Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Harvesting Chestnuts

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After signing the contract, He Ren went to the guest house in the county. Song Yao originally planned to leave early. After all, Song Xiao was still waiting for her at the stall. However, Lin Feng didn’t let her leave and specially poured a cup of tea for her.

“I didn’t expect you to be so good at business. Compared to you, I’m simply trash!” Lin Feng looked at Song Yao with admiration and tenderness.

Song Yao was a married woman. What didn’t she know?

“Um… Boss Lin, if there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first. My brother is still waiting for me at the stall.”

“Oh! That’s true!” Lin Feng reacted. “Then you should go back quickly. Just come over tomorrow to deliver the goods!”

After saying that, he packed some grapes he had bought during the day for Song Yao. “Take this. They all say that grapes are good for a girl’s health!”

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“Ahem… No need! I’ll go back first!” Song Yao said and ran away with her bag.

Lin Feng stared at Song Yao’s departing figure and fell into deep thought.

This was the first time he had seen such a strong and brave girl in his life. If he could marry such a special girl one day, how blissful would he be?

Thinking of this, Lin Feng’s thoughts drifted beyond the nine heavens.

When Song Yao returned to the stall, Wei followed her. He sat at the stall with Song Xiao and ate popsicles.

Seeing Song Xiao shouting, he also wanted to shout along. After a while, all the carrots and eggs in the stall had been sold out, leaving only a few sweet potatoes and some not-so-fresh vegetables.

Song Yao went forward and asked with a smile, “Is the report card out?”

At the mention of this, Wei wilted. “Can you not mention this? I just got beaten up by Auntie.”

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Song Yao was caught between laughter and tears. It was obvious that Wei did not do well this time.

“Sister Yao, Brother Xiao, can I stay at your house for a few days? Auntie is very fierce!” At the mention of Song Feng, Wei began to be afraid.

Song Yao laughed out loud.

Aunt was famous for being strict. Even when Uncle was around, he had to listen to Aunt. However, although Aunt was strict, she was indeed a good person. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have adopted Wei.

Song Yao said, “You can stay for a few days, but you have to call your Auntie tonight. You can’t let her miss you, understand?”

Wei nodded like a rattle drum. “Got it! Don’t worry, why are you nagging like Auntie?”

“You child…”

Song Yao was so angry that she wanted to hit Wei, but she was worried that there was not enough time. She put all the unfinished vegetables into the basket and hurriedly packed up to go home.

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After all, collecting chestnuts could not be delayed. She had to gather 100 catties of chestnuts in at least three days!

When he got home, Song Ping saw Wei coming out of the front seat of the bicycle and smiled. “Why are you here, Wei? Did you not do well in the exam and came to my house to take refuge?”

Wei wilted even more when he heard this. “Don’t mention it, okay? I’ve already told Auntie. I promise I’ll really say it this time.”

Song Ping laughed out loud when he heard this. He picked Wei up. “You frisky monkey, you’ve grown a lot after not seeing you for a few years. Go play with your Brother Xiao! He’s prepared a lot of toys for you!”

As soon as he heard that there were toys to play with, Wei ran to Song Xiao’s house happily.

Song Yao took out the unfinished vegetables and sweet potatoes and told her family about He Ren accepting 100 catties of chestnuts from her.

“What did you say? A hundred catties of chestnuts?” Gu Li was stunned. “I’ve never seen so many chestnuts in my life! This is really a big client.”

If he sent the chestnuts over, he would be able to earn at least a hundred yuan!

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This was a sum that most people in the village could not earn in a year!

Song Ping was also happy for his daughter. “In the past, these chestnuts were saved by squirrels for winter. Later on, when there was a famine, we couldn’t find them even after digging out the squirrel cave! However, the big boss is indeed quite discerning. The chestnuts in our county are ranked in the country. Not only can they be made into sugar stir-fried chestnuts, but they can also be used to stew pork ribs and make snacks. If they were in the past, they would be tributes to the emperor!”

Song Yao knew this.

Their county was not a famous place. The only famous place was the chestnuts. The chestnuts had a sweet taste and nourished the spleen and stomach. They could be eaten as snacks and even be used to make soup. They were a rare treasure.

However, it was also because there were too many chestnuts that no matter how good the chestnuts were, they could not be sold for much money. Therefore, very few people planted chestnuts.

“Then I’ll call them to bring you chestnuts later!” Song Ping said..

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