Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Say Less

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As soon as Yu Yong finished speaking, everyone looked at Widow Wang.

Who didn’t know that Yu Yong went to Widow Wang’s place to play mahjong every other day? He usually called her sister-in-law. It seemed like she had really angered Yu Yong today!

Widow Wang squatted on the ground and felt even more aggrieved. She had only wanted to use this opportunity to mock Song Yao. Who would have thought that this matter would blow up so much that even Brother Yong was alarmed?!

What if Brother Yong had any bad thoughts about her because of this?

At the thought of this, Widow Wang suddenly wilted. She ran to Song Yao in a low voice and said, “I’m sorry… Sister Song Yao! It’s all my fault! I shouldn’t have said bad things about you! Please forgive me this time on account that we were in the same village previously, right?”

As she spoke, she touched her swollen face.

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Song Yao, this b*tch, was quite heavy-handed! If it weren’t for Brother Yong, she wouldn’t have apologized to Song Yao!

“Aiya, what’s the big deal? We’re all neighbors!” Chen Lian, who had rushed over while panting, hurriedly went forward to smooth things over. Although Yu Yong had said that he wanted

Widow Wang to apologize, seeing that Song Yao didn’t move for a long time, he still pulled Widow Wang up and asked her to leave early.

The villagers gradually dispersed. Only Song Yao remained silent.

Forgive Widow Wang? That was impossible!

But what could she do now? She was a divorced woman. If this continued, she would be the one at a disadvantage!

It was soon noon. He Xi was carrying a hoe and was about to go home for lunch when she saw Song Yao on the way.

“Sister-in-law, why are you here? Let’s leave after lunch. ”

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After saying that, He Xi took the initiative to put her arm around Song Yao’s shoulder. She knew that Song Yao would come back sooner or later. After all, the two of them had given birth to a child!

However, Song Yao gently pushed her away and sneered at Chen Lian, who was rolling her eyes at her. “No need. I’m here to move my household register today and bring my clothes back. Sister He, don’t misunderstand.”

Sister He…

He Xi’s heart skipped a beat. She also knew that it was impossible for Song Yao and Yu Yong.

He naturally shook off Song Yao’s arm. “Then… come to our house and have a seat. How has Baby Xuan been these past few days? Is he still making trouble for you?”

“He’s not fooling around anymore. With my mother at home watching over him, I’m much more at ease,” Song Yao said as she took a detour with He Xi towards Yu Yong’s courtyard.

Behind him, Yu Yong felt even worse when he saw this. He knew that he could not win Song Yao’s heart back no matter what.

Seeing her son like this, Chen Lian’s heart was very twisted. She scolded Song Yao as a vixen in her heart. Then, she shouted at the top of her lungs, “It’s all your fault! Everyone says that a married daughter is like water splashed out! Your mother is really unlucky to have a daughter like you!”

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Hearing this, Song Yao was about to flare up when He Xi quickly changed the topic. “I’ve already tidied up your house for you. If you lack anything, just tell Sister-in-law!”

Song Yao felt aggrieved, but she also understood that she was here to move her household register today, so she did not argue with Chen Lian.

When they arrived at Yu Yong’s house, Song Yao began to pack her things.

The things she left at Yu Yong’s house were nothing more than a few clothes for her and Baby Xuan, as well as a pair of gold earrings that Gu Li had asked the village craftsmen to give her when she married Yu Yong.

Song Yao put the earrings into the innermost pocket, as well as the other clothes. There were also big things like sewing machines and dressing tables that were not easy to take…

“I’ll send it to you another day,” Yu Yong said as he entered the house.

Song Yao thanked Yu Yong calmly and left in a hurry with her things.

Staring at Song Yao’s departing back, Chen Lian was so angry that she spat. “Pfft! This heartless little b*tch! How good is our Yong to her? But she’s good! She’s divorced and still caused so much trouble!”

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Yu Yong’s face darkened. “Mom! Stop talking. Haven’t you messed up this family enough?”

Song Yao came out of Yu Yong s courtyard and went to Han Pei’s house.

Speaking of Han Pei, she had a tough life.

Because her biological parents had died early, her aunt had sold them to a family that herded sheep as a wife. Because she had suffered a difficult labor with the daughter she had given birth to two years ago and injured her body, she could not get pregnant again in the future.

Han Pei had endless work to do every day. Not only did she have to herd sheep and grass, but she also had to work in the fields, wash clothes, and cook. However, even so, her in-laws still forced her to divorce her husband every other day.

How could Han Pei not want a divorce? But where could she go after a divorce?

When Song Yao rushed to the Liu family’s house, Han Pei was still feeding the sheep in the courtyard. When she saw Song Yao enter the courtyard, she hurriedly wiped her apron. “Wait! I’ll feed the sheep and accompany you to the village committee!”.

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