Chapter 52 – Confession

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Chapter 52: Confession

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Yu Yong naturally saw Song Yao’s figure. He wanted to go forward and greet her, but Song Yao rode her bike so quickly that he didn’t have a chance to catch up.

At the thought that he still had to catch a bus to Mei Zhao’s house later, Yu Yong gritted his teeth and turned around to go to the bus stop.

Song Yao sent the fresh ingredients to the state-owned restaurant and planned to leave in a hurry. Ever since she realized that Lin Feng was interested in her last time, she had already planned to change to another restaurant.

Lin Feng paid Song Yao and gave her a movie ticket. “Let’s watch a movie when you’re free tonight.”

“I won’t be back tonight. You can look for someone else,” Song Yao immediately said.

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“When are you coming back?” Lin Feng asked.

“I don’t want to watch a movie!” Song Yao refused bluntly.

She thought that Lin Feng would back off and stop pestering her like before, but Lin Feng stopped Song Yao. “We’ve known each other for so long. You should be able to tell that I’m interested in you. What do you think of this?”

Was this a confession? Song Yao was shocked. Ever since she divorced Yu Yong, she only wanted to raise Baby Xuan alone in peace, She had never thought about her own matters,

She wanted to talk to Lin Feng after this period of time, but since Lin Feng had already said it, there was no need for her to hide it.

“Actually, I’ve always wanted to find an opportunity to tell you about this, but now that you’ve taken the initiative to mention it, I’ll tell you that I don’t have any feelings for you. I won’t come over to deliver goods to you again in the future. I hope you can find a good girl who’s really suitable for you!” After Song Yao finished speaking, she turned around and left without waiting for Lin Feng to say anything.

Lin Feng frowned and subconsciously wanted to chase after her, but he heard the attendant behind him shout, “Merchant Lin! The boss wants you to go over!”

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He clenched his fists and did not chase after her. He said impatiently, “Got it!”

Song Yao rode the car out of the state-owned restaurant and went straight to Anqing County next door.

Her aunt, Song Lan, lived in an extremely remote mountain village in Anqing County. Song Yao took a detour for more than two hours. It was not until dark that she saw a brick house at the entrance of the village.

Song Lan married early. The year Song Yao was born, Song Lan had already given birth to her second child. Now, her eldest grandson was already more than seven years old. She lived from hand to mouth, and had to think twice about eating fine grain.

When Song Yao rushed over, Song Lan was still feeding the chickens in the courtyard. When she saw her niece coming over, she didn’t bother to take off her apron and went up to her. “Yao?

Why are you here?”

She took the basket of eggs and a bag of river rice sticks from Song Yao and said with a smile, “You really came just because you said so! Why did you bring something? Eh? Didn’t Yong come with you?”

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Song Lan had not returned to Sangqiu County for more than a year, and communication in the village was inconvenient. She naturally did not know about Song Yao’s divorce.

Song Yao said calmly, “Aunt, Yu Yong and I have already divorced.”

“When was this?”

When Song Lan heard this, she was a little anxious. She patted Song Yao’s shoulder and asked, “I remember that Yu Yong treats you quite well. Why did you divorce him? Does he have a mistress?”

Song Yao’s lips twitched. “Aunt… It’s a long story. Don’t ask. Anyway, I don’t even spend much time with Yu Yong.”

“Oh no! Why can’t you two live together? The two of you still have a child. How are you going to live with a child if you really get a divorce?” Song Lan said.

“Why can’t I live my life?”

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Song Yao paused for a moment before continuing, “I’ve made a lot of money doing business now. Without him, I can still lead a good life with Baby Xuan!”

Song Lan disagreed. “Oh dear… What kind of business is a girl like you doing? In my opinion, this woman can’t do without a man by her side.”


Song Yao couldn’t be bothered to listen to the same excuse. She simply changed the topic. “Where are Cousin and Sister-in-law? Why don’t I see them?”

Only then did the corners of Song Lan’s lips twitch as she replied, “Your eldest cousin brought your sister-in-law to work in the fields. Your second cousin…”

Song Lan sighed. “His family is poor. He couldn’t get a wife in the village, so he followed the villagers to Yang City to work.”

At the mention of this, Song Lan panicked. “Do you think that money is so easy to earn? He hasn’t gone far. What if he’s cheated?”

Song Yao smiled helplessly. “Don’t worry, Aunt. My second cousin is already an adult. He can’t be bullied. Moreover, there are many people working in Yang City now. Didn’t my second cousin leave his hometown to earn money?”.

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