cold aura, and was wearing a military uniform. No matter how one looked at him, he did not look like a bad person.

“Where are they?” Sun Hao came over, panting.

“You mean the fat woman? She was taken away by the train police!” the man said.

Song Yao heaved a sigh of relief and immediately sat up. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” the man said calmly, his eyes never leaving Song

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Song Yao looked into his eyes. For some reason, she felt that the man in front of her seemed a little familiar.

After thinking for a while, Song Yao said, “You’re… Captain Zuo of Yu

Yong’s troops, right?” The man nodded. “I heard that you divorced Yu Yong?”

“Mm…” Song Yao replied.

She had only met Captain Zuo twice. The first time was at her wedding banquet with Yu Yong. The second time was when he was injured and came to the Yu family to recuperate. At that time, she had taken care of him.

“Mei Zhao told me about you. This Yu Yong is indeed a scumbag!” The man’s voice was low and pleasant to the ears.

Song Yao frowned when she heard that. “Don’t mention him. It’s all in the past.”

Seeing that Song Yao had let go, the man smiled. “Yes, it’s all in the past!”

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Song Yao took out 55 yuan from her pocket and handed it to Zuo Huo. “By the way, can you help me give this to Mei Zhao from your team?

ticket. It’s 100 yuan a ticket. I only gave him 50 yuan…”

Knowing that Song Yao would return the remaining money, Zuo Huo smiled again and carefully put the money away. “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely bring it back.”

“Thank you so much!” Song Yao bowed to Zuo Huo. This saved her the trouble of going to Mei Zhao’s place. After all, she didn’t want to meet Yu Yong and Pang Jiao at Mei Zhao’s house.

“You’re welcome.” Zuo Huo smiled. When he saw Song Yao carrying her school bag, he asked, “Where are you going?”

“Sangqiu City.”

Song Yao did not hide it. As for the exam, she would not take the initiative to tell Zuo Huo. After all, Zuo Huo was Yu Yong’s officer. Even if she was divorced, she should keep a distance from other men.

However, Zuo Huo did not seem to mind. He continued,

“Coincidentally, I’m also going to Sangqiu City. I’ll give you a ride.”

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The soldier at the side was stunned when he heard this. “Sir, aren’t you going to…”

Zuo Huo waved his hand. “I’m going to Sangqiu City. Do you have a problem with that?”

“No, no!”

The soldier immediately denied it. This was the first time he had seen Captain Zuo treat a woman so well. In the past, he had thought that Zuo Huo did not like women.

Song Yao was afraid that Zuo Huo would tell Yu Yong about her coming to Sangqiu City, so she simply said, “No need. I can go over myself.”

“Don’t stand on ceremony with me,” the man said lightly, his tone tinged with disappointment.

Song Yao stood up. “There’s really no need! My cousin will go with me. Nothing will happen. ”

“Yes, sir, I will protect my cousin!” Sun Hao patted his chest and promised.

“Then… alright.” The man rubbed the space between his eyebrows. “Be careful when you get out of the car later.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the train arrived at Sangqiu City. Song Yao grabbed her bag and hurriedly got out of the train with Sun Hao.

Zuo Huo frowned. He was still worried that Song Yao would encounter danger. He said to the soldier behind him, “Get someone to follow them. It’s their first time entering the city. I’m afraid they’ll be deceived..”

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