Chapter 53 – Help

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“That’s true…”

Song Lan sighed again. “If our family was rich, your second cousin wouldn’t have gone so far away…”

She pulled Song Yao into the house. “By the way, did you just say that you’re doing business alone? What business do you do?”

After Song Lan finished speaking, she glanced at the two catties of rice strips that Song Yao had brought over. These things were not cheap. Her grandson kept saying that he wanted to eat them, but she could not bear to buy them. Song Yao had bought so much the moment she came over. It seemed like she was really earning money.

Song Yao did not hesitate and told Song Lan about her business experience. She said, “Now, Boss He still wants 700 catties of chestnuts. Our village can’t collect so much now, so we want Cousin to help and see if we can collect more chestnuts.”

Song Lan immediately agreed. “Alright! When your eldest cousin comes back! I’ll tell him. When the time comes, you guys can go and collect it together!”

As they spoke, a little boy about seven or eight years old in a patched short coat entered the house. He was Song Lan’s eldest grandson, Sun Hu.

Song Lan hugged her grandson. “Little Hu, quickly address your Aunt!”

The little boy looked at Song Yao with a dignified expression. Then, he lowered his head and shouted, “Hello, Aunt!”

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“Little Hu is already so old?”

Song Yao smiled. Two years ago, when she saw this child, he was still hiding timidly in Song Lan’s arms, not daring to see anyone.

“Look what Aunt brought you to eat.” After Song Yao finished speaking, she opened the bag and grabbed a handful of rice strips for him.

When he saw that there was food, Sun Hu


s eyes widened. He grabbed the rice strips and ate them non-stop.

Song Yao was caught between laughter and tears. She hurriedly took out a handful of sorghum from her pocket and placed it on the table. She patted Sun Hu


s back and said helplessly, “Eat slowly. No one is snatching it from you.”

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Sun Hu swallowed the rice strip anxiously. “Thank you, Aunt! Is there anything else to eat?”

Song Yao dug into her pocket. That was all she had for the time being. If she had known earlier, she would have brought more food. She squatted down and was about to comfort Sun Hu when

Song Lan was so angry that she threw the enamel teacup on the dining table. “Useless thing! You only know how to eat all day long! Who taught you to ask things from your aunt!”

When Sun Hu heard this, he burst into tears.

This made Song Yao, who was already a mother, extremely anxious. She hurriedly wiped Sun Hu’s tears. “How can a child not like to eat snacks? Besides, Little Hu is only seven years old. Don’t be too harsh on him.”

Song Lan glared at Song Yao angrily. “No matter how much you liked to eat when you were young, you weren’t as blind as him! I’m reprimanding him now for his own good! Otherwise, you won’t be able to get a wife when you grow up!”

“Aunt! Little Hu is still a child!”

Song Yao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She grabbed Little Hu


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s small hand and comforted him. “Little Hu, don’t cry anymore. I’ll go to the supply and marketing cooperative later and bring you to buy delicious food, okay?”

When he heard that there was delicious food, Sun Hu sniffed and stopped crying. However, he still didn’t dare to nod and agree to Song Yao because Grandma was watching him from behind!

Song Yao naturally saw Song Lan’s gaze just now. She wiped Sun Hu’s tears and said helplessly, “Although your Grandma is a little fierce, it’s for your own good. If another guest comes next time, you can’t reach out and ask them for things again.” Sun Hu nodded wildly. “I’m sorry… Aunt… I was too greedy…”

“Who didn’t have cravings when they were young?”

Song Yao pinched Sun Hu


s little nose. “When I was your age, I was also craving for snacks.”

After saying that, she looked at the dark-faced Song Lan and said, “Aunt! Don’t be angry. Children can’t listen to harsh words.”

Song Lan’s expression was ugly. “Okay, my attitude is bad. ”

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As soon as she finished speaking, she picked Sun Hu up. “Don’t be angry. Grandma was a little anxious just now. I’ll get Aunt to bring you to buy food later, okay?”

Sun Hu stopped crying when he heard that there was delicious food. He clapped his hands and said, “Okay!”

Song Yao smiled. As expected, children were easy to coax. They could be coaxed with just a little delicious food.

At noon, Eldest Cousin Sun Hao and his wife, Wu Xia, came back from work and happened to see Song Yao sitting on the brick bed!

“Oh! Cousin, why didn’t you tell me in advance that you were here? Look, I didn’t prepare anything for the entire day.”

Sun Hao had just returned from work in the fields and was still reeking of sweat. He called out to Wu Xia, who had just changed her clothes. “It’s not easy for my sister to come over! Hurry up and buy two catties of meat from the supply and marketing cooperative to stir-fry a few dishes!”

Wu Xia responded and was about to leave when she was stopped by Song Yao.

“No need! I’ll leave later. I came here today mainly to ask Cousin to do something for me.”.

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