Chapter 48 – Expansion

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Chapter 48: Expansion

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“Oh, isn’t this Yao? I heard that you were abandoned by your husband some time ago. You’re raising a child alone and don’t even have a proper diploma. It’s not easy for you to do some business.”

“Oh well! That warehouse has been cleaned up! Come in and take a look.” Liu Mu was so frightened that he hurriedly tried to smooth things over. As he spoke, he called Song Yao in.

Song Ping’s lips twitched. He also felt that his old classmate’s wife’s words were a little unpleasant, but he felt that she had a bad temper, but she was actually not a bad person.

Although this warehouse was not facing the street, it was easy to find. After turning a corner, they arrived at the bus stop. Moreover, the space inside was big enough. Not to mention 50 kilograms of chestnuts, even the ingredients collected from her family could be placed in this warehouse!

Song Yao turned around and saw Liu Mu’s wife raising her newly bought nails and saying, “I didn’t mean anything else just now. If you want to do business, do it well. After all, you don’t have a diploma. If you want to stay in town, you have to work hard.”

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Song Yao couldn’t be bothered to talk nonsense with her. She took out ten yuan from her pocket. “I won’t rent your house for nothing. This is a month’s rent. Take it.”

After saying that, she handed the money over. Liu Mu’s wife’s eyes lit up the moment she saw the money!

She didn’t care about Liu Mu’s wishes and immediately put the money into her bag. She smiled and said, “How can you give me the rent? In that case, do your best! What a promising child. It’s just that the next time you find a partner, you have to open your eyes and find someone of equal social status! Otherwise, you’ll have to get a divorce again!”

After saying that, Liu Mu’s wife happily went shopping with the ten yuan.

After all, in her eyes, Song Yao, a country bumpkin who had not studied much, was already out of her league to marry Yu Yong!

She wasn’t the only one who felt this way. Even the villagers of the Yu Family Village felt the same!

It was a pity that their old concepts had to be changed. Otherwise, they would really not be able to keep up with Song Yao’s improvement!

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His wife left after receiving the money and even said such ugly words. Liu Mu couldn’t stand it anymore. “Old Song! I’m really sorry. My wife needs to be disciplined! How can I take your money?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Liu Mu took out a few yuan from his pocket and wanted to return the money to Song Ping on behalf of his wife. Song Ping thought of Gu Li’s instructions and immediately stopped him. “It’s okay, just take it. It’s what I should do! These are all small money!”

Ten yuan was a small sum of money!

Liu Mu was shocked by Song Ping’s words. How big of a deal did Song Yao make? What a promising child!

“No no, it’s so tiring to move things from Song Manor to town…”

As Liu Mu spoke, he suddenly thought of something. “That’s right! Our town is about to expand!

If Yao has enough money, it’ll be so convenient to buy a house in town.”

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Hearing this, Song Ping was stunned. “What expansion? When did this happen? Who did you hear it from?”

“Oh? Don’t you know? Everyone in our factory is talking about this. I heard that the town is going to expand and build a few more houses by the roadside. If you have the money to buy a house in town, you won’t have to work so hard!”

Song Yao was attracted by these words. If she could buy a house in town, it would be more convenient for her to collect chestnuts.

“Do you know how much a house in town costs?”

Liu Mu thought for a long time. “This… I really don’t know. You can ask the local government for the details. I think it can’t be too cheap.”

After leaving Liu Mu’s house, Song Ping asked Song Yao, ‘You want to move to town?”

Song Yao said, “Isn’t it more convenient to collect chestnuts and sell things? It’s best to buy a

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bigger one. I’ll use it to sell goods downstairs and use it to live upstairs. At that time, Xiao won’t have to wake up early and suffer with me.”

Speaking of Song Xiao, he seemed to have lost a lot ofweight recently. Song Yao planned to give Song Xiao a salary after selling the chestnuts and buy him a few decent clothes. After all, Song Xiao would be old enough to marry in two years. He couldn’t wear too shabby.

When Song Ping heard this, he felt that it made sense. Although he couldn’t bear for Song Yao to move away, it wasn’t good for his daughter to always stay at her maiden home. She and Baby Xuan had to have a small family home of their own.

“That’s good too. It’ll be more convenient for you to do business. I’ll go to the village government with you tonight to ask.”

Song Yao agreed. She was still calculating if she had enough money in her hands. If it really didn’t work out, she would work harder these few days and run a few rounds in the county. This way, she could buy a house in town earlier..

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