After Mastering Fate, I Reshaped Life With My Son

Chapter 66: Chapter 66: Preparing to Enter th

Chapter 66: Preparing to Enter the City

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Song Yao had graduated from high school many years ago and had long forgotten most of the knowledge in the textbook. Moreover, she was now with a child. It was not appropriate for her to address a group of girls as classmates.

However, Boss He had specially made a trip to the county high school for her. Song Yao could not reject him directly. “Thank you…”

“There’s no need to be so polite with me. Take the exam well!” He Ren smiled. In fact, he was the one who had informed Lin Feng in advance to make Lin Feng’s hopes go down the drain.

He Ren frowned. He clearly didn’t care to play such a boring trick in the past, especially for a woman. However, Song Yao was different from other women in his eyes. The tenacity in her bones was something many women couldn’t compare to.

He Ren even selfishly wanted to bring Song Yao back and hide her, but he knew that he couldn’t do that. If he did that, what was the difference between him and those bastards who imprisoned their wives in the old society?

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Thinking of this, He Ren also felt that he was a little distracted. He quickly changed the topic. “Ahem, I’m here to see the chestnuts!”

Song Yao did not hesitate. She immediately led He Ren to look at the chestnuts. Looking at the 3,600 catties of chestnuts in the warehouse, He Ren was shocked again. Song Yao’s work efficiency was too high!

He found his subordinates to weigh the chestnuts one by one. There was a total of 3,680 catties. He Ren gave Song Yao 3,312 yuan and agreed on the next time to collect the chestnuts.

Considering that Song Yao was going to the university in the provincial capital to take the exam, He Ren only asked for 800 catties of chestnuts this time and even comforted Song Yao to take the exam well.

Song Yao did not know what to say to thank him. She could only say to He Ren, “Boss He, I really don’t know what to say this time. How about this? The next time you come over to collect chestnuts, I’ll give you 80 cents…”

He Ren waved his hand. “No need. We’re in a collaboration. You helped me collect so many chestnuts and made me a lot of money. I only asked a friend to write a recommendation letter to your school. You don’t have to be so polite to me.”

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Is that so… Song Yao’s lips twitched. Could it be that she was thinking too much?

After He Ren left, Song Yao held the introduction letter in her hand and read it for a long time.

No matter what, she still had to thank He Ren for being so considerate. Song Yao decided to treat Boss He to a meal the next time they met and return this favor as soon as possible. That way, she would feel better.

After dinner that night, Song Yao went to the town again. The house was almost done. Although the second floor was still rough, the first floor had been painted with walls and floor tiles. Even the closet and desk she had bought were placed inside.

Looking at the empty room, Song Yao felt that something was missing. For example, the color television that rich people needed at home. She didn’t even have time to install the phone line at home. She had a few television tickets that she had saved up for a long time at home. They should be enough to exchange for a color television.

As for imported items like refrigerators and washing machines, Song Yao didn’t dare to think about it for the time being. In this day and age, if she wanted to buy some imported household appliances, she had to pull strings. She was just an individual who collected chestnuts. Where could she get these things?

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However, entering the city this time was also an opportunity. She could take this opportunity to see what was popular in the city now so that she could learn.

When Gu Li heard that Song Yao was going to Sangqiu County to take the exam, she was also shocked. After all, Song Yao had gone to that place the last time she looked for the child.

Her daughter had never traveled far before, so Gu Li could not help but worry. “Why are you going so far away again? Can’t you take the county examination? I’m still afraid from the time you said that you were kidnapped by a woman you met on the way.”

Song Yao smiled. “Mom, didn’t I come back safely last time? Moreover, if I want to expand my business in the future, it’s inevitable for me to travel far. Don’t worry.”

“How can I not be worried if you go alone?” Gu Li said as she grabbed Song Yao’s hand. “Why don’t we let Xiao accompany you?

Song Yao said, “Mom! Xiao still has to collect chestnuts. Moreover, Boss He asked for 800 catties of chestnuts this time. We can’t give up this opportunity to earn money, right?”

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“Then what should we do?” Gu Li was still worried about her daughter entering the city alone. She thought for a long time and finally slapped her thigh and said, “That’s right. We can let your cousin accompany you!”

At the mention of her cousin, Sun Hao, the corners of Song Yao’s lips twitched. “Mom, Cousin still has work to do.”

Moreover, Song Yao was someone who could not tolerate sand in her eyes. After what happened last time, she no longer wanted to bring Sun Hao along.

“Mom, I’ll go alone!”

After saying that, Song Yao left the courtyard. Unexpectedly, she bumped into Sun Hao as soon as she went out..

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