Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Divorce Procedure

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Just as Song Yao was about to explain that her mother’s braised food was the best in the world, an idea suddenly popped up in her mind. “Mom! Pack the rest of the braised food for me tomorrow! I’ll take it to the county city to take a look!”

“What are you going to do in the county city? Can you sell it?” Even though her braised food was delicious, Gu Li still felt that only the countryside loved to eat her cooking. It was not enough to be sold in the city!

However, Song Yao insisted, “Mom! You’ve misunderstood. We won’t sell it in the county city. Instead, we’ll bring it to the state-run restaurant for Boss Lin to try!”

Hearing this, Gu Li was even more shocked. “Why would the big boss of a state-owned restaurant like my food?”

Song Yao smiled. “Mom, you’re too lacking in confidence! I think your braised food is the best in the world! If Boss Lin also likes our braised food, we can earn a lot of money!”

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Hearing her daughter’s words, Gu Li nodded skeptically. “Then… then wait for me. I’ll cook another pot!”

The next morning, Song Yao brought Gu Li’s braised food to the state-owned restaurant.

There were also the seven eels that Song Xiao caught yesterday. Song Yao didn’t send them all to Lin Feng at once. After all, these things were just fresh. If she took too many, the price Lin Feng offered wouldn’t be too high.

Lin Feng checked the vegetables that Song Yao brought over and paid 30 yuan for the vegetables. Song Yao brought over another jar. “Boss Lin, do you want to try the braised food from my house? If you think it’s delicious, I can send it to you every day.”

Boss Lin opened the lid and the fragrance of meat wafted out!

“Smells nice! Did you make this yourself?”

Song Yao handed a pair of chopsticks over. “My mother made it herself! This is our family’s unique secret recipe!”

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Lin Feng tried a piece of marinated braised meat. The meat was soft and tender, leaving a fragrance in his mouth. He had eaten a lot of delicious food in his 20 years of life, but he had never eaten such delicious braised food!

“How much is your braised food?” Lin Feng asked directly.

Song Yao thought for a moment. “They’re all marinated at home, and it’s my mother’s unique cooking. I haven’t thought of a price yet.”

Lin Feng thought for a long time. “How about this? Ten jars of meat and eggs first! I’ll give you two yuan per catty for the braised eggs. Three for the meat… What do you think?”

“Deal!” Song Yao agreed readily. She had brought two jars of braised food today. Lin Feng weighed them and calculated that they weighed about two catties!

After leaving Lin Feng’s place, Song Yao was overjoyed with the 40 yuan she had earned today!

Song Xiao pushed the bicycle and said, “Sister, I didn’t expect Boss Lin to like Mom’s braised food so much.”

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Song Yao smiled. “Aren’t you confident in Mom’s cooking? I told you, it’s a pity that the braised food she made won’t be sold to the shop!”

Song Xiao echoed, “Let’s go back and tell Mom about this!”

As Song Xiao spoke, he rode his bicycle and ran towards the road. Song Yao was worried that he would hit someone and patted his back to remind him to slow down. In the end, he still bumped into someone…

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! We didn’t mean to! Can you see if you’re hurt?”

Song Xiao apologized profusely until the other party raised his head and revealed his entire face. Song Xiao’s tone suddenly changed, “Yu Yong! Are you blind?”

Yu Yong’s expression was ugly. Seeing that Song Yao was carrying a basket on her back, he wanted to help her, but he was pushed aside by Song Yao.

“Don’t you… have anything to say to me?” He looked at Song Yao pitifully, hoping that she would soften her heart and go back to raise his son properly.

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Song Yao’s face turned cold. “What do I have to say to you?”

As she spoke, she pushed the bicycle in a different direction. Yu Yong clenched his fists and couldn’t squeeze out a word for a long time.

Until Yu Yong shouted at the top of his lungs, “Our divorce procedures are out!”

Song Yao stopped. “Are you serious?”

“Mm…” Yu Yong nodded.

“Then let’s go and settle the procedures now!” After saying that, she didn’t care if Yu Yong went or not and pushed her bicycle to the village committee.

Yu Yong felt even worse. “That day, my mother went to your house to look for you. It’s my fault. I apologize to you here.”

“There’s no need! Let’s get the divorce certificate done today. Everything else can be discussed!”

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