After Mastering Fate, I Reshaped Life With My Son

Chapter 60: Chapter 60: Buying a House

Chapter 60: Buying a House

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“Oh dear, we meet often! If I take money, how ridiculous would it be?”

Aunt Su said as she pushed the money to Song Yao, but Song Yao insisted on shoving it into Aunt Su’s hand. “Just take it. I might have to ask you for help next time!”

Hearing this, Aunt Su was relieved. She put the money into her pocket with Aunt Han and smiled. “Why are you so polite? I’m so embarrassed! If you need anything next time, look for Aunt Su! I’ll definitely do my best to help you settle this matter!”

After lunch, Boss He came over to collect the goods. When he saw that the small warehouse was filled with 500 kilograms of chestnuts, his eyes lit up! He immediately gave Song Yao 900 yuan!

Looking at the thick stack of ten yuan, Song Yao was overjoyed!

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During the inspection process, He Ren said, “I’ll give you another ten days. This time, I want 3,000 catties of chestnuts! Is there a problem?” Song Yao gritted her teeth and immediately agreed. “No problem!”

After He Ren left, Song Yao took the 900 yuan she had earned to the local government to buy a house. After paying 2,000 yuan, the other party told Song Yao that she would have to wait at least a few days before she could move over. Then, he brought Song Yao to the newly planned back street to look at the house.

From the outside, the house was almost built. It would probably take less than a month to move in. The staff handed Song Yao a folder. “This is the plan of the house. Take a look and see if there’s any problem.”

Song Yao casually flipped through it. “The area of the house is only 80 square meters?”

“Yes.” The clerk said helplessly, “You’re late. The bigger houses have been bought. However, if you don’t mind, you can build another floor on it. As long as the application is approved, everything will be fine.”

“Okay.” Song Yao nodded. She had the same idea. She would build a two-story building in the garden. Her parents and brother would live on the first floor, and she would live with Baby Xuan on the second floor. As for the remaining small courtyard, Song Yao planned to tidy it up and build a warehouse so that she would not have to rent Liu Mu’s.

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After planning this, Song Yao returned home. As soon as she entered, she saw Song Xiao squatting in the courtyard unhappily. It was obvious that it was because of the broken chestnuts.

She went forward and comforted him softly. “Don’t think too much. Isn’t everything fine now?”

Song Xiao sniffed and didn’t speak. In the end, it was Song Yao who asked him to continue collecting the chestnuts and forced a smile. “Sister! I promise I’ll check it a few more times this time!”

As Song Xiao spoke, he thought of Boss He’s words just now. “By the way, Sister, what if Boss He wants so many chestnuts this time?”

They had worked themselves to death for even called over Cousin Sun Hao, who was ar had barely collected more than a thousand had even lost more than 200 yuan.

After the previous lesson, Song Yao did not dare to trouble Sun Hao to help her collect the chestnuts. However, other than Sun Hao, she could not find anyone else to help him collect the chestnuts. Where else could she collect 3,000 catties of chestnuts?

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Song Yao was not in a hurry and asked Song Xiao directly, “I remember that Aunt Su’s hometown is in Anding City?”

“I think so…” Song Xiao scratched his head. “The older generation said so. Aunt Su’s hometown is also a place to grow chestnuts, but it’s not as famous as ours… Wait! Plant chestnuts?”

Song Yao smiled at Song Xiao. “I remember that because there are too many people planting chestnuts in Anding City, no one wants any of the big chestnuts.”

Song Xiao was enlightened. “Sister! You mean to go to Anding City to collect chestnuts?”

Song Yao shook her head. “I definitely don’t have time to collect it directly. However, we can tell Aunt Su and ask her to tell her family to send the chestnuts over personally. Tell them to start collecting at 80 cents and collect as much as they can!”

“This is a good idea!” Song Xiao said in surprise, “It saves us from going door to door to collect them!”

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After saying that, he left the courtyard, looking like he couldn’t wait to go to Aunt Su’s house to discuss it with her. However, he suddenly thought of something. “Sister! I’m not busy these few days. Why didn’t we deliver the goods to Brother Lin’s restaurant?”

At the mention of Lin Feng, Song Yao’s face darkened. “Don’t mention him. ”

“What’s wrong?” Song Xiao asked anxiously. Could it be that Lin Feng found their delivery slow?

Song Yao said with a dark expression, “It’s nothing. In short, I’ll focus on collecting chestnuts in the future. Only then can I quickly buy a courtyard house that belongs to us in town!”

Song Xiao frowned when he heard this. If he guessed correctly, that Lin Feng seemed to like his sister, right? “Sis, did Lin Feng confess to you?”

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