Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: Can’t Be Urgent

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Song Xiao was very excited by his sister’s words and couldn’t wait to go to the restaurant to discuss the supply.

However, Song Yao stopped him. “There’s no hurry in this matter. We can take it one step at a time!”

When Song Xiao heard this, he immediately felt that it made sense. Gu Li didn’t understand these things, but she still chose to silently support her daughter behind her back!

“You can do whatever you want, but don’t forget our Baby Xuan. He cried for a long time when he didn’t see you today. I coaxed him for a long time before he fell asleep.”

Song Yao smiled. Baby Xuan would always be the softest spot in her heart.

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Now that she was divorced and was working hard to earn money to support her family, her son would not end up like in her dream.

Recalling that Song Yao had said that she was going to Yu Yong’s house to get something today, Gu Li pulled Song Yao aside and asked, “Did her family make things difficult for you when you went to Yu Yong’s house today?”

After Gu Li finished speaking, she tugged at her daughter’s clothes to see if there were any injuries on her body. In the end, she really saw a hole near the sleeve of her clothes.

“Yu Yongs mother did this?”

Song Yao looked in the direction Gu Li had pointed out. There was really a big hole under her sleeve. It must have been torn during the argument with Widow Wang. “No!” Song Yao smiled and said, “I might have accidentally tore it on the road!”

She didn’t mention to Gu Lidi that she had met Widow Wang on the way.

However, Gu Li refused to give up. “Tell Mom the truth. Did Chen Lian, that crazy woman, hit you? Mom will go and reason with her!”

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With that, Gu Li picked up the shovel and was about to leave when Song Yao stopped her for a long time.

“Mom! That’s not true! I’ve already divorced Yu Yong. Her family won’t dare to do anything to me. Besides, even if Yu Yong’s family dares to do anything to me, will I still be afraid of them now?”

Hearing this, Gu Li stopped in her tracks.

It had to be said that ever since Song Yao got a divorce, her temper had grown a lot. In the past, she would only swallow her anger when she was bullied. Now, not only did she know how to do business, but she also knew how to be reasonable when she was bullied!

Gu Li was very gratified by her daughter’s change. She asked with red eyes, “You really weren’t bullied?”

“Mom! If I were really bullied, I would probably still be crying now. Why would I tell you so much?” Song Yao stuck out her tongue at Gu Li and said, “Mom! Go back and cook the braised food first. I’m still waiting to use it tomorrow.”

Only then did Gu Li wipe her tears and say, “Alright! Mom, go cook the braised food first!”

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At dawn the next day, Song Yao rode her bicycle and brought the batch of ingredients that Lin Feng needed over. After receiving the money, Song Yao rushed to the market to sell the defective goods that the state-owned restaurant didn’t want.

She had just collected a lot of fresh hazelnuts today and sold a lot in less than a few minutes.

“Sister, when are we going to try our luck at other restaurants?” Song Xiao was still thinking about supplying other restaurants. He had asked Song Yao several times in the morning.

Song Yao unhurriedly arranged the carrots. “Let’s talk about it after these things are sold out.”

Song Xiao stared at the ingredients in front of him and fell into deep thought. If possible, he wished he could pay for all these dishes.

Unfortunately, selling things could not be rushed.

“Don’t miss it. New eggs, vegetables, and fresh chestnuts! It’s so affordable to buy more!” Song Xiao shouted as he called people over. These days, he had been selling things with Song Yao, and Song Xiao had also learned to speak well.

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Before long, the stall was filled with people.

“How much is this carrot? It looks quite fresh.”

Song Xiao picked two big ones and handed them to the older sister who was carrying the basket. “Sister, these are all new carrots. They’re fresh. Twenty cents a catty! You can use them to make soup, beautify your appearance, and supplement… what else?”

“Are you talking about vitamin A supplements?”

The eldest sister, who was carrying the basket, giggled at Song Xiao’s teasing. She immediately said, “Then give me six carrots and a catty of eggs!”

“Okay!” The moment she received the money, Song Xiao was so happy that she quickly packed the things. “Sister, my sister and I come to set up the stall every day. If you want to buy anything else, just come over!”

The woman carrying the basket did not stand on ceremony. “Alright! I’ll come back tomorrow!” “Alright! Goodbye, Sister! I wish you a fortune and that you’ll become more and more beautiful!”

Song Yao almost laughed out loud when she heard this. She had to admit that although her brother was not good at studying, he was good at selling things!.

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