Chapter 5

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At the thought of this, Song Yao asked again, “Nurse, is there a man called Yu Yong here to treat the child today? The child is six months old and his name is Yu Xuan.”

At this moment, someone was calling the female nurse to work. When the female nurse heard this, she frowned. “There are so many people coming to see a doctor today. Why do I remember all of them? But I’ve never seen someone called Yu Yong.”

With that, the female nurse went back to work, ignoring Song Yao’s shocked expression.

Song Yao’s thoughts were in a mess again. The woman who guided her was a human trafficker. How could she take what she said seriously?

In the chaos, she looked out of the window and saw that it was almost midnight.

Perhaps Yu Yong had already brought the child home? Song Yao was hoping for a fluke.

Immediately, she did not dare to waste anymore time. She asked the nurse to remove the syringe and left the hospital while covering her wound.

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As soon as she returned home, the Yu family had already gathered around and was preparing to eat.

Yu Yong was also there, but she didn’t see Baby Xuan.

Didn’t his mother-in-law usually carry him out for dinner?

“Song Yao, where have you been? You’re covered in dirt. Yu Yong said that he didn’t see you today.” The first person to notice was his sister-in-law, He Xi.

She was still preparing the food on the table when she saw Song Yao return.

The commotion at the dining table did not stop because of He Xi’s words. Only Yu Yong raised his head.

“It’s good that you’re back. Quick, wash your face and come eat.” Yu Yong got up and hurriedly wiped his mouth. He came to Song Yao’s side and wanted to pull her to wash her face.

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Song Yao stood rooted to the ground. “Where’s the child?”

Song Yao still didn’t believe that the man in front of her, who was devoted to her, would send their only child away. She shook off Yu Yong’s hand.

Yu Yong licked his lips and suddenly scolded, “You’ve already made yourself like this, yet you’re still worried about the child.”

If it was any other day, Song Yao might have thought that Yu Yong was so considerate when she heard this, but now, she only felt that Yu Yong’s words were perfunctory.

Why didn’t he answer her question openly? Why didn’t he ask her why she was in such a state?

“Let me ask you, where is our child!”

Song Yao had not seen Baby Xuan for the entire day and had almost been kidnapped by human traffickers. She was already furious. Now that she was facing her husband’s reproach, she completely exploded.

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When the Yu Family heard this angry roar, they fell silent right on the heels of it.

Granny Chen Lian put down her bowl and chopsticks solemnly. “You’re back so late. Why are you still shouting? Isn’t it a good thing that Baby Xuan went to help his father repay kindness?”

“Help his father to repay kindness?” Song Yao couldn’t believe it.

“That’s right. Yu Yong told us that back then, when the bullet fell, if not for his comrade saving him, he wouldn’t be standing here safely now. Now that his comrade is found to be infertile, Yu Yong sent our Baby Xuan over,” Song Yao’s father-in-law, Yu Chun, said as he swallowed his food.

His casual tone made it seem like he had specially authorized this.

His eldest brother, Yu Wen, exchanged glances with his wife. Seeing He Xi shake her head silently, he remained silent.

The moment he turned around, he saw the three children poking their heads out curiously. He reached out and patted his eldest son’s head. “Have you finished your homework? Don’t join in the fun when adults are talking.”

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The eldest son immediately retracted his gaze but did not ask what had happened.

Seeing that her brother had been reprimanded, the other two children also buried their heads in their food.

Song Yao looked at her family’s reaction and her heart turned cold. They had planned to send Baby Xuan away and had not considered her feelings at all!

“Isn’t there a lot of ways for you to repay a debt of gratitude?! When your son grows up, can’t you tell him that someone saved his father back then and let him acknowledge your comrade as his godfather? Did you get my permission? Why did you take your son away without saying a word? It’s not like we can’t afford to raise a child!” Song Yao grabbed her arm and questioned Yu Yong hysterically.

He didn’t even discuss something as big as taking the child away with her. Now, he even had to tell her through his parents.

In the past, she must have been blind to think that Yu Yong was a good man.

Facing Song Yao’s question, Yu Yong was a little impatient.

Why didn’t he find the woman in front of him so difficult to deal with in the past?

“Yao, we will have our own children in the future. Also, listen to me. My comrade isn’t a bad person.” Yu Yong lowered his voice and coaxed Song Yao.

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