Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Cursing Battle

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Song Yao turned around and saw Yu Yong rushing towards them.

The villagers who were watching the commotion discussed animatedly. They all said that Yu Yong had specially come to support Song Yao.

“I knew it. There’s no overnight feud between this couple! If you ask me, this couple has to remarry!”

“That’s right. Even if the misunderstanding is cleared up, we still have to celebrate it together! Which husband and wife don’t quarrel?”

Hearing this, Song Yao pursed her lips in disgust and wished she could stay dozens of meters away from Yu Yong.

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Remarry? He could forget about it for the rest of his life!

Yu Yong naturally noticed Song Yao’s disdainful actions and immediately stood rooted to the ground.

“Oh! Brother Yong, you came at the right time! Come and be the judge for us! You said that Song Yao usually looks like a gentle and weak little wife. Who would have thought that she was a shrew? Look at how she beat me up!” Widow Wang cried like a pear blossom in rain. As she spoke, she showed Yu Yong the mark on her face that Song Yao had left on her face.

She was almost touching Yu Yong in broad daylight!

“That’s enough!” Yu Yong pushed Widow Wang away in disgust. “It’s Song Yao’s fault for hitting you! But why don’t you see what you said? Sister-in-law Wang, your words are really unpleasant sometimes!”

“How can you blame me!”

Widow Wang was so anxious that tears were about to fall from her eyes. “Brother Yong! Who am I saying this for? It’s really not that Sister-in-law’s words are unpleasant! Why do you think you gave that child away? Is it because Song Yao didn’t give birth to your child at all?”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone’s faces darkened. Yu Yong was even more furious!

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He clenched his fists tightly to suppress his anger, afraid that he would hit someone on impulse!

It was obvious that Widow Wang did not realize the danger. Seeing that the others were silent, she said smugly, “Am I right? Who knows which man’s bastard Song Yao was pregnant with back then? I’m afraid Song Yao doesn’t even know, right?”

When the villagers saw this, they quickly pulled Widow Wang back. “Widow Wang, don’t say so much, okay?”

Everyone saw Yu Yong clench his fists. If he hit someone later, things would not end well!

Unexpectedly, just as Yu Courage was about to say something, he saw Song Yao break free from the Liu family’s young wife who was pulling her and rush forward to beat Widow Wang up!

Song Yao was very strong. In just a few moves, she had beaten Widow Wang until her face was swollen and her hair was torn out!

The villagers were so frightened that no one dared to approach, afraid that they would be implicated by Widow Wang!

In the past, he really couldn’t tell that Song Yao was so ruthless!

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“Song Yao! Calm down! You don’t have to be angry with someone like her!”

The person who pulled Song Yao back was the Liu family’s daughter-in-law, Han Pei, who was usually the closest to her. She had an honest personality. When she saw Song Yao beat Widow Wang up like this, she was afraid that something would happen, so she pulled her over.

Only then did Song Yao retract her hand and say to Yu Yong with a cold expression, “Widow Wang said that Baby Xuan isn’t your child. What do you have to say?”

Yu Yong’s face was ashen. “Nonsense!”

With a cold expression, he paused and said, “It has nothing to do with Song Yao that I gave Yu

Xuan away! It’s because my comrade who saved my life back then didn’t have a child until now!

As a person, I know how to repay kindness. I sent the child over without Song Yao’s permission! This is my fault! Song Yao and I have been husband and wife for a few years after all. I know her temper and personality the best! If you continue saying that Yu Xuan isn’t my son, I won’t be polite to you!”

Yu Yong was indeed a soldier. Not only did he have brute force when he worked, but even his words were powerful!

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When the villagers heard this, they didn’t dare to gossip anymore. They echoed Yu Yong’s words, “1 knew it. This Baby Xuan looks like Yong! How can he not be Yong’s son? Widow Wang, you’re really too much! You can eat this rice casually, but you can’t spout nonsense! How honest is Song Yao? We all saw it! How can you spout nonsense?”

“That’s right. Fortunately, Yong came over to explain this matter clearly! Otherwise, everyone would have misunderstood Song Yao!”

Widow Wang was on the brink of tears when she heard this. In the past, when did Yu Yong not speak up for her when he came to her house to play mahjong? Why did he help Song Yao this time?

She wiped her tears and said with an aggrieved expression, “I’m just worried that Brother Yong will suffer. Brother Yong won’t be able to come back more than a few times a year. If Song Yao really does something to let you down…”

“I advise you not to spout nonsense!”

Yu Yong’s face was ashen. “There’s no need to care about me! But you just said something against Song Yao, so go over and apologize to her immediately!.

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