Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Widow Wang

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In the next few days, Song Yao earned a total of more than 300 yuan. After deducting the capital, she also earned more than 100 yuan!

She had been overwrought for the past few days. She didn’t have time to shower at all. In addition, it wasn’t convenient to shower in the countryside. Song Yao specially boiled a pot of water while her family was asleep and was about to wipe her body before going to bed. Only then did she remember that her clothes were still at the Yu family’s house. Not only her clothes, but she hadn’t even moved her household register back.

The next morning, before dawn, Song Yao rushed to the Yu Family Village to get her clothes and move her household register.

Unexpectedly, just as she reached the village entrance, she was stopped by a young woman in a flowery shirt. “Hey, isn’t this Brother Yong’s ex-wife? Why are you still running to the Yu Family Village after getting a divorce? I heard that you want to marry someone else with Brother Yong’s money?”

A sharp female voice sounded beside her ear. Song Yao sneered. She was wondering who it was. So it was Widow Wang from the village!

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Speaking of which, she had not interacted much with Widow Wang. It could be said that Yu Yong would go to Widow Wang’s place to play mahjong every few days. It was common for him to stay out at night. The two of them had quarreled a lot because of this!

Coupled with Widow Wang’s inexplicable malice towards her, it made her wonder if Widow Wang really had something going on with Yu Yong. Now that she was divorced from Yu Yong, he could follow whoever he wanted. Anyway, it had nothing to do with her!

Song Yao ignored her and walked over. Widow Wang was unhappy and shouted at the top of her lungs, “Brother Yong doesn’t want you anymore! I don’t know what you’re so proud of! It’s not easy to get married with a son, right? What a lowly woman!”

Song Yao stopped in her tracks. Her eyes were cold. Then, with a slap, Song Yao slapped Widow Wang without hesitation and said coldly, “What about you? I still have a chance to get a divorce, but everyone in the village says that you’ve jinxed your husband. I’m afraid you won’t be able to get married in this lifetime, right?”

“How dare you hit me!”

Widow Wang was so angry that she wanted to retaliate, but Song Yao grabbed her wrist tightly. “I hit you! Why don’t you take a piss and see how you look! You still dare to think about other people’s men! Is he willing to marry you?”

Widow Wang was angered to death by Song Yao. She did not expect that a b*tch like Song Yao, who had been abandoned by Brother Yong, would actually dare to show off in front of her. Wasn’t she embarrassed?

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Song Yao even said that she was thinking about someone else’s man! How could she not be angry when Song Yao said her thoughts out loud?

“You b*tch! You… Don’t think I don’t know why you divorced Little Brother Yong! Didn’t you just raise a man outside and don’t want Little Brother Yong to know? What right do you have to criticize me?”

As Widow Wang spoke, she bared her fangs and brandished her claws, wanting to grab Song Yao’s face. However, Song Yao was no longer that weak little wife!

Over the past few days, she had grown calluses from selling goods. She slapped Widow Wang’s face and left a palm print!

Widow Wang was so angry that her eyes were spitting fire. “Song Yao! You b*tch! How dare you hit me?

“I’m hitting you!” After Song Yao said that, she slapped Widow Wang a few more times.

When the villagers saw Song Yao and Widow Wang fighting, they hurriedly went to the Yu family to inform them.

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“Yong’s mother! Hurry up and take a look! Yong’s wife and Widow Wang are fighting at the village entrance!”

At the mention of Song Yao, Chen Lian was filled with anger.

“She’s already divorced Yong. What does it have to do with me who she fights with?”

“This indecent little b*tch! She’s still not at peace at a time like this!”

Chen Lian gritted her teeth and wanted to continue cursing, but Yu Yong came out of the house and asked, “Aunt, you said that Song Yao and Widow Wang fought?”

That person hurriedly said, “Aiya! It’s at the entrance of the village! Quickly go and take a look. If you ask me, Yong’s wife still has Yong in her heart! Yong’s mother, you should say less!”

Chen Lian turned her head and did not want to speak, but Yu Yong walked out of the courtyard with a dark expression.

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At the entrance of the Yu Family’s village, Widow Wang’s face was bruised and swollen. She shouted at the top of her lungs, “You know very well what you’ve done! If you hadn’t given birth to a bastard outside, would you be in such a hurry to divorce Brother Yong?”

“B*tch! How dare you say that I’m thinking about another man! You’re a divorced woman who goes out to do business all day. What good can you be?”

“You still have the cheek to live? Don’t your parents find you embarrassing?”

When Yu Yong arrived at the village entrance, he happened to hear someone scolding Song Yao.

However, Song Yao did not give in. She raised her hand and slapped him back. “Shut up if you don’t know how to speak. I think you’re the one who wants to support a man. You know very well who’s thinking about someone else’s husband! Anyway, it’s not me!”

Widow Wang was furious. She raised her hand and was about to hit him back when she heard Yu Yong’s voice.

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