Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Selling Braised Food

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Song Yao smiled and moved her things into the restaurant. “I didn’t take up too much of your time, did I?”

Lin Feng saw Song Yao taking so many things from a woman’s house and quickly took them. “I just opened my shop. You, on the other hand, woke up early this morning, right?”

Song Yao smiled apologetically. “Isn’t this for the sake of earning money? It’s worth it no matter how much I suffer!”

Before giving the money, Lin Feng checked the vegetables and eggs in the basket. They looked quite fresh. He also bought a few eels for one yuan per catty. He even said that if there were more fish for him in the future, it would be fine.

The moment he took the 40 yuan, Song Xiao’s hand trembled for a long time. He didn’t expect that the few fish he caught could actually earn 10 yuan! If he had known earlier, he would have caught a few more!

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On the way back, Song Xiao couldn’t hold back his laughter as he rode his bicycle. Song Yao called out to him for a long time before he reacted.

“Take this money!” Song Yao stuffed a note into Song Xiao’s hand.

Song Xiao was so frightened that he dodged back. “Sister, why did you give me money?”

Song Yao put the money into his pocket. “This is the money you earned from catching the fish!”

“Sister! Didn’t I catch fish to sell them for money?” Song Xiao said and wanted to take out the money.

Song Yao glared at him. “How old are you? How can you not have any money? If you don’t have money, how are you going to find a wife in the future?”

“Sister… why are you talking about this again!” Song Xiao’s face was red. He was only in his teens and had never thought about dating. However, seeing that Song Yao insisted, he finally accepted the money.

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As his sister had said, if he didn’t have money, it would be difficult for him to get a wife in the future.

“Sis, can I discuss something with you? I want to use this money to buy two bags of milk powder for my nephew. Take it as a token of my appreciation as his uncle.”

Song Yao didn’t refuse. After all, Song Xiao had mentioned this to her before.

Song Xiao said that he wanted to buy a toy gun for Wei, and Song Yao said that he could just take one from her.

The siblings chatted as they rode home. When Gu Li heard that Song Yao had sold it for more than 40 yuan, she was overjoyed.

“Our Xiao is really smart. Ordinary people can’t catch that fish. I wonder what method he used!”

Song Xiao scratched his head. “Mom, there’s actually no other way. I put in the bait.”

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“Who doesn’t use bait when fishing?” Song Ping said impatiently, “I just want to know what bait you’re using! The fish in our village are very smart. Typical fishes won’t take the bait!”

“Actually… there’s nothing I can do…” Song Xiao lowered his head and felt even more embarrassed. “I… I took a little of the braised meat that my mother just made…”

As soon as he finished speaking, Gu Li’s roar came from the kitchen. “Xiao! Where’s the meat in the jar?!”

Unexpectedly, Song Xiao reacted quickly. He grabbed the pork belly on the table and ran out. Gu Li was so anxious that she chased after him and shouted at the top of her voice, “You Young brat! You’re feeding such a big piece of meat to the fish, right?”

Song Xiao panted as he ran, afraid that Gu Li would catch up with him. “Mom! I only cut a small piece of meat! Wait for me to come back and catch fish for you to eat!”

At that time, Baby Xuan was still sleeping in Song Yao’s arms. When he heard the shouts outside the door, he giggled.

Song Yao suddenly kissed the little guy’s cheek. “Baby Xuan, you’re awake? Are you still hungry?”

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At night, Song Xiao caught a fish and bought a piece of pork belly with the money in his hand before coming back.

Gu Li blanched the pork belly and added some honey seasoning packets to boil it until the fragrance was good. Then, she turned off the fire.

Song Yao carried Baby Xuan and sat beside the stove to accompany Gu Li. “I love to eat Mom’s braised eggs!”

Gu Li smiled and placed the eggs into a jar. “Just you wait. Mom will pick a big one for you!”

Gu Li’s braised egg was different from other people’s. She had a unique secret recipe. No matter how others cooked it, they would not be able to taste it.

“Try it and see if it tastes good?” Gu Li brought over a small bowl filled with braised meat and braised eggs.

Song Yao started eating in satisfaction. “Mom! Your braised food is so delicious. Why didn’t you consider opening a shop?”

“How can it be that delicious?” Gu Li smiled and placed the jar containing the braised food into the cabinet. “My cooking skills are not enough to embarrass me.”

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