Chapter 50 – Deal

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Chapter 50: Deal

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Gu Li was dumbfounded when she heard this. “Buy a house in town? Then how far will it take to come back? I thought she could stay by our side forever!”

Song Ping couldn’t help but sigh when he heard this. He had originally planned to apply for a homestead for Song Yao in the village after some time. It would be best if she lived closer. This way, if the old couple wanted to see their daughter, they would be able to see her in a few steps.

Now that they heard that Song Yao was moving to the town, the old couple was a little worried. Although the town was not too far from the Song Manor, it was not convenient to meet her by car.

Song Ping silently lit a cigarette. “If Yao wants to move, let her move. Isn’t she just doing business to make it more convenient? Look at how much money we still have. When Yao buys a house, we’ll help as much as we can.”

Gu Li nodded and immediately got off the bed to get the passbook. Unexpectedly, just as she took out the passbook from her bag, Song Yao returned.

“Mom, what are you looking for?”

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Gu Li smiled at her. “Aren’t you going to buy a house in town? Mom, look for the passbook and see how much money you have at home.”

Song Yao put the passbook away again and held Gu Li’s hand. “No need! The houses in town haven’t been built yet. I have to wait for a year and a half at least. I have enough money in my hands for such a long time.”

Gu Li sighed. “Then tell Mom if you need money. By the way, do you know what Boss He does? What’s the use of him collecting so many chestnuts?”

Song Yao was caught between laughter and tears. “Mom, haven’t I told you many times that Boss

He runs a food factory in the south? He definitely collects chestnuts to process them.”

Gu Li frowned. “Then why did he take so much… Do you think this Boss He is a scammer? Don’t tell me that when you collect all the chestnuts, he won’t want them anymore or won’t give you any money! What do you think we should do then?”

Women liked to think nonsense, and Gu Li was naturally no exception. After all, chestnuts were collected for 80 cents a catty. If they couldn’t sell them, wouldn’t they lose money by hoarding so much?

Song Yao didn’t know how to explain this to Gu Li, so she could only say helplessly, “Mom! Don’t worry, he won’t run away! Boss He even gave me a 20 yuan deposit. We signed a contract. If he’s really a liar, I can sue him!”

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Hearing this, Gu Li heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s good, that’s good! But what if they don’t like the chestnuts we collected?”

Song Yao: ”

Soon, it was time to meet He Ren. Song Yao received more than 300 catties of chestnuts!

She called Song Xiao to put the chestnuts into the snakeskin bag and piled them in the corner of the warehouse.

Gu Li had been rubbing her hands and waiting for a long time. “Yao, why isn’t Boss He here yet? If you ask me, could he really be a liar?”


Song Xiao couldn’t stand it anymore. He stomped his feet and said, “What if Boss He bought something on the way? Don’t be anxious.”

Gu Li sighed. “How can I not be anxious? What if we can’t sell all these chestnuts? I wonder when Boss He will come.”

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Suddenly, the door opened. As usual, He Ren entered the warehouse in a floral shift with his slicked-back hair.

“Sorry for the delay.”

Gu Li heaved a sigh of relief. “Fortunately, he’s not a liar…”

The door opened again. He Ren brought a few strong workers and carried the chestnuts from the warehouse to the scale to measure.

Considering that the chestnuts she had collected were of various sizes and that He Ren had bought a lot, Song Yao sold them to He Ren for 90 cents a catty.

He Ren looked at the bags of large and round chestnuts and immediately waved his hand. He took out a stack of ten yuan from his pocket and placed it on the table.

“I want these 347 catties of chestnuts!”


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Gu Li couldn’t stop smiling. She had earned more than 300 yuan from this cart of chestnuts. She was overjoyed!

Song Yao took the money and counted for a long time. Logically speaking, He Ren should have given her 312.3 yuan. After deducting the previous 20 yuan, it was 292.3 yuan. However, after counting many times, she realized that He Ren had given her 392 yuan!

She took out ten cards and returned them to He Ren. “You gave too much.”

He Ren waved his hand. “This is the deposit! Within ten days, I want another 700 catties of chestnuts!”

700 catties! So much!

Gu Li was dumbfounded. He Ren was indeed worthy of being the boss. He was so generous!.

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