Chapter 49 – Inquiring

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Chapter 49: Inquiring

Song Xiao and Wei were not idle either. They walked through the streets to collect chestnuts. In just one morning, the two of them had collected 70 to 80 catties. If not for the fact that the car was too small and Wei was complaining about being tired, he could have collected dozens more catties!

“Brother Xiao, can we rest for a while?”

After a morning, Wei was so tired that he couldn’t straighten his back, but Song Xiao said, “Let’s collect a few more catties. I’ll take you to eat popsicles then.”

Thinking of popsicles, Song Xiao perked up again. He gritted his teeth and got off the bicycle’s horizontal bar. He and Song Xiao put the few catties of chestnuts they had just collected into a bag.

“Brother Xiao, is this how you usually do business? It’s so tiring, and you even have to shout…”

Song Xiao smiled and patted Wei’s head. “Of course it’s hard. That’s why you have to study hard, understand?”

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“Xiao! Wei! You’re here!” Not far away, Song Yao waved at Song Xiao.

Song Xiao panted heavily. After working all morning, it would be a lie to say that he was not tired.

“Sister! I just collected seventy to eighty catties of chestnuts!”

Song Yao glanced at the wicker basket. The chestnuts that she had just collected were indeed big and good. “How much did you buy them for?”

Song Xiao said, “The small one is 50 cents, and the big one is 70 cents!”

Song Yao smiled. “Xiao is awesome! When we get the money, I’ll pay you!”

Song Xiao scratched his head, feeling a little embarrassed.

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Song Ping, who had been silent the entire time, was also dumbfounded. How did his son receive more than 80 catties of chestnuts in one morning?

However, before he could speak, he heard Song Xiao shout, “Collect the chestnuts. If you can’t finish them, exchange them for money. The small ones cost 50 cents a catty, and the big ones cost 60 cents a catty! There won’t be another shop after this village!”

“Uncle, do you have any spare chestnuts at home? They can be exchanged for a lot of money. Take a look. The big chestnuts cost 70 cents a catty. It should be comparable to the price of meat!”

“Sister, is there still an endless supply of chestnuts at home? I’ll collect as many as you have here. I want all the big and small ones!”

Song Ping was scared silly by Song Xiao’s series of shouts. He turned around and asked Song Yao, “Is this how you two usually call each other?”

Song Yao nodded.

Song Ping’s face was filled with disbelief. He didn’t expect his son to be so eloquent. He was really good at doing business. If it were him, he probably wouldn’t be able to say a word for a long time.

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Song Xiao’s shout attracted many people over. Later, the car really couldn’t hold so many chestnuts, and Wei kept complaining that he was hungry. Song Xiao could only tell those people to go back for lunch first and come back in the afternoon to collect a few catties!

In any case, they had rented Liu Mu’s warehouse now, so they did not have to go back!

The few of them pushed the cart and sent the chestnuts into the warehouse. Song Yao fulfilled her promise and bought a cream popsicle for Wei. Then, she brought them to a nearby restaurant and ordered four bowls of rice,

Rice covered was the new way to eat in the city. He poured the freshly stir-fried vegetables and soup on the hot rice and ate it.

This was the first time Song Yao had come into contact with such a novel way of eating. Even Song Xiao and Wei ate happily. In just a few minutes, they finished the food in their bowls.

Worried that Gu Li wouldn’t have time for lunch at home with her child, Song Yao specially asked for an extra bowl of rice to take away.

After lunch, Song Xiao brought Wei to continue collecting chestnuts. Song Ping went home to deliver food to Gu Li, while Song Yao went to the village government to inquire about the house.

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Since the mayor had time, he said to Song Yao patiently, “Yes, but you have to apply first. The houses in town are not cheap either. Are you sure you want to buy them?”

Song Yao said, “I plan to buy it. Do you know how much the houses in town cost per square meter?”

That person glanced at her. “That’s hard to say. The sizes of the houses are different, so the prices are naturally different. However, it can’t be too cheap. It can’t be cheap without a thousand yuan.”

Song Yao pinched her sleeves. If she kept collecting chestnuts like this, she should be able to save up this amount.

“Then give me a form and I’ll apply for it!”

Song Ping carried the rice back home, and Gu Li naturally nagged at him. “This rice is delicious! But don’t bring it for me next time. Yao works so hard in business. How can we let her spend money?”

Song Ping smiled. “I knew you would say that, so I was the one who treated you to this meal today. Yao didn’t stop me!”

He paused for a moment and said, “By the way, our Yao said that she wants to buy a courtyard home in town! I wonder if she has enough money…”.

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