Chapter 4

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It seemed that they had encountered human traffickers!

The three men were approaching step by step. Song Yao knew that she wouldn’t be able to avoid them for long with the low wall.

She could only run forward, perhaps in exchange for a chance of survival.

Song Yao raised her head and grabbed a handful of soil with both hands. Before the man approached, she exerted strength in her legs and rushed forward.

“She’s there!” When the human trafficker heard the commotion, he immediately reacted and chased after her.

Song Yao was a woman, and her figure was not comparable to the three men. After running a few steps, the three men behind her were about to catch up.

She suddenly turned around and threw the soil in her hand at the man’s face. She said angrily, “Get lost!”

The three men didn’t expect Song Yao to throw dirt at them. They couldn’t even open their eyes.

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Song Yao took this opportunity to continue running and shouting, “Help!”

The men were blinded by the mud. When they came back to their senses, they were furious and ran even faster.

Seeing that she couldn’t outrun the man, Song Yao rushed down the slope.

With the buffer of her cotton clothes, she didn’t feel much pain from the branches growing on the hillside. As soon as her feet touched the ground, she continued running.

The three men behind him were still in hot pursuit.

Song Yao didn’t know how long she had been running. Her throat was dry from shouting, and her legs started to go weak.

Coupled with the fact that her fever had just subsided last night, her head was still a little dizzy. Now that she was exercising vigorously, it was even more uncontrollable.

The scene in front of her began to blur. She could vaguely see a truck driving towards her. She rushed forward desperately to ask for help. Just as she shouted for help, she fell to the ground.

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The man in the two green military coats got out of the truck and hurried towards her.

One of the men with a golden star emblem on his chest helped her up and said in surprise, “Why are you here?”

Song Yao couldn’t see the man’s face clearly. The words that were about to come out of her mouth were completely silent. She leaned into the man’s arms and fainted.

When she woke up again, she opened her eyes and saw the white ceiling and the IV bag beside her.

“You’re awake.” The nurse’s delicate face appeared in front of Song Yao.

Song Yao coughed dryly. The nurse poured a glass of water right on the heels of that and helped her sit up.

“You really escaped tragedy by a whisker just now. Recently, the human traffickers in the town have been rampant. If it weren’t for a kind person passing by and sending you to the hospital, I’m afraid you would have been doomed,” the nurse said.

Song Yao gulped down a cup of water. When she heard that she had been saved, she suddenly recalled the scene she had seen before she fainted.

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“Nurse, is the person who sent me here still here?” Song Yao asked.

The nurse looked at the IV bag and said, “Isn’t he your man? Why don’t you know?”

Yu Yong? Song Yao was sure that the person who saved her wasn’t Yu Yong.

The body of the man who saved her was not as sturdy as Yu Yong’s.

Thinking of this, Song Yao was secretly sad and suddenly thought of something bad.

She had no intention of belittling her husband. Yu Yong was a very famous handsome man in the village. Before he got married, he had countless suitors.

However, her husband didn’t like her. It was only because her family had been urging her in recent years that the matchmaker came looking for her, allowing Song Yao, who was of equal status, to take advantage of the loophole.

Behind her back, Song Yao even heard some gossip from the Yu family saying that Song Yao was out of Yu Yong’s league.

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“You’ve misunderstood. He’s not my lover. My lover brought my son out today. It can’t be him.” Song Yao took a deep breath and explained with a smile.

The nurse raised her eyebrows. “Really? That man seems to treat you quite well. I thought you two knew each other. He even paid for you.”

Song Yao was shocked that a stranger could do this for her. She quickly asked the nurse, “Do you remember what he looked like?”

This question stumped the nurse. She only remembered that he was handsome, but she did not know how to describe his appearance.

She only said, “He’s from the army. I took a quick glance at the payment form and knew that his surname is Zuo. As for his name… it seems to be a single word. You should be able to find it quickly if you ask around in the army. There are very few people with the surname Zuo in this area.”

After knowing the name of her benefactor, Song Yao found it familiar, but she didn’t have time to think about it. She decided to ask Yu Yong when she returned home. She would visit her benefactor another day to thank him and return the medical fees.

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