Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Relocation

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Song Yao sighed. “There’s no need. I just came specially to see you.”

Han Pei’s lips twitched. “What’s there to see? On the other hand, you must be tired from selling goods.”

“I’m not tired.” Song Yao smiled and said to Han Pei, “Actually… you can consider getting a divorce.”

“Forget it!” Han Pei panicked when she heard this. “I don’t have a family to go to! Unlike you…”

After saying that, Han Pei revealed an envious gaze.

Song Yao wanted to say something to Han Pei, but she realized that it was almost one o’clock!

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Forget it. There was no hurry to persuade Han Pei to get a divorce. Song Yao stood up and said, “I won’t talk to you anymore. I’ll go to the village committee first! I still have to go to the state-owned restaurant later!”

Han Pei put on her apron. “Take care! I won’t send you off!”

Song Yao rushed to the village committee around one o’clock to discuss the transfer of the household register. Li En didn’t say anything else and immediately gave Song Yao a certificate.

“If you move your household register out, the few acres of land under your name will have to be distributed to others. Have you thought about this carefully?”

Song Yao nodded. “I’ve thought it through.”

Anyway, she could earn money now, so she didn’t lack that bit of land.

Li En smiled in satisfaction. Speaking of which, even if Song Yao didn’t come, he had to go to Song Yao’s house. After all, Song Yao would have to move out sooner or later after she got a divorce. The remaining land would naturally be divided equally among the villagers.

This morning, someone came to ask about those acres of land!

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After settling the matter, Song Yao went straight to town to move her household register.

This time, after the divorce, Song Yao left her household register at home. However, the household register was established separately, and there were only her and Yu Xuan’s names on it.

After riding from the town to the Song Manor, it was already past three in the evening. Song Yao originally wanted to ride the car to the state-run restaurant to deliver the goods to Lin Feng, but it was already so late. By the time she returned, the sky would probably be dark!

Song Yao thought about it and decided to deliver the goods tomorrow.

Song Xiao had just returned from catching fish outside. When he saw Song Yao settling accounts in the room, he went up to her and said, “Sister, Mom asked me to ask you if you’ve moved out of the household register.”

Song Yao handed the household register to Song Xiao. “It’s been moved out.”

“Alright! When the time comes, I’ll go to the village committee with our father and help you get back the land that originally belonged to you!”

Song Yao sat down to record the accounts. “There’s no hurry.”

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She roughly calculated that she had earned more than a hundred yuan a few days ago when she went to the school gate. In fact, she could have earned more. Unfortunately, in the next few days, there were a few more vendors who followed the trend and sold instant noodles. She only earned more than 60 yuan on the last day.

Seeing that Song Yao was calculating seriously, Song Xiao went up to take a look at the account book. “Sister! We’ll still sell instant noodles next time during the school exams!”

In just a few days, he had earned the money that most people could only earn in a year. Song Xiao was overjoyed!

However, Song Yao frowned. “I don’t think I can sell it for so much money next time. Didn’t you see two more stalls selling instant noodles and soda yesterday?”

“Seriously, why are they copying us…”

Song Xiao’s tone was a little worried. He paused for a moment and continued, “Then this can’t go on. If we can think of a way to do business, will those people have to learn from us in the future?”


After Song Yao finished speaking, she thought for a moment and continued, “That’s why we have to keep innovating! I’ve thought about it. Although we earn a lot of money from working hard every day, what if our business is difficult in the future? So I’m thinking that when we save enough capital, will it not be so hard?”

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Song Xiao was confused by Song Yao’s words and could only clap and cheer at the side.

On the other hand, Gu Li carried Baby Xuan into the house with interest. “You just said that if you want to do a good business, you have to constantly innovate. Tell me, how do you plan to innovate?”

Song Yao really thought of an idea. She said to Gu Li, “How many mountain goods and chickens and ducks can we receive now?” Song Xiao thought for a moment. “About 30 to 40 catties.”

“It’s quite a lot!” Song Yao frowned.

“Since we can send these things to the state-owned restaurant, other small restaurants shouldn’t be a problem! Moreover, if we want to really earn money, we shouldn’t keep accepting other people’s things. For example, we can grow more vegetables at home and raise dozens of chickens and ducks! Also, Mom’s braised food shouldn’t be a problem selling. We can form an industry chain ourselves. We might earn more when the time comes!”

Hearing Song Yao’s words, Gu Li clicked her tongue.

Her daughter really dared to think about it. If she really reached that step, wouldn’t their family really become what the neighbors called a ten-thousand-yuan household?.

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