Chapter 51 – Going To A Comrade’S Home

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Chapter 51: Going to a Comrade’s Home

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Song Yao suppressed the excitement in her heart and said naturally, “Boss He, you’re a straightforward person! Then it’s settled. We’ll hand over the money and the goods in ten days!”

He Ren also found Song Yao interesting. “Deal!”

After He Ren left, the entire family was immersed in the joy of earning money and could not walk out. However, Gu Li mentioned, “Where are we going to collect these 700 catties of chestnuts?”

Everyone looked at each other.

It was really not that Gu Li was deliberately being a downer. They had been waking up at the crack of dawn for three days to search several towns to get more than 300 catties of chestnuts.

Moreover, chestnuts were not always available. They would only decrease the more they were collected…

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Song Yao was not worried about this. “Mom, it’s fine. If there’s really no other way, I’ll go to a few more counties. Moreover, it’s the season of chestnut harvest now. What are you afraid of?”

That was true, but Gu Li was still worried about her daughter. “Isn’t this too tiring?”

Song Yao smiled. “In order to earn money, no matter how hard it is, it’s worth it!”

“That’s right!” Gu Li slapped her thigh as if she had suddenly thought of something. “You can go to your aunt’s place to collect it!”

Song Yao’s aunt was her father, Song Pings biological sister, Song Lan. She had married into a village in Anqing County next door and had a good relationship with Song Ping. If Song Yao went to visit her aunt’s house, she could collect more chestnuts!

Song Yao agreed. “I’ll go to Aunt’s house tomorrow!”

In the afternoon, Song Yao hung a sign at the entrance of the warehouse and asked someone to print a small advertisement to collect chestnuts.

Soon, the news that Song Yao wanted to collect a few hundred catties of chestnuts spread throughout Sangqiu County. The villagers of the Yu Family Village naturally knew.

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Chen Lian had heard from the gossiping old woman in the village early in the morning that Song Yao had earned a lot of money by collecting chestnuts and was planning to buy a house in town. She was instantly furious.

Ever since Song Yao came to the village last time, their Old Yu family had become the topic of conversation among the villagers. As long as their family passed by, there would be gossip from the villagers.

Chen Lian was petty. She stayed at home with Yu Chun all day long.

Taking advantage of the fact that her family was around, Chen Lian ordered He Xi to work in the courtyard and said to Yu Yong, “Have you heard about Song Yao, that little b*tch, going door to door to collect chestnuts?”

Yu Yong lit a cigarette. “Mom, stop talking! Even if Song Yao divorced me, she’s still Yu Xuan’s mother! How can you say that?”

“What did you say to your mother?”

Yu Chun, who was at the side, was unhappy. He pointed at Yu Yong and roared, “Isn’t Song Yao just a woman? It’s not like you can’t find a better one! Is there a need to frown all day?”

“And you!”

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Yu Chun was so angry that he wanted to scold Chen Lian. “Song Yao can do whatever she wants!

It has nothing to do with our Yu family! Unfilial thing! Our Yu family doesn’t have a daughter-in-law like her!”

Chen Lian didn’t expect her mentioning of Song Yao to cause such a huge commotion! She pulled Yu Chun and said carefully, “Master! Lower your voice. What if the neighbors see us as a

“A joke?” Yu Yong sneered. “Isn’t our family a joke now?”

When Chen Lian heard this, she felt even worse. “It’s all Song Yao’s fault! If she didn’t insist on a divorce, would our Yu family have to live like this? And my eldest grandson… If you say she wants a divorce, so be it. How can she take our Yu family’s child away!”


Yu Yong kicked the stool away. Chen Lian was shocked.

Right on the heels of that, Yu Yong put on his jacket, picked up his backpack, and stood up to leave. Chen Lian was so frightened that she called out to him, “Little Yong, where are you going? Didn’t your army give you a break?”

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Yu Yong’s face was cold. “I’m going to stay at my comrade’s house for a few days!”

After saying that, he turned around and left. Chen Lian chased after him and rolled her eyes when she saw He Xi washing clothes in the courtyard. “Before Yong divorced, did a girl called Pang Jiao always come to our house to look for him?”

He Xi thought for a moment. “That does seem to be the case.”

Chen Lian smiled smugly. In any case, she had disliked Song Yao since the day she married over. Instead of hoping that Song Yao would come back and remarry Yu Yong, she might as well find a better partner for Yu Yong!

Chen Lian estimated the candidate and already had a suitable person in her heart!

On the other side, Song Yao rode her bicycle to the state-owned restaurant to deliver goods to Lin Feng. Unexpectedly, she bumped into Yu Yong on the way. She rode her bicycle and circled far away, wishing she could be far away from Yu Yong..

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