Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: It’s Not Easy For My Mom

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The onlookers discussed animatedly. Yu Yong couldn’t stand it anymore. “Mom! Stop fooling around! Let’s go home first!”

Chen Lian rolled on the ground. “Son! Mom’s heart aches for you! You’re a good young man. How did you suddenly become a bachelor? It was this woman who didn’t want to live and insisted on a divorce! Why did she have to take our family’s money!”

“Mom!” Seeing that he couldn’t persuade Chen Lian, Yu Yong could only say to Song Yao, “You pushed Mom. Apologize!”

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She knew that this old witch loved to act! In the past, because of Chen Lian’s tantrum, she and Yu Yong had quarreled a lot! At that time, she had endured it for the sake of her child. Now that they were divorced, how could she tolerate this?

“Apologize? Which eye of yours saw me push her? Did you see that?” Song Yao asked the passersby.

“I didn’t see it! It was the old lady who fell down!”

Yu Yong’s expression turned even uglier. “Even if you didn’t push her! My mother is already so old! Shouldn’t you give in to her? You know, for me…”

Song Yao immediately shouted, “Stop! What do you mean by giving in to her! It’s not easy for your mother to raise you. What does it have to do with me?”

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Yu Yong paused for a moment, but he realized that Song Yao was looking at him without a trace of warmth, as if she was looking at an unimportant stranger.

Song Yao continued, “I’ve wanted to tell you this for a long time! It’s not easy for your mother to raise you, so you should be filial. Why do you always drag me along? You make it sound like I’m the cause of your mother’s difficulties! Over the years, your mother has made things difficult for me many times. I think you can tell! She just turned a blind eye!”

“Well said, comrade! What does it have to do with us if it’s not easy for his mother? It’s not easy for my mother!” A woman passing by handed Song Yao a tissue and patted her shoulder. “You’re right to get a divorce! We can’t take such a calculative man! And his mother is just like my ex-husband’s mother!”

“It’s good that you got a divorce, female comrade! It’s not like we can’t find a good man!”

More and more women stood up for Song Yao. Yu Yong’s expression was extremely ugly. All along, he had thought that he was a good man. Even if there were times when he was not considerate, it was only occasionally. He had never thought that one day, he would be pointed at his nose and scolded so many ugly words…

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Song Yao threw the account book at Yu Yong’s face right on the heels of that. “Didn’t you say that I spent your Yu family’s money? Today, I’ll let you see how much you spent on me out of the 35 yuan you sent me!”

Yu Yong bent down and picked up the account book. On it were the uses of every cent he sent to Song Yao. Most of them were daily necessities, food and clothes that he sent to the army, New Year’s money for his nephew, brother and sister-in-law’s clothes, and… Chen Lian would ask her for ten yuan every month to play mahjong…

Looking at the densely packed records, Yu Yong felt indescribably uncomfortable. It seemed that ever since Song Yao married him, she had never filled in a new set of clothes. He remembered that in the past, he would receive canned food and beef from Song Yao every month in the army, as well as sweaters and gloves for him. He used to give sweaters to his comrades because he despised the sweater that Song Yao knitted…

“I’m sorry…” Yu Yong took a few steps back. “I… You can take my money. Take it as my compensation for all these years.”

“There’s no need.” Song Yao’s face was cold. “In the future, send ten yuan to Baby Xuan every month for child support. After all, you’re the child’s biological father! Of course, it’s fine if you don’t want to give it to me. Anyway, I’m going back to earn my own money now. I don’t care about your ten yuan!”

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“I… I didn’t mean that!” After Yu Yong finished speaking, he hurriedly took out two notes from his pocket. “These… are for you!”

Song Yao took out a note. “This is Baby Xuan’s child support fee. Take the rest back!”

Yu Yong frowned. He felt that he had let Song Yao down all these years.

“If you need any help in the future, you can call me! After all, I’m the child’s biological father!”

Song Yao didn’t look at him again, nor did she care about Chen Lian, who was throwing a tantrum. She rode her bicycle and left without looking back.

When Song Yao rushed home, Song Xiao had already caught a few eels. Seeing that Song Yao still had a straight face, Gu Li went forward and asked, “How is it? Did Yu Yong agree to the divorce?”

Song Yao took out the divorce certificate from her pocket. “Mom, Yu Yong will send Baby Xuan ten yuan of child support every month in the future.”

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