Chapter 54 – Salary

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Sun Hao smiled. “What can I help you with?”

“Cousin, I want you to help me collect 400 catties of chestnuts from your village. You don’t have to do anything. Just ask the villagers to send the chestnuts to your house and go to the town to help me advertise a few more times.”

After Song Yao finished speaking, she took out 330 yuan from her pocket and handed it to Sun Hao. “This is the capital of 320 yuan. The other 10 yuan is your salary. If you can receive 500 catties, I’ll give you another 10 yuan. 600 catties and 20 yuan… What do you think?”

He could earn at least ten yuan by shouting a few times? Wu Xia was dumbfounded. Such a good thing could not be found in a thousand years!

Ignoring her man’s wishes, she snatched the ten yuan from Song Yao’s hand and shouted, “Just shout and ask them to send the chestnuts over, okay?”

“That’s right,” Song Yao said. “You guys just need to collect it.”

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This was a good deal! Wu Xia was proud in her heart. However, before she could put the money in her pocket, Sun Hao snatched it away and handed it to Song Yao. “You can just tell me about such a small matter. Why would a family give money?”

Song Yao smiled and handed it to Wu Xia. “We have to settle accounts as a family. We can’t let you work for nothing. Moreover, the autumn harvest will be coming soon. It will definitely delay a lot of things for you. I think ten yuan is too little.”

“It’s not too little. It’s not too little.” Wu Xia squeezed out two folds with a smile. Ten yuan was enough to buy several catties of pork!

Sun Hao frowned. “You woman! How can you take advantage of Yao! Hurry up and return the money to Yao!”

After saying that, he wanted to snatch the money from Wu Xia’s hand again, but he was stopped by Song Yao this time.

“Cousin, just accept it. Take it as a token of my appreciation. Besides, I’m indeed quite anxious about this…”

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“That’s right. Just agree. It’s just that you have to check it properly when the time comes! Don’t take in those bad chestnuts too. Your cousin is still thinking about us after earning some money. We can’t go overboard,” Song Lan said from the side.

Sun Hao nodded. “I know, but ten yuan is too much. Will it…”

“Stop talking! If she gives you money, just accept it.” After Wu Xia said that, she pinched Sun Hao hard before taking the money back to the hut.

At night, Song Lan asked Wu Xia to buy two catties of pork and stewed noodles at the supply and marketing cooperative. Song Yao originally planned to leave after she was done, but her aunt insisted that she stay for dinner. She also said that it was not easy for her to come all the way here and insisted that she stay at home for the night.

Song Yao could not refuse his kindness. She could only leave in a hurry after breakfast the next morning.

After Song Yao left, Wu Xia did not go to work immediately. She took out the 330 yuan that Song Yao had given her from her pocket and counted for a long time. She had been married to Sun Hao for so many years, but this was the first time she had touched so much money!

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She poked Sun Hao beside her and asked, “How did your sister suddenly become so rich? Does Yu Yong know that she spends so much money outside?”

Sun Hao sighed helplessly. “She divorced Yu Yong a long time ago! Don’t mention him in front of Yao next time!”

“What? Divorced?” Wu Xia was a little surprised. “Where did she get so much money after getting a divorce?”

“I think it’s a business… Don’t ask!”

At the mention of doing business, Wu Xia rolled her eyes. “Eh? What did your sister say yesterday? We’ll collect seventy cents from the big chestnuts and fifty cents per catty from the smaller ones. How much more money can we earn if I collect them all at fifty cents per catty?”

Upon hearing this, Sun Hao’s eyes darkened and he snatched the money from Wu Xia’s hand. “I say, don’t have any crooked ideas! Song Yao is my biological cousin! She left the opportunity to earn money to us. How can you be so heartless?”

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When Song Yao rushed home, Song Xiao had already gone to the countryside to collect chestnuts.

Because the time given by Boss He was too tight, Song Ping said that Song Xiao had not had a good rest for a few days.

When Song Yao heard this, her heart ached for her brother. She had planned to let her brother rest for a few more days after this batch of chestnuts was collected, but she saw Gu Li rush into the courtyard.

“Yao! What did you tell the Song family when you moved the household register previously? Did you still distribute those acres of land?”

Song Yao nodded. “If I don’t distribute the land, I won’t be able to move out of the household register.”

Gu Li was even more anxious. “Aiya! Why is the Yu Family Village so anxious?! Logically speaking, they should wait until the autumn harvest is over before dividing the land!”

Song Yao was at a loss when she heard that. “What exactly happened?”

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