Chapter 56 – 1000 Catties

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At night, the few of them returned home and told them what happened during the day. Song Xiao was so angry that he gritted his teeth after hearing it. He couldn’t wait to go to Li En’s house immediately. Fortunately, Song Yao stopped him and asked him to collect corn with her tomorrow.

Song Xiao wiped the sweat off his face. “Sister, don’t you think this is very aggrieved? Why did they pull out your seedlings?”

Song Yao sighed. “Forget it. Go to bed early. We still have to collect corn tomorrow.”

The next day, Song Yao prepared a few snakeskin bags and put them on the back of the bicycle. Song Ping and Gu Li also woke up early to prepare tools for the autumn harvest. The family rushed to the Song Manor, but on the way, they saw a familiar white van.

A young man got out of the van. Song Yao looked up and saw that it was He Ren!

“Boss He? Why are you here?”

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Song Yao smiled, thinking that He Ren was urging her to collect the chestnuts. She paused and said, “I have something urgent to do in the field. I have to go over and take a look. The chestnuts are almost collected.”

He Ren smiled helplessly. “Why are you so nervous? I just wanted to inform you that I want to collect another 300 catties of chestnuts and gather 1,000 catties!”

Hearing Boss He say that he wanted to collect more chestnuts, Gu Li’s suspended heart also fell.

“No problem!” Song Yao agreed. “But… you might have to give me two more days.”

“No problem. Then within ten days, I want a thousand catties of chestnuts.”

He Ren was also a straightforward person. When he saw Song Yao rushing to the field with the autumn harvest tools, he asked, “It’s not the autumn harvest season yet. Where are you going?”

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Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what to say about this matter. In the end, it was Song Yao who said, “It’s a long story, so don’t ask. Anyway, I still have something on in my field, so I won’t talk to you anymore. See you later!”

After Song Yao finished speaking, she pushed the cart and was about to leave when He Ren stopped her. “Why are you in such a hurry? I’ll send you there.”

Song Yao turned around. “That’s not good…”

“What’s wrong with that?”

He Ren opened the car door as he spoke. “Anyway, I have to go to your house later to see how the chestnuts are doing. If I want you to keep the chestnuts in peace, I have to solve your trouble first. Get in the car quickly!”

Song Yao couldn’t refuse his kindness. In the end, she followed He Ren into his van.

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It had to be said that cars were really fast. They arrived in a few minutes.

Song Yao got out of the car with the autumn harvest tools. Widow Wang, who was going to pluck Song Yao’s corn seedlings, happened to see this scene!

She had long heard that Song Yao had earned a lot of money from doing business on the streets. At first, she did not believe it, but today, when she saw her get out of a van, Widow Wang gritted her teeth in anger!

No wonder she was in such a hurry to divorce Yong. It seemed like she had found a rich lover!

“Song Yao! You b*tch still have the cheek to come over!”

Song Yao looked up and saw the exasperated Widow Wang pouncing on her. She immediately felt angry and amused. “Why can’t I come over? If I had come a little later, you would have plucked all my seedlings, right?”

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At the mention of this, Widow Wang did not feel embarrassed. Instead, she puffed out her chest and said, “How is it? Are you afraid? It’s your fault for not even knowing how to collect corn? I’m afraid you’ve been secretly meeting old men these few days, right? No wonder you divorced Yong. Pui, how shameless!”

“Make yourself clear! Who’s dating someone else!” After Song Yao finished speaking, she said to He Ren apologetically, “I’m sorry, Boss He. I dragged you into this.”

He Ren waved his hand. He had been in business for so long and had seen countless shrews like this.

“Firstly, Miss Song and I are completely different from what you think. Secondly, it’s already illegal for you to pluck the seedlings in Miss Song’s field without her consent. I have the right to call the police to arrest you!”

Widow Wang was stifled and immediately wilted. Then, she said to He Ren, “Don’t be deceived by that little b*tch Song Yao! She’s a promiscuous b*tch! If she hadn’t been having an affair outside, would her husband have divorced her?”


Widow Wang was slapped hard.

Song Xiao gritted his teeth and stood up, but he still didn’t feel relieved. “If you dare to spout nonsense again, I’ll beat you up until you find your teeth on the ground!”

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