Chapter 55 – Collecting Corn

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Gu Li said angrily, “I heard from Sister-in-law Qin just now that the personal fief under your name has been dug up! Don’t you think it’s a pity that the corn hasn’t grown well after planting so much?”

Hearing this, Song Yao became anxious!

According to the rules, even if Song Yao had distributed the land a few days ago, she had to wait until the food in the land was cleaned up before distributing it to the villagers.

Moreover, Song Yao had given away more than an acre of land. How many corns would she lose? How much money would she lose?

“When did this happen?” Song Yao asked.

Gu Li was a little anxious. “Today!”

Hearing this, Song Yao didn’t have time to go to the town to collect the chestnuts. She pushed her bicycle and went to the Song Manor. Song Ping and Gu Li followed.

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When she arrived at the Song Manor, Song Yao did not look for Li En immediately. Instead, she rushed to the field to see the situation.

In a tall and strong cornfield, a few corn cobs had already been pulled out. The corn on the ground was scattered all over the ground. Fortunately, Song Yao came early. If she had been a little later, she wouldn’t have seen so much corn!

She picked up the corn in the field and placed it in the basket on her back. Song Ping also packed it up. He peeled off a layer of coat on the corn and sighed. “This corn is still tender. How can it be sold for money? What a pity. How much food can we get after the autumn harvest?”

Song Yao smiled. “Dad, maybe tender corn is worth more than dried corn kernels. I’ll go to the county with Xiao tomorrow to take a look. I don’t believe I can’t sell it!”

Song Ping nodded. “That’s the only way.”

As she did not bring many baskets with her, Song Yao only put the corn that had fallen to the ground into the basket. There was too much corn left, and she could not finish collecting it in a

short period of time. Song Yao went straight to the village chief’s house.

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When they arrived at Li En’s house, Song Yao realized that Li En was not around. His wife was not surprised to see that it was Song Yao.

Before Song Yao could speak, she interrupted, “I have no choice. This villager has come over to cause trouble several times! Especially Widow Wang’s family. They came over several times and said that they still have a son and a daughter to support. I saw that they were a pitiful orphan and widow, so I agreed in a moment of soft-heartedness.”

These words made Song Ping even angrier. “But you shouldn’t pluck my corn seedlings, right? If it’s not easy for her, do you think it’s easy for my daughter? She just got a divorce! She still has a baby who hasn’t weaned!”

When Li En’s wife heard this, she was also a little helpless. “I don’t know what to do. You said that Song Yao can earn a lot of money from doing business, but what does Widow Wang have? And to put it bluntly, the land has already been given away. Isn’t it only a matter of time before the seedlings in the field are uprooted? Either we collect the things in the field as soon as possible, or we don’t say anything!”

What Li En’s wife said made it sound like Song Yao’s family was being unreasonable!

Gu Li still wanted to argue with Li En


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s wife, but she was stopped by Song Yao.

“Mom! Forget it, let’s go and collect the land tomorrow!”

She sighed. Didn’t she hear Li En’s wife calling her Widow Wang? She might have been bribed long ago! If she continued to cause trouble, it wouldn’t do her any good!

After leaving Li En’s house, Gu Li held Song Yao’s hand and asked, “Are we just going to let it go like this?”

She had just seen how infuriating the village chiefs wife’s words were.

Song Yao smiled and said, “There’s no other way. Let’s take back the remaining corn in the fields tomorrow. If we’re any later, they’ll be pulled out.”

“What is this?” Gu Li was so angry that she gritted her teeth. Thinking of what Li En’s wife had just said, she asked Song Yao, “By the way, are you not on good terms with Widow Wang?”

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Song Yao was stunned for a moment. Then, she told Gu Li what had happened a few days ago. When Gu Li heard this, she was even angrier. “This Yu Yong is really a good-for-nothing! You should just divorce him! And that Widow Wang, the person whose husband died, even has a child. Why are your words so vicious?”

After Gu Li finished speaking, she wanted to settle the score with Widow Wang, but Song Yao stopped her. “Mom, forget it.”

In any case, she did not want to have too much contact with the Song family in the future.

At night, Li En came back from the fields and asked his wife, “I heard from the villagers that Song Yao came today?”

Li En’s wife was burning firewood. “For the matter of that acre of land. You said that you’re already divorced. Why do you still care about that acre of land? Widow Wang is so pitiful. What can you do if you leave it to her?”

Hearing this, Li En sighed in anger. “I shouldn’t have listened to you! Tell me, what are you doing?”

Li En’s wife rolled her eyes at her husband. “What did I do wrong? Song Yao has already divorced Yu Yong, so he’s no longer a member of our Song Manor! I helped the Song Manor to seek benefits, and I made a mistake?”.

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