Chapter 47 – Harvesting The Chestnuts

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Chapter 47: Harvesting the Chestnuts

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After Song Ping finished speaking, he wanted to call Song Xiao to go to the countryside to collect the chestnuts, but he was stopped by Song Yao.

“Dad, if we want to receive at least 50 kilograms of chestnuts in three days, we won’t be able to collect so many by going to the countryside alone. I want to put up a few more notices in a few towns in the county and ask them to send over all the good chestnuts at home. I want the small chestnuts too! As long as they can be sent over! This way, Xiao won’t have to work so hard and make a trip.”

Xiao, who was playing sandbags with Wei, heard this and replied at the top of his voice, “It’s not hard!”

Wei followed suit. “Yao, can you bring me along when you collect the chestnuts? I want to go out with you guys too!”

Song Yao was caught between laughter and tears. “Wei, we’re not going out to play!”

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Wei quickly said, “I know! You still have to work, right? Bring me along. I’m a man, I’m strong!”

Song Ping couldn’t help but laugh when he heard this. “You’re a little brat who hasn’t even grown up yet. You still say that you’re a man. You’ll probably cry again later, right? Why would you follow Sister Yao? Stay at home and watch your Little Yuxuan!”

Wei pouted. “I won’t!”

Song Ping rolled up a cigarette. “You child!”

“All right.”

Song Yao smiled. “If Wei wants to go, I can bring him along. But don’t complain that you’re tired!

If you can go with us, I’ll buy you an ice pop!”

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Hearing that there was an ice pop in the deal, Wei was so excited that he almost jumped up.

“Really? Sister Yao! I want to eat cream!”

Song Yao smiled. “No problem!”

Wei was overjoyed. “Sister, you’re awesome! Sister, you’re awesome!”

Song Ping was caught between laughter and tears. “You’re spoiling this child… But do you have enough money in your pocket? It costs a lot to collect chestnuts in the early stages. If you don’t have enough, I’ll tell your mother and ask her to pay for you.”

“That’s enough. Boss He even paid a deposit of 20 yuan. I have the rest of the money. ”

Speaking of which, ever since she divorced Yu Yong, Song Yao had really earned a lot recently. Not to mention that she had earned more than 300 yuan selling instant noodles at the school gate some time ago, she had also earned a few hundred yuan by giving food to Lin Feng early in the morning and late at night.

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She might not be able to fork out the money to buy a house in town, but she still had some money in her pocket to collect chestnuts.

Gu Li placed the braised food that had just come out of the pot into a jar. “Where are you going to put so many chestnuts? Our house is only so big, and we’re still using it to store eggs and vegetables!”

Song Yao said, “Mom, I want to rent a warehouse in town and put everything in it.”

When Song Ping heard this, he gave a thumbs up. “I think it’s fine! It’s best to find a big place! I see that Liu Mu’s warehouse is idle. I’ll tell him later to tidy up the warehouse and lend it to us for a few days!”

Liu Mu used to be Song Ping’s classmate, but he had seized the opportunity. After graduating from junior high school, he entered the steelworks factory and was now assigned to the family courtyard. There was still a large warehouse that was empty.

Song Yao said, “Forget it. It’s not good to take advantage of others. If it really doesn’t work, we can rent it for a few days.”

Song Ping was unhappy when he heard this. “Your Uncle Liu has such a good relationship with me. Isn’t it a little too distant to say that he borrowed it?”

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Song Yao pursed her lips. Liu Mu and Song Ping had a good relationship, but in Liu Mu’s house, his wife was in charge!

Moreover, his wife looked down on people from the countryside. Although she did not say anything harsh, she could not stand the sarcasm in her words!

“I think Yao is right! We don’t lack the money for those few days! Don’t make it seem like we’re begging them for charity!”

Gu Li agreed with her daughter’s words. Speaking of which, Liu Mu’s wife had looked down on them for a long time. After all, their two sons had both been admitted to universities in the provincial capital. It was common for them to mock Song Yao and Song Xiao. Only Song Ping, who was carefree, could not tell!

Song Ping wanted to say something else, but Gu Li had the final say in this family. Song Ping pursed his lips and did not dare to say anything. After smoking a cigarette, he continued working.

The next morning, Song Yao took the donkey cart of her neighbor, Mrs. Wang, to the state-owned restaurant to deliver the goods. After receiving the money, she took a bus to the town to meet Song Ping.

Song Xiao rode the bicycle to the countryside to collect chestnuts. Even Wei went with him, leaving Gu Li alone to take care of the child.

Song Yao followed Song Ping to the back of a small courtyard. Because Song Ping had informed Liu Mu last night, the warehouse had already been cleaned up. When Song Yao rushed over, she realized that Liu Mu’s wife was also there..

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