After Mastering Fate, I Reshaped Life With My Son

Chapter 61: Chapter 61: Jealousy

Chapter 61: Jealousy

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Song Yao was stunned for a moment, but she did not deny it. “Yes, so I don’t plan to deliver the goods to him anymore. After all, I’m a divorced woman with a child. It’s not good for me to always go to him. Moreover, he still has that kind of thoughts about me… All the more I can’t go.”

Song Xiao agreed with Song Yao. He had long seen that there was something wrong with the way Lin Feng looked at his sister, but this Lin Feng wasn’t a good person either. Two years ago, there were rumors that he got a girl pregnant and was found by the other party.

“Sister! You did the right thing! Sangqiu County is so big. It’s not like we can’t do business!”

Song Yao said, “I just want to collect a few more catties of chestnuts and accompany Baby Xuan as he grows up. Let’s forget about marriage.”

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After saying that, Song Yao rubbed the space between her eyebrows. Some time ago, she had thought of returning to school. After all, her grades back then were not bad, but now that she had a child, it was unrealistic for her to return to school.

Gu Li overheard the conversation between the siblings and immediately asked with a smile, “What’s wrong? I just came in and heard you guys talking about divorced women and marriage… Why? Is something wrong with our Yao?” After Gu Li finished speaking, she immediately grabbed her daughter’s hand and asked, “Tell me, what does that young man do? Has he been married before? Who else is in his family?”

“Mom!” Song Yao sounded a little helpless. “That’s not true! Don’t think too much.”

“Alright, alright, alright! I’m not thinking nonsense!”

After saying that, Gu Li left the courtyard, but she was thinking about choosing a good family for her daughter! After all, it was so hard for Yao to take care of the child alone. She also had to wake up early and work late all day to earn money. How could she not have a man?

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After dinner, Song Yao told her family about buying a house in town. When they heard that she had reserved a room for her parents on the second floor, the old couple was overjoyed.

It was said that his son was promising, but Song Ping felt that his daughter was even more capable than his son. Not only could she earn money, but she also knew how to think about the two of them.

Previously, when Song Yao got a divorce, many people in the village were gossiping. However, ever since Song Yao started her business, all the villagers in the Song Manor were envious of Song Ping!

When he thought about how Aunt Su had praised Song Yao for being considerate and sensible with her neighbors in the morning, Song Ping could not help but feel smug. When their entire family moved to the town, the villagers would praise him for being so lucky again!

The next morning, Song Yao went straight to Aunt Su’s house to discuss the chestnuts with her. Aunt Su agreed without thinking.

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“I don’t know anything else, but I know about chestnuts. I can’t sell a bunch of chestnuts in my hometown. I was wondering if you would accept chestnuts!” Song Yao smiled. “Yes! The food factory asked for more than 3,000 catties.”

“So many! We’re rich!” Aunt Su clapped her hands and continued, “If I had Imown, I would have planted some chestnuts at home!”

In the next few days, because of Aunt Su’s help, it was much easier for Song Yao to put away the chestnuts. In just a few days, she received more than a thousand catties of chestnuts. Song Yao was also an open-minded person. After receiving the chestnuts for examination, she immediately paid. Even Aunt Su earned more than 20 yuan as compensation.

At the same time, the courtyard that Song Yao had bought in town was also built. Song Yao got her family to move in and bought a set of appliances in the city.

Seeing the new furniture being moved into Song Yao’s courtyard one by one, Liu Mu’s wife’s eyes turned red!

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She had been married to Liu Mu for so many years, and she was still living in an old house from 30 years ago. It was not that she had not thought of changing houses, but her monthly salary with Liu Mu was only more than 60 yuan. Every month, she had to send more than 30 yuan to her two sons who were studying in the distant Provincial City. How could she have any spare money to change houses?

Moreover, the houses in town were not cheap. A courtyard house cost more than a thousand yuan!

However, Song Yao only collected chestnuts a few times. Not only did she buy a house, but even the furniture was changed to new ones! Liu Mu’s wife stood at the entrance of Song Yao’s courtyard and pinched Liu Mu angrily.

“You said that although Song Yao’s culture isn’t high, she’s good at doing business.. It’s only been a few days, but she’s already bought a house!”

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