Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: Instant Noodles

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“That’s good too.” Gu Li sighed. “Separate yourself from their family as soon as possible. When Baby Xuan grows up, Mom will find you a reliable one.”

Song Yao rubbed the space between her eyebrows. “Mom, I don’t even want to look anymore.”

“It’s so tiring for a woman like you. How can you not find someone reliable?” Gu Li was still the older generation. “Besides, my daughter is so beautiful and capable. You don’t have to worry about not being able to find someone good in the future.”

Song Xiao echoed, “Mom! Next time, you have to pick a good brother-in-law for me! If he’s still like that bastard Yu Yong, I’ll beat him up every time I see him!”

“Alright, alright, alright!” Gu Li smiled apologetically and looked at her helpless daughter. “I’ll definitely find a good one for your sister!”

After dinner that night, Song Yao asked Gu Li to make another pot of braised food. She said that Boss Lin liked it very much and would send some to the state-run restaurant every day.

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Gu Li was shocked when she heard this. “How can city people be used to my braised food?”

It was not until Song Yao gave Gu Li the five yuan she had earned that she believed that she had really earned money!

“How did you earn so much?” Gu Li held the heavy coin and could not react.

Two yuan per catty! Wasn’t that more expensive than meat?

Song Yao smiled and said, “She likes to eat it. It’s not too much no matter how much it costs!”

“Aiya! I’ll make two pots today!” Gu Li was so excited that her eyes lit up. She took the money and went to the supply and marketing cooperative to buy braised eggs.

Song Yao returned to her room to coax Baby Xuan. Seeing that Song Xiao was still feeding the chickens outside, Song Yao called him in. “Send the braised food to Lin Feng tomorrow. Come with me to Jiang Town Elementary School.”

“Are you going to pick up Wei?” Song Xiao remembered Ah Wei was studying at Jiangzhen Elementary School. Tomorrow was the day of Wei’s final exam.

Song Yao smiled. “Yes, I also sold the instant noodles I stocked up a few days ago.”

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At the mention of instant noodles, Song Xiao looked curious. “Sister! That thing is so expensive. What if it can’t be sold?”

“How is that possible? They all say that it’s delicious!”

Of course, Song Yao was talking about her dream!

However, in order to prove this, Song Yao made a bowl of water for Song Xiao.

Song Xiao originally thought that no matter how delicious it was, it was just a bowl of noodles.

It wasn’t until the fragrance came out that Song Xiao couldn’t help but ask, “Sister… is it done?”

Song Yao shook her head. According to what she had done in her dream, the cup noodles would take at least five minutes to soak.

“Why isn’t it done yet? I can smell the fragrance of meat. No! It’s even more fragrant than meat!” Song Xiao was drooling.

Song Yao was caught between laughter and tears. “Do you think we can sell this box of instant noodles tomorrow?”

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“Of course I can! Even I can’t help it! Not to mention Wei and the other brats!” Song Xiao looked at the clock as he spoke. It was not until five minutes had passed that he lifted the lid and couldn’t wait to eat.

The noodles were soft and the soup was delicious. Song Xiao finished a bowl of noodles in two or three mouthfuls and wanted to make another bowl. Song Yao didn’t expect it to be so delicious, so she took another packet for her brother without saying anything. This time, Song Xiao poured water for himself and waited obediently for the instant noodles to be cooked.

Song Ping was smoking at the side and could not help but say, “Eat slowly! No matter how delicious it is, how delicious can it be? Don’t finish all the goods your sister bought!”

Song Xiao immediately wilted. Song Yao smiled and said, “Dad, it’s fine. Do you want to eat it? If you want to eat it, I’ll make a packet for you.”

Just as Song Ping was about to say how delicious a bowl of noodles could be, he smelled chicken soup!

No! It smelled better than chicken soup!

“Come… give me a pack.”

Song Yao also made a packet of instant noodles for Song Ping. In the end, she became more and more curious. She also made a packet of instant noodles to try and suddenly understood Baby Xuan’s feelings!

When she had time tomorrow, she would buy a few more wholesale packets!

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The next morning, Song Yao drove her bicycle to the state-owned restaurant. Lin Feng saw that Song Yao had arrived so early and even carried such a huge jar. He wanted to help, but before he could come out, Song Yao had already carried the jar in.

“So many things. You must be tired, right?”

Song Yao wiped the sweat off her forehead. “I’m not tired! My mom cooked two big pots yesterday! Look at how many catties there are.”

The two large pots of braised food weighed at least ten catties. Coupled with the weight of the jars, it was unknown how the siblings carried them over.

Lin Feng went in and poured a glass of water for Song Yao before weighing it again. “There’s a total of eight catties, five catties of braised meat, and three catties of braised eggs. It’s a total of twenty-one catties. I’ll give you the money first.”

As Lin Feng spoke, he wanted to touch Song Yao’s hand, but Song Yao pushed him away.

“Thank you, Brother Lin! I’ll send it over tomorrow!”

Brother Lin…

Hearing this form of address, Lin Feng tactfully avoided it. “It’s fine. I’m worried that you won’t be able to hold it properly… Erm… You don’t have to send the braised food over tomorrow. I have enough here. Just send me a few more eggs.”

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