Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: 100 Catties of Chestnuts

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More than half of the vegetables in the stall were quickly sold out. Song Yao continued to sell with Song Xiao.

“Your hazelnuts look good. How much are they for?” A middle-aged man in a floral shirt and sunglasses walked to the stall with a tape recorder and asked in a southern accent.

This was the first time Song Xiao had seen such a strange person. The siblings looked at each other. In the end, Song Yao replied, “This is a new chestnut. It’s bigger than ordinary chestnuts and costs one yuan a catty! Don’t think that it’s more expensive than meat. Not only can it be made into sugar-fried chestnuts, but it can also be used to stew soup. It’s nutritious and has the functions of nourishing the kidneys, strengthening the waist, strengthening the spleen, and nourishing the stomach!”

The man in the floral shirt nodded in satisfaction when he heard this. He picked up a handful of chestnuts. They were indeed big and bright. They were high-grade chestnuts!

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“Then give me a hundred catties first!”

“How… how much did you say?” Hearing this number, not to mention Song Xiao, even Song Yao was dumbfounded.

She had been selling goods for so long, but this was the first time she had heard someone buy so many chestnuts!

“What’s wrong? Do you think it’s too little? 1.2 yuan per catty then!” The man said again.

“No!” The corners of Song Yao’s mouth twitched as she asked, “You want… 100 catties, right?”

“Yeah, why?”

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“Nothing!” Song Yao reacted. “It’s just that we don’t have so many goods in our hands now. Can you give me three days? Just three days! I promise to send them to you!”

The man in the floral shirt frowned when he heard this. After a while, he asked, “So, you have a very powerful industrial chain behind you?”

Song Yao nodded. “I guess so…”

“That’s great!” The man in the floral shirt patted his thigh. He had finally found a seller who was willing to sell him chestnuts!

He had been in the north for a long time and had entered many villages. He had seen big and round chestnuts, but every time he mentioned collecting chestnuts in a foreign accent, the villagers would always treat him as a bad person who had come to abduct children and beat him away!

At first, he thought that it was the villager’s problem, but after going to many villages, the result was the same.

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He was about to doubt his life until he saw the chestnuts Song Yao was selling at the stall today!

“Just tell me how many catties you can collect. I’ll buy as many catties as you can collect!”

Song Yao’s heart skipped a beat. She had been in business for so long and had seen many generous people, but this was the first time she had seen someone buy so many chestnuts in one go.

“Alright, give me a deposit of 20 yuan first. Don’t make me collect a lot of chestnuts and go against your word.”

She paused for a moment and said, “If you don’t want to pay the deposit, we can find a witness. Don’t worry, I’m doing business here. The people nearby more or less know me. If you don’t trust me, you can look for me at my house!”

The man in the floral shirt smiled when he heard this. “I’ll give you the deposit. You can also find witnesses. I know the rules, but can the chestnuts be cheaper? After all, I bought so much. You can earn money too, right?”

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Song Yao was unhappy when she heard this. “What are you talking about? Earn a lot? You know better than me how much these chestnuts can be sold for overseas. They’re not as big or cheap as mine. I get up early every day and work hard to earn money. I can’t even earn a few at the end of the month. If you let me make it cheaper, I’ll really become a losing business!”

Hearing this, the man in the floral shirt hesitated.

Song Yao’s chestnuts were indeed big and good. Moreover, he had been shopping on the streets for half a day and had seen many chestnut vendors. However, the chestnuts they sold were not much cheaper than Song Yao’s. They were also small. He might as well spend more money to buy some good ones!

At the thought of this, the man in the floral shirt gritted his teeth and took out two banknotes from his pocket. “Deal!”

Song Yao took the money and brought the man in the floral shirt to look for Lin Feng. She only felt relieved after signing the contract.

Through the signature on the contract, Song Yao learned that the man’s name was He Ren. He was from Pengcheng and had specially come to the north to do business.

Song Yao even specially asked about the use of chestnuts. It turned out that Boss He had opened a food factory in Yangcheng and wanted to mass produce some chestnut cakes. However, the chestnuts in the south were expensive and small, so he thought of coming to the north to collect some chestnuts!

Song Yao was caught between laughter and tears when she heard that. Boss He was a southerner who wanted to come to the north to collect chestnuts to earn money. Compared to him, she was simply fooling around by doing such a small business!.

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